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Chapter 757 - One Against Seven

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     757 One Against Sevendong!

    the old monk attacked chen fan with the thunder drum, creating an earth-shattering golden sound wave.

    as for the leader of the zi family, there were five fire dragons that looked realistic twining around his body. when he pointed at them, they immediately formed a giant fire net, trying to capture chen fan.

    the spirit treasure of fentian valley.

    "five dragon whip!"

    lastly, the "qingxu qi bell" was floating above the sect master of the mixed-essence sect. it sent down beams of white light and each of them was formed with endless power which could break anything.

    the sect master of the mixed-essence sect then drew the white light rays to himself.

    the rays of white light formed a white heavenly sword that slashed between chen fan and the divine thunder plate. they were doing everything they could to avoid chen fan from getting it.

    otherwise, chen fan would be able to defeat them all.


    chen fan took the divine thunder plate with one hand and clenched the other fist, then punched in the air. it seemed as if he were using his body as a drumstick and the world as the drum.


    a thunderous sound came.

    a transparent energy wave swept in all directions and immediately clashed with the golden sound wave.

    bang, bang, bang!

    the air exploded and the essence qi was stirred. two terrifying energy waves clashed with a resounding bang. the old monk thought he was facing a tsunami and the thunder drum vibrated violently. he had no choice but to fall back.

    elephant god master was powerful enough to create a large footprint on the ground every time he took a step, but he still couldn't withstand the strong energy wave and was pushed thirteen steps backwards. he was extremely stunned by chen fan's power.

    chen fan flicked his fingers and formed an azure light blade, slashing at the heavenly sword.

    but then, the five fire dragons twined around him. they formed five crystal clear chains that looked like the brightest gold.

    even chen fan frowned; he struggled to get free of the five chains.


    earth level deity jiuming quickly retrieved the divine thunder plate.

    even though the goal of this battle had been achieved, all earth level deities looked serious. chen fan's power had gone beyond their imagination. the four sect masters attacked with spirit treasures but chen fan still defeated them.

    he resisted the attacks of the four core formation overlords, which was completely astonishing.

    "let's go."

    the sect master of the dashi sect stepped forward.

    twenty four pearls appeared around him and each of them seemed to have a whole world inside it. they were the dharma treasures of the dashi sect, the "twenty four skies." the ancestor of the dashi sect could develop a world with immortal will and trap a sky immortal inside for centuries! these twenty four pearls carried a terrifying energy.


    the sect master of the azure mystic sect heaved a sigh and flicked his fingers, shooting a pellet from his sleeve.

    once it appeared, it was surrounded by a golden aura and sword qi started to fill the air. it then turned into a deity sword that let out beams of colorful light.

    the tianxuan sword!

    the best sword in kunxu and the treasure of the azure mystic sect.

    the cloud heaven thearch didn't use any dharma treasures. he walked in the air and threw a punch. his energy surged beyond the connate level and his true essence turned into a long dragon of dozens of feet long, flashing towards chen fan.

    he had entered the core formation state like his sect master.

    the seven sect masters then attacked with spirit treasures and dharma powers. chen fan was immediately backed into a corner.


    chen fan wasn't afraid at all. he burst into laughter and his hair was fluttering in the wind.

    his fists became black and white and they clashed against the twenty four peals of the sect master of the dashi sect. the pearls immediately let out beams of light and formed many little worlds, trying to trap chen fan inside.

    but a thunderbolt suddenly came from chen fan's hand.

    five elements thunder!

    chen fan used this thunder art with his bare hands. the five elements thunder carried a destructive energy and was the purest divine thunder.

    crack, crack.

    those illusory worlds exploded when faced by the thunderbolt. whenever a world was shattered, a pearl would immediately become dim. in the end, the twenty four worlds cracked at the same time and chen fan broke free like a god.


    the sect master of the dashi sect grunted and his body bled. he had been injured by chen fan's attack, and what made him feel distressed was that the twenty four pearls were also damaged. once such a spirit treasure broke, it would need a long time to be repaired.

    "chen beixuan, i'll kill you."

    the sect master of the dashi sect was devastated.

    at the same time, chen fan had already clashed with the others.


    the true martial divine fist punched the qingxu qi bell and made it shake violently. the sect master of the mixed-essence sect fell back. then, chen fan's eyes shot out three flames which became three divine weapons that struck the five dragon whip.

    the five chains clanged.

    in the end, chen fan put his hands together and the sword of the sect master was clamped in between.

    "sizzle, sizzle."

    the blade aura of the sword clashed with the golden aura on chen fan's hands, creating some sparks like a metal-cutting machine. although the sect master of the azure mystic sect had lost his essence core, he was still more powerful than he was on kunwu mountain with the spirit treasure.

    the tianxuan sword was indeed the best sword in kunxu.

    it cracked the golden aura and hit chen fan's hands, making some clanging sounds.


    chen fan cracked the blade aura and the sect master of the azure mystic sect had to fall back. the original form of the tianxuan sword was just a sword pellet, so it could be formed again after the blade aura was broken.

    in a heartbeat, chen fan made four of his enemies fall back. when he was still recovering from the last attack, the cloud heaven thearch had already thrown a punch.


    the true essence turned into a white dragon.

    the cloud heaven thearch was as powerful as the sect master of the azure mystic sect. he attacked with the power of the core formation state and was apparently determined to kill chen fan.


    chen fan heaved a sigh and formed a lotus-shaped fist seal in front of his chest, blocking the incoming punch.


    the two energies clashed against each other.

    the cloud heaven thearch was pushed several steps backwards, leaving seven footprints on the ground. chen fan's body also trembled and his face turned a bit pale.

    "he's already injured. give it your all!"

    earth level deity jiuming was thrilled.

    chen fan blocked the attacks of five core formation cultivators and was finally injured. even though the wounds were tiny and could be healed in a second, this gave the deities hope of winning.


    this time, the seven overlords attacked together.

    there was purple fire, thunderbolts, white light rays and a blade aura in the sky… endless powerful energy made the air vibrate; it seemed to be a bit overwhelmed.

    six spirit treasures and a core formation cultivator attacked at the same time. how terrifying was that?

    even the sect master of the azure mystic sect would be killed in an instant. so, chen fan also started to exert himself and used all kinds of divine powers.

    the true martial divine fist.

    the li fire golden eyes.

    the thunder divine blade…

    at last, chen fan turned into the kun peng and stirred up the essence qi. the eight of them then got out of yuntian palace and fought at ten thousand meters in the sky.

    chen fan controlled the world with the power of the kun peng.

    the essence qi within a hundred miles formed a storm behind chen fan and the seven sect masters also used their immortal wills to fight for the control of the essence qi.

    people on the ground looked up.

    sometimes, bolts of lightning struck, and sometimes, there was a blizzard. there was a downpour for a while and it suddenly became sunny the next second… the battle between peak-stage connate overlords was too terrifying and it made the weather change constantly.


    chen fan was finally injured.

    as the five dragon whip trapped him in, the sect master of the azure mystic sect left a slash on his shoulder. his azure thearch longevity body healed after a while, but it had been injured after all.


    the second, third and fourth wounds appeared.

    chen fan used the armor of golden flame, the mercury armor and his divine body, but he still couldn't resist the attacks. spirit treasures were too powerful. they were weapons of a golden core cultivator and were able to harm a golden core body.

    if chen fan didn't achieve the phenomenal-success divine body, he would have never been able to stop those spirit treasures.


    chen fan screamed and pushed the energy of his divine powers to the highest level. he wrapped himself with his wings and turned into a sword. the seven sect masters also initiated their spirit treasures and attacked.


    the air cracked.

    the clouds within ten miles were obliterated and powerful energy fell from the sky, crushing a hundred-meter mountain and creating a giant pit on the ground.

    the seven sect masters only shook a bit.

    but chen fan couldn't bear it and was pushed a hundred feet backwards. the remaining energy caused splashes of blood to burst from his body.

    "chen beixuan, surrender!" the cloud heaven thearch said fiercely.

    chen fan looked up and there were electric flashes in his eyes.


    "you think you're going to win?"

    then, he cracked a smile.


    a thunderbolt exploded on chen fan and he gradually became a god that had a dragon head and a human body. there was a small seal above his head and bolts of lightning emerged from it. its energy was as strong as a spirit treasure.

    the second painting of the twelve sky art paintings.

    the thunder loch!