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Chapter 264 - Ye Wushuang is Hurt!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 264: Ye Wushuang is Hurt!

    As soon as Sikong Ao was done speaking, the air around froze, as if the temperature had plummeted by tens of Celsius degrees. People could not help but feel their scalp go numb as well as a chill grow within them.

    Suddenly, extremely majestic energy materialized in Sikong Ao’s hand. An energy wave that even Million Killer was terrified of spread quickly.


    Sikong Ao threw a punch out.

    There were no fancy actions at all.

    The shadow of the punch was tearing through the sky at lightning speed. It charged at Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang with immense force.

    As the punch shadow charged through the air, the air exploded everywhere the shadow flew by. The attack was as quick as lightning, and nobody could dodge it at all.


    Ye Wushuang’s expression looked serious. He took a step out and swung his Great Thunder Sword. As soon as it was wielded, a glaring sword gleam went after that punch shadow.


    Ye Wushuang’s sword gleam was then crushed by the punch shadow. The shadow still went strong and eventually landed hard on Ye Wushuang.


    Ye Wushuang was thrown out directly. His handsome face was as pale as a sheet while he took some effort to stand still.


    A drop of blood dripped from the corner of his lips onto the ground. Ye Wushuang then spat a mouthful of blood out. The blood turned into a bloody mist and it was terrifying to watch!

    He was hurt!

    Million Killer guffawed out loud upon seeing that Sikong Ao’s punch had injured Ye Wushuang badly. “The Chief is the best!”

    His words led to a series of cheers.

    “The Chief is the best!”

    Ye Wushuang wiped the blood at the corner of his lips and walked over to Ye Chen. He looked at Sikong Ao in determination. However, his hand that was holding the sword was shaking.

    “Ye Wushuang, how do you feel?” Sikong Ao stood with his arms behind his back, appearing ruthless. “I admit that you’re a genius that’s hard to come by. Besides that, you’re a Sword Dao genius. Regular Martial Dao masters aren’t your match. Unfortunately, you’ve encountered me!”

    Sikong Ao shook his head slightly as his clothes fluttered in the wind. “I’ve been in closed-cultivation for decades. How could I be a regular Martial Dao master? I’m merely a step away from achieving Martial Dao venerable. If I can be shameless, nobody in entire China is my match. Mad Southern Ye and Ye Wushuang, what makes you think that you deserve to fight me?”

    He released his aura entirely as he spoke to this point. It was like a dark cloud above a city that was suppressive, smothering, and heavy.

    Everyone’s expressions changed after his declaration. At that moment, Sikong Ao was no different from a god to them.

    Million Killer was also staring at him the same reverent way.

    However, Ye Wushuang’s face remained impassive. He was standing behind Ye Chen while holding back the pain in his body.

    The Great Thunder Sword in his hand was releasing sword hums while he seemed to want to continue fighting Sikong Ao.

    At that moment, a hand landed on his shoulder.

    “You should step aside! I’ll give you his head after I’ve severed it!” Ye Chen chuckled softly and secretly sent spiritual energy into his body to heal him. Subsequently, he took a step out and shook his head lightly while he looked at Sikong Ao.

    “Sikong Ao, so this is your real ability? If that’s the case, you won’t be able to escape death today! Moreover, you’re merely a half-step venerable. It’s not like I’ve never killed one, so you’ll just be another one that I’m gonna kill!” Ye Chen grinned as he spoke to this point.

    The look in Sikong Ao’s eyes turned grim as soon he heard that. A bone-piercing voice combined with dense killing intent shook heaven and earth. “Since you insist on seeking death, I’ll fulfill your wish then!”

    As soon as he said that, his body shuddered vigorously. At that moment, the air in both heaven and earth began shaking.

    “Substantial Heart-crushing Palm!” Sikong Ao hovered in the air while his voice boomed like thunder.

    Compelling aura shot out of his palm like a storm. A giant palm print charged out at Ye Chen at lightning speed.


    At the same time, a terrifyingly powerful wind swept toward all directions. The entire ground around the Martial Alliance quaked at that moment before exploding.

    Everyone looked terrified and retreated at the same time.

    However, just when they turned around, they were shocked to see that Ye Chen had no intention of retreating at all despite facing their chief’s majesty. Instead, he was charging at the chief at high speed.

    “Gasp! This guy is seeking death! He’s overconfident of himself!” The people gasped.

    Sikong Ao’s attack was the most powerful one that anyone had ever witnessed, even to Million Killer who had to retreat far away. However, Ye Chen was trying to take it on by force.

    What was that if not seeking death?

    Ye Chen completely ignored the people’s exclaims. He looked as if he had turned into smoke while he lumbered in odd steps, his trajectory unpredictable.

    “Great Nine-Heavens Step!”

    As Ye Chen stepped out one step after another, after-shadows formed behind him. There were nine after-shadows within the blink of an eye as if he had nine clones.

    “I’m never scared of fighting with my flesh! Break it!” Ye Chen growled like rumbling thunder whereby the aura on him skyrocketed. He threw a punch out that flew directly toward Sikong Ao’s Substantial Heart-crushing Palm!

    In the next second, the fist and the palm collided!

    The air within a range of 1,000 meters exploded from the attack with the duo as the epicenter.

    Meanwhile, the people standing on the ground felt heaven and earth shaking. Subsequently, they saw a storm with a destructive aura coming from the air.

    At that moment, everyone was thrown out by the storm. Many of them spat blood out, their pale faces appearing horrified.

    A low groan was heard.

    To everyone’s surprise, Sikong Ao’s body was thrown out. He stepped back, clearly impacted significantly by the attack.

    When all eyes shifted to Ye Chen, he stood still arrogantly as if the attack earlier had done him no harm at all.

    The entire Martial Alliance fell into silence watching that. Disbelief grew in everyone’s eyes. Not only did Mad Southern Ye take the attack on, but he even threw the chief out!

    “You broke my Substantial Heart-crushing Palm?” Sikong Ao hovered in the air while his chest undulated. There was shock on his face. He felt the vital energy and blood within him rumbling as if he was going to erupt.

    One must know that the attack he performed earlier would not even leave Million Killer, who was a Martial Dao master who had been famous for years, a chance of surviving.

    Ye Chen grinned as he stood with his arms behind his back. He revealed dense contempt in his grin. “The Martial Alliance chief is nothing!”


    Sikong Ao was enraged. Just when he was going to speak, Ye Chen glared at him coldly. “If you still have any other techniques, show all of them to me now. Otherwise, you won’t have the opportunity to for the rest of your life!”

    Sikong Ao’s pupils shrunk upon hearing what Ye Chen said. At that moment, he really sensed a threat from Ye Chen’s body.