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Chapter 263 - The Martial Alliance Chief: Sikong Ao!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Ye Chen looked at the stone tower 100 meters away.

    A majestic killing intent was exuded from his body. It spread toward the stone tower like an ocean wave.

    As soon as he was done speaking, the crowd looked at where the stone tower was immediately. Many Martial Alliance disciples were stunned at first. Then, they seemed passionate after seemin to recall something.

    Ye Wushuang raised his brows lightly as a chill flashed through his eyes.

    After a moment of silence, a calm voice came out of the stone tower, “Mad Southern Ye? Don’t you think whatever you’ve done today has crossed the line?”

    The voice was as gentle as a stream but as majestic as an ocean at the same time.

    “Crossed the line?” Ye Chen smiled coldly. “Since you can’t control your people, naturally, I’ll need to do that for you. However, the price is death!”

    “How dare you!?” A cold scoff was heard.

    Subsequently, a stream of light shot out of the stone tower. As though it was a form of teleportation, the light turned into a silhouette in the air.

    It was a middle-aged man in black, but his hair was gray. He looked mediocre and did not radiate with any powerful aura. He gave a feeling that he was a regular person.

    However, as he hovered in the air, almost everyone held their heads down by instinct. There was a smothering suppression that was growing within them.

    It was a suppression that came deep in their souls.

    At that moment, almost everyone from the Martial Alliance was lying on the ground after failing to hold back. They looked terrified.

    “Chief!” a husky voice called out.

    A clumsy silhouette crawled out of the giant hole that Ye Chen had made earlier. The man’s hair was messy while his face was filled with blood.

    Everyone gasped because the man was Million Killer.

    He was still alive!

    Million Killer struggled his way up from the ground. He knelt to the silhouette in the air on one knee. With a respectful expression, he clasped his fists. “Chief, this humble one is useless!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, everyone lifted their heads to look at that silhouette immediately.

    The chief!

    He was the Martial Alliance chief who had been in closed-door cultivation for decades, the chief who had never shown himself—Sikong Ao!

    Suddenly, everyone from the Martial Alliance knelt onto the ground. Their voice was like a tsunami sweeping through as they greeted him, “Greetings, Chief!”

    Ye Wushuang took a good look at him and said, “Brother, this man is very powerful!”

    As Ye Chen nodded lightly, a ferocious gleam flashed through his eyes.

    ‘So, this man is Martial Alliance chief, Sikong Ao? His ability is indeed powerful. He’s even more powerful than Bai Zhanyuan!’

    Facing the people’s greeting, Sikong Ao said nothing as if he had not hear them. He took step after step above the stone tower.

    That was right. He was walking as if he was walking on land. There was no wave of energy around him and he did not leap like Million Killer had by activating his energy.

    He walked really slowly, but he seemed to be stepping on heaven and earth with every step he took.

    “Mad Southern Ye, although I’ve been in closed-door cultivation, I’ve been hearing your name!” Sikong Ao said slowly, “I know that you’re currently ranked No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard. You’re even named No. 1 in China. However, this isn’t an excuse for coming to my Martial Alliance to kill me!”

    Ye Chen smirked coldly upon hearing that. “What? Your Martial Alliance has been challenging me again and again by attempting to assassinate my wife and kidnapping my parents, but I’m prohibited from coming here? What kind of bullsh*t logic is that?” His eyes were filled with killing intent as he spoke to this point.

    Sikong Ao shook his head lightly and grabbed at the ground beneath him while in the air. His hand clutched an old person.

    It was Feng Kuohai.

    After Ye Chen severed his arms, he had been resting in bed. He heard everything that was happening out there and thought that the chief would attack Ye Chen since he had showed up.

    Never had he thought that Sikong Ao would grab him through the air.

    Feng Kuohai looked horrified as he stammered, “C-Chief!”

    “Shut your mouth!” Sikong Ao scoffed and looked at Ye Chen. “Mad Southern Ye, I’ve investigated the incidents. It’s this man who has caused the hostile situation between you and the Martial Alliance! I’ll give him to you today, and you can do whatever you want with him under the premise that you’ll leave with your man!”

    The people gasped in disbelief as soon as they heard that. They had never expected Sikong Ao to do that at all.

    Feng Kuohai almost passed out from the shock.

    Ye Chen grinned, facing Sikong Ao’s stare.

    Feng Kuohai hated Ye Chen for the fact that he had killed Yuan Bupo. Indeed, he was the culprit for causing whatever situation they were in today.

    However, it would be a lie if the Martial Alliance and Sikong Ao had no idea about whatever Feng Kuohai had done.

    Those people did not take Ye Chen seriously since the beginning. They thought that he was no threat to them, so they turned a blind eye to whatever Feng Kuohai did.

    However, the Martial Alliance had panicked a little when Ye Chen killed the three masters on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. All of them were shocked by his ability.

    Since they had arrived at this point, the Martial Alliance did not have the intention to reconcile. Instead, they wanted to kill him by depending on someone else.

    The conflicts grew. Eventually, they sent Old Men Ku Rong as well as Unquestionable Jian and the rest to Imperial Wind Pavilion directly in an attempt to kill Ye Chen.

    They were completely on the opposite side now.

    This was the reason why Ye Chen had not killed Feng Kuohai but had gotten him to send the message to the Martial Alliance instead.

    Not only did he want to kill Feng Kuohai, but he also wanted to destroy the Martial Alliance!

    Ye Chen snickered as he thought about it. He said in contempt, “What? Are you scared?”

    “Ridiculous!” Realizing that Ye Chen was being ungrateful, rage flashed through Sikong Ao’s eyes. “Why would I be scared of you? I just don’t want to kill you, the genius of China, over something insignificant!”

    “Something insignificant?” Ye Chen grinned. “You sent people to assassinate my wife and kidnap my parents. Are those insignificant acts to you?” His expression was terrifying. “To you, they might be insignificant, but to me, it’s something big. Quit your bullsh*t. You must die today, and the Martial Alliance must be destroyed!”

    He glared at Feng Kuohai who was in Sikong Ao’s grip after saying that. A mocking smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. “Before that, there’s a gift I want to give you!”

    As soon as he said that, Feng Kuohai, whom Sikong Ao held onto, exploded into a bloody mist suddenly. The bloody mist splattered all over Sikong Ao as Feng Kuohai was killed before he could even scream.

    That was the result of the spiritual power cyclone that Ye Chen had left behind in Feng Kuohai’s body earlier. A thought alone was all it took to implode Feng Kuohai’s body.

    Everyone watched that horrifying sight blankly.

    On the other hand, Million Killer could not hide the smirk on his face!

    ‘Mad Southern Ye! How dare you reject the chief’s request? And you even killed Feng Kuohai right before him! You’re seeking death!’

    As expected, Sikong Ao’s expression gradually turned grim. The temperature dropped as killing intent filled heaven and earth.

    “Mad Southern Ye, you’re seeking death!”