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Chapter 265 - You Think You’re Worthy of Calling the Lightning?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 265: You Think You’re Worthy of Calling the Lightning?

    “Great, that’s just great! Mad Southern Ye, I’ve underestimated you!”

    Sikong Ao’s expression was extremely grim as he squinted with dense suspicion in his eyes. However, there was even more killing intent in his eyes!

    ‘This man should be killed!’

    He took a deep breath as soon as he was done speaking. As all ten of his fingers shook, energy that turned into mist wafted out from each finger. The mist was as white as snow and as thin as a strand of hair.

    However, the temperature dropped as soon as the mist appeared. The mist then turned into ten energy threads with chilly aura exuding from them.

    Everyone’s pupils shrunk. Fear filled their eyes when they looked at the ten white energy threads.

    Ye Chen stood proudly and smirked. “Sikong Ao, you’re the Martial Alliance chief, but since when did you learn needlework?”

    The so-called needlework was sewing that women would do. Were the energy threads that Sikong Ao consolidated not cotton threads?

    “Mad Southern Ye, get over yourself!”

    Sikong Ao’s arms shook again as countless white threads formed on his fingers. People were shocked to find out that the air around his body was frozen into ice.

    Meanwhile, there was a bone-piercing chill in the air!

    When Sikong Ao crossed his arms, the countless white threads magically weaved into a huge, white web.

    The web fell from the sky and covered Ye Chen directly. Meanwhile, one could see that Ye Chen’s hair was frozen at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

    “Mad Southern, how do you feel being in my Thousand Link Trap? This is frozen energy that I’ve extracted from the North Pole. I’ve refined it for tens of thousands of days!” Sikong Ao laughed hysterically.

    Ye Chen glanced at the web on him. He attempted to break it, but he realized that the web began to shrink from an exterior force.

    After the web covered him, a brutal cold froze his eyes, brows, mouth, lower body, and eventually, he turned into an ice sculpture.

    “Hahaha, the chief has frozen Mad Southern Ye. He’s lost his strength to fight completely.”

    “The chief is invincible. As soon as he attacks, he’s overbearing!”

    “It’d be too kind to just kill Mad Southern Ye. I suggest using a hammer to crush the ice sculpture. In that case, he will turn into crushed ice all over the ground!”

    All the Martial Alliance disciples were grinning to see Ye Chen in that state. Joy filled their faces as if they saw Ye Chen’s death coming.

    Upon hearing that, Sikong Ao laughed hysterically with his head tilted up at the sky!

    Ye Wushuang, who was far away, grew serious when he saw that. He held his sword and ran to Ye Chen who had turned into an ice sculpture, seeming to want to save him.

    However, a silhouette appeared before him, blocking his way. It was Sikong Ao.

    “Unparalleled Ye, Mad Southern Ye is dead. Why don’t you yield to me? I can spare your life!” Sikong Ao looked at Ye Wushuang with contempt on his face.

    Noticing that Ye Wushuang was not convinced, Sikong Ao said again, “I’ve no idea what kind of relationship you have with Mad Southern Ye, but you guys seem to be normal friends. There’s no need for you to die for him!”

    At that moment, he suddenly heard a cracking noise as if the ice was breaking. There was even the noise of water dripping on the ground.

    He turned around to look immediately and saw that within the ice sculpture that Ye Chen had turned into, a flame burned. It directly changed Ye Chen into a burning man.

    As the fire grew, it melted the ice sculpture slowly. Water was flowing at a high speed.

    “How is that possible?!” The smile on Sikong Ao’s face froze.

    “Sikong Ao, do you think you can capture me with this technique? That’s purely a dream of yours!” Ye Chen, who was in the ice sculpture, spoke slowly, “True Samadhi Fire, destroying heaven and earth!”


    The ice sculpture exploded suddenly. At the same time, the flames on Ye Chen’s body swept toward the air. When it lit up thousands of meters away, the scorching wave filled heaven and earth.

    Sikong Ao was horrified and he retreated quickly.

    Ye Chen stood in the sea of fire with his arms behind his back. He walked one step after another as if he was a fire god that had descended to earth.

    The crowd watched that in a dumbstruck manner. They looked blank, but they were shocked inside.

    This person’s technique was beyond what humans were capable of doing!

    A smile appeared on Ye Wushuang’s face as he relaxed!

    “How is that possible? How is that possible?!” Sikong Ao’s expression finally changed drastically!

    Not only was Ye Chen fearless of his Thousand Link Trap, but he also released fire to break his Thousand Link Trap!

    Ye Chen walked to him one step after another. He shook his head lightly. “I’m very disappointed in you. From now on, the Martial Alliance will be obliterated!”

    “Hahaha!” The enraged Sikong Ao suddenly laughed.

    Ye Chen frowned lightly. “What are you laughing at?”

    “I heard that you’re also called Master Ye who can control lightning. Now that you’re controlling fire, I figure you’re a Spell Master too. Do you think you’re the only one?” Sikong Ao was laughing as he spoke.

    “Congratulations, you’ve successfully triggered me to use this technique. In reality, apart from a half-step venerable, I’m also a Spell Master!”

    “A Spell Master?” Ye Chen was surprised.

    “Don’t you know that you’re a Spell Master?” Sikong Ao frowned lightly. He smiled arrogantly after noticing that Ye Chen seemed to be sincere. “In this world, apart from ancient martial artists, there are Spell Masters too. If ancient martial artists depend on their physical strength, then Spell Masters depend on spells!”

    “So, you’re saying you’re well-versed in both martial arts and spells?”

    The surprise in Ye Chen’s eyes grew even more. He never knew that there was such a thing as a Spell Master. It sounded a little similar to a cultivator.

    Sikong Ao grinned coldly and took out a talisman. He then bit the tip of his tongue and spat blood on it.

    The talisman released a radiance that was as bright as day after absorbing his blood. Subsequently, it split into eight beams of light that shone around the Martial Alliance mountain gate.

    Meanwhile, his skin began to shrink. His face became dry and he seemed to have aged ten years older.

    Sikong Ao stomped the ground hard. As he shouted, the eight beams of light shone on each corner of the mountain gate. The lights shot into the sky.

    “Mad Southern Ye, take this: the great formation to guard the Martial Alliance mountain gate. I’ll be borrowing the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder!” Sikong Ao shrieked with all of his might! “Come here, lightning!”


    As soon as he said that, thunder came from above the clouds. Countless dark clouds gathered, appearing very heavy. Soon, the entire sky was covered in dark clouds as if they were splattered with ink.

    There were flashes of lightning flickering within the clouds.

    Everyone knelt onto the ground upon seeing that.

    Divine Thunder!

    It was the majestic Divine Thunder!

    They did not expect their chief to be able to perform that!

    “Mad Southern Ye, I heard that you can control lightning. It’s such a coincidence that I can too. Let’s see who is more powerful in that today!” Sikong Ao could not stop laughing hysterically. As he challenged his foe, contempt filled his eyes.

    The formation had existed ever since the Martial Alliance was founded. A Celestial Master from Mount Longhu had spent a lot of effort to set it up back then.

    They had not used it throughout the centuries, but in order to fight Ye Chen, Sikong Ao used all of his trump cards.

    “Die, Mad Southern Ye!” Sikong Ao howled hysterically.

    However, in the next second, he realized that Ye Chen was looking at him as if he was looking at an idiot.

    “Do you want to compare your Lightning Method with me? You sure are silly!”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly, seeming to be in between tears and laughter. Subsequently, he said, “You think trash like you who cheats by using a formation is worthy of calling the lightning?”