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Chapter 758 - Killing a Sect Master

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     758 Killing a Sect MasterWhen the Thunder Loch Dharma Form appeared, the entire sky was in chaos. Countless bolts of lightning struck and there were claps of thunder. The world seemed to have become a sea of lightning.

    The Thunder Loch was the controller of lightning.

    Perhaps compared to the Kun Peng, the Thunder Loch didn't have the Swallowing Divine Power but it had a stronger battling ability, especially when working with the Five Thunder Essences Magnet. Its power was totally unimaginable.


    A three feet tall God with a dragon head and human body stood in the air.

    The Five Thunder Seal above his head sent down bolts of colorful lightning. The power of the Five Elements Thunder carried a destructive energy. The Five Thunder Seal was a Quasi-Spirit Treasure, but it was only a bit less powerful than a real Spirit Treasure.

    "Let's fight!"

    Even though Chen Fan used another Divine Power.

    The seven Sect Masters weren't afraid at all. They went on with their Spirit Treasures.

    Those Spirit Treasures were initiated and many attacks that could kill Connate Cultivators emerged from all directions. Purple fire, blade aura and sound waves, the powerhouses exerted themselves, determined to tear Chen Fan apart. The seven terrifying energies caused an Essence Qi storm that swept across ten kilometers.

    "Piece of cake."

    After seeing their trump cards, Chen Fan's eyes were filled with coldness.

    The Thunder Loch reached its hand out and scratched. Flashes of colorful lightning turned into a lightning ball that was shot out of its hand!


    A thunderbolt struck at the seven Sect Masters. The Five Elements Thunder initiated with the power of the Thunder Loch was more than several times stronger than it used to be.


    Elephant God Master was the first to attack.

    He hit the Thunder Drum, creating some golden sound waves. Then, he raised the drum and smacked.

    The thunderbolt hit the Thunder Drum, creating a terrifying energy. The power of the Divine Thunder could destroy everything within several kilometers and was comparable to an attack of a Golden Core Cultivator. How could Elephant God Master survive it?


    Elephant God Master spurted out golden blood and his body trembled.

    Many cracks appeared on his so-called indestructible body and the Thunder Drum was knocked eight miles away. A small crack appeared on the surface of the drum.

    Elephant God Master had the most powerful body, but he was injured after just one. Even his Spirit Treasure was damaged?

    The other six Sect Masters were terrified.

    "Is this the power of a Sky Immortal?"

    The Sect Master of the Dashi Sect was stunned.

    "No, but close. I'm sure he can't use such a power multiple times. Let's attack together and eliminate him!" the Cloud Heaven Thearch said viciously.


    The Tianxuan Sword turned into a blade aura of a hundred feet that slashed at Chen Fan. Before it arrived, the Sword Qi had already made Chen Fan feel chilly.


    Chen Fan didn't care at all; he only stretched out his hand.

    A Thunder Blade surrounded by purple lightning appeared in his hand. Even though the Purple Thunder Blade had already merged into the Five Thunder Seal, the Thunder Loch could control thunderbolts and Chen Fan only formed a blade with lightning, which was comparable to a Quasi-Spirit Treasure.


    Chen Fan slashed at them.

    The world seemed to have turned into Hell and the entire sky became a sea of thunderbolts. A God stood inside holding a sword as it split the air.

    The Thunder Divine Blade!

    This was a sword art passed down by the ancient God of Thunder. People said the God of Thunder was a Thunder Loch, so Chen Fan using this sword art in a Thunder Loch Body made it even more powerful.


    The sky shattered and a black blade aura was shot across the sky towards the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect. Even the Sect Master was frightened.


    The Sect Master of the Dashi Sect and the Mixed-Essence Sect tried to resist.

    The Qingxu Qi Bell was enlarged to cover Chen Fan. The twenty four pearls also turned into twenty four worlds and each one of them carried a destructive energy. Besides, there was also the blade aura from the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect.

    Three Sect Masters attacked at the same time!

    Chen Fan might be stronger than a couple of Core Formation Cultivators, but not seven of them.

    But then, something that dumbfounded everyone happened.

    The Thunder Divine Blade first swept across the air and struck the Qingxu Qi Bell.


    The Qingxu Qi Bell sent out beams of white light and each one of them could resist the attacks of a Connate Being.

    One of the former Sect Masters of the Mixed-Essence Sect survived the attacks of eighteen Earth Level Deities for three days and it was said to have the best defensive power in Kunxu!

    Just then, this peerless Spirit Treasure let out a thunderous sound. The black blade aura struck the surface of the bell, creating a deep mark.


    Dharma Treasures were connected to the bodies of their owners.

    When the Qi Bell was damaged, the Sect Master of the Mixed-Essence Sect immediately spurted out blood.

    And yet, this was only the beginning. The Thunder Divine Blade then hit the Twenty Four Skies. Those worlds were the best defensive shields in the world and each one of them could trap an Earth Level Deity. However, they were crushed immediately by the black blade aura which ran over the twenty four worlds as if they were pieces of paper.

    The Sect Master of the Dashi Sect immediately turned pale; a crack appeared on the twenty four pearls.

    In the end, the black blade aura hit the Tianxuan Sword.

    The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect was indeed the best cultivator in Kunxu. Although his Essence Core was lost, he remained strong and went head to head with the Thunder Divine Blade, but Chen Fan's Thunder Divine Blade was too powerful.

    This was a sword art of the Thunder Loch family and they were the only ones that could unleash its real power. In front of this sword art, even the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect was unable to bear it.


    The blade aura was cracked in the middle.

    The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect took eighteen steps backward and eighteen deep cuts appeared on his body. He was wearing an azure robe but it was completely torn at the moment.

    He defeated three Sect Masters with one slash!

    Chen Fan's energy shocked the entire sky.

    Countless people in Kunxu who were watching the battle were startled.

    Under siege by seven Sect Masters, Chen Fan started to use his full power. What was that creature with a dragon head and a human body? Why was it so powerful?

    "You don't have a chance," Chen Fan said indifferently.

    The Thunder Loch was stronger than the Kun Peng. Together with the Thunder Art and the sword art, Chen Fan was like a Golden Core Cultivator and was able to defeat all the Core Formation Cultivators.


    The leader of the Zi family held the Five Dragon Whip in his hand that turned into five fire dragons.

    Chen Fan slashed with his sword.


    The Thunder Divine Blade appeared again in the sea of lightning and it split the air.

    There was a crack in the sky!

    Even though the crack disappeared right away, it still meant that Chen Fan's energy had gone beyond the limit of the dimension and he was close to reaching the Golden Core Level. The strongest power of a Golden Core Cultivator was the ability to crush the air!

    The five fire dragons were beheaded and the black blade aura was shot across the sky, hitting the leader of the Zi family.


    Even with the Five Dragon Whip…

    The leader of the Zi family was still severely injured. His Spirit Treasure fell and a deep cut appeared on his left shoulder. It then extended to his right leg, almost split his body in half.


    Earth Level Deity Jiuming, the Cloud Heaven Thearch and Elephant God Master ran forward.

    Chen Fan looked expressionless. Facing a Spirit Treasure that could harm a Golden Core Body and the power of the Core Formation State, he didn't dodge; he slashed instead!

    The Thunder Divine Blade.

    It could kill the others and himself.

    This sword art that the ancient God of Thunder used to shock the universe was letting out an unimaginable energy.

    The Thunder Loch True Essence had been infused into the Thunder Blade and the black blade aura became brighter, leaving a dimension gap in the sky. Even a Spirit Treasure was unable to withstand such an attack since the blade had already reached the Golden Core Level.


    Seven Sect Masters were injured.

    Even the body of the Cloud Heaven Thearch was slashed. If he wasn't wearing a Spirit Treasure which protected him with an aura, he would have been split in half. The Cloud Heaven Thearch was drenched in cold sweat.

    One slash! Two slashes! Three slashes…

    Chen Fan's energy became more and more powerful, and he was enveloped in a ball of golden thunderbolts while he held the terrifying blade.


    Someone was overwhelmed.


    After Chen Fan's seventh attack, Earth Level Deity Jiuming screamed and the Divine Thunder Plate above his head was controlled by Chen Fan's Thunder Loch Divine Forces. Without the Spirit Treasure, Earth Level Deity Jiuming was as vulnerable as a piece of paper in front of the Thunder Divine Blade.

    He cast some Dharma Spells and formed the Dark Yin Spear again.

    The other Sect Masters also moved closer to help, but it was too late. The black blade aura split him in half and even his Divine Soul was immediately shattered into pieces.

    Earth Level Deity Jiuming had died!

    Everyone turned pale.

    One of the Sect Masters finally died and it was only the beginning!