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Chapter 262 - Killing Three People with A Swing of Sword!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 262: Killing Three People with A Swing of Sword!

    “You arrogant little man!

    We’ll show you how powerful the Martial Alliance is today!”

    The eight Martial Alliance Guardian Elders stretched their palms at the same time.

    As the energy around was sucked dry, eight palms consolidated in the air. They turned into a gigantic, materialized hand that covered the sky. Immediately, it slammed toward Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang.

    The giant hand was like a crazy, evil dragon that would devour anybody it saw. It crushed the air around, and its majestic energy suppressed the earth.

    At the same time, the people on the ground could not help but hold their breath. They gaped at the giant hand with their eyes wide open. All of them were shocked. Million Killer, on the other hand, was smirking.

    That was the Eight Immortals Formation’s power. When the eight of them worked together to integrate their energy, the power from the integration was equivalent to three times their combined strength.

    Even him, the deputy chief, would have to avoid it.

    Ye Wushuang stood next to Ye Chen, looking cold like a sharp sword. He watched the giant hand that the eight of them flung out quietly.

    As a bolt of lightning flashed by, the Great Thunder Sword on his back released a sword hum. The Great Thunder Sword was out of its scabbard!

    “Breaking 10,000 methods with a sword!”

    Ye Wushuang held the Great Thunder Sword with majestic sword intent. He took a step out and brandished the sword.


    A glaring sword gleam landed like lightning. It charged at that giant hand directly with a sword trail that was tens of meters long and a few meters wide.

    Countless people felt like all of their attention was fixed onto that sword alone, as if the sword was the only thing left on heaven and earth!


    As a loud thud came, the giant hand was destroyed by that sword gleam!

    The sword gleam was still going strong!

    In the next second, three of the eight Guardian Elders were attacked by the sword gleam. Their bodies were sliced into half whereby six pieces flew to the ground at lightning speed.

    “What?!” Million Killer who had been watching the battle lost all rationale and exclaimed. Thick shock filled his face.

    The remaining five Martial Alliance elders staggered and retreated quickly. The horror in their eyes was just as apparent as Million Killer’s. One of them exclaimed, “H-How is that possible?!”

    At that moment, the entire heaven and earth fell into dead silence. Countless people watched that as their faces turned pale.

    Although they already knew that Ye Wushuang had killed the old monk of Miyin Temple with a swing of his sword, they never expected him to be that powerful.

    It was merely a swing of a sword!

    That alone broke the eight Guardian Elders’ giant hand, as well as killed three people consecutively!

    Compared to their horror, Ye Wushuang looked cool as usual. He stood quietly mid-air.

    That was Ye Wushuang, the man of the sword! He was down-to-earth and patient, he was pure!

    To him, there was no technique that could not be broken with a swing of the sword. If there was, then all he needed was two swings of the sword. That was him breaking 10,000 methods with a sword!

    Ye Chen glanced at him proudly and lifted his head to look at Million Killer and the rest. He smirked, “So, is this the Martial Alliance’s Eight Immortals Formation? It’s nothing to me! All of you must die today!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, he charged out so fast that nobody could capture his shadow. He arrived behind the five Guardian Elders within the blink of an eye.

    The five of them had goosebumps all over their bodies. The eyebrow of the elder with the most powerful ability twitched as he felt like a huge palm was pressing his shoulder.


    The elder’s arm was crushed into bloody mist directly. He could not help but shriek in devastation. Then, he fell to the ground from the air.

    “The first one!” Ye Chen’s cold voice was heard.

    “Go to hell!” The second elder was terrified, so he attacked by instinct suddenly. When he thrust his right leg out, green energy was released. That kick crushed the air entirely.

    His kick could usually pierce through a tank, and he could even kill a regular Martial Dao master with that kick alone.

    However, Ye Chen remained still. There was a grin at the corner of his lips. He threw a punch out without using any spells. He punched the elder’s chest directly with pure physical strength.


    That punch pierced through the elder’s chest. Subsequently, he exploded and turned into blood that splashed through the air.

    “The second one!” Ye Chen stared coldly at the remaining three people.

    Everyone watched that blankly, forgetting how to breathe. They felt a hum echoing in their heads.

    They were the most powerful Guardian Elders in the Martial Alliance. Ye Wushuang having killed three of them aside, Ye Chen had subsequently killed another two. What he said earlier came true.

    “I’ll kill you guys as if I’m killing chickens within ten steps!”

    Million Killer was enraged!

    After his enemies had killed five of them consecutively, the remaining three Guardian Elders were horrified. One of them could not help but shriek, “Deputy Chief, when are you going to fight him if not now?!”

    As soon as that was said, a purple silhouette shot into the sky from the ground!

    “Go to hell, Mad Southern Ye!”

    It was Million Killer who was going to fight!

    An earth-shattering energy storm charged at Ye Chen like a tornado.

    The power alone made countless people lay onto the ground by instinct. They were excited.

    ‘The deputy chief is finally fighting! Ye Chen will no longer ride on us!’

    The remaining three Guardian Elders were also thrilled because they were very familiar with Million Killer’s ability.

    Upon sensing Million Killer’s aura, Ye Wushuang, who was standing aside, looked serious. He was going to fight.

    “Divine Punch created within 33 days! The sixth style: Shock Hammer!”

    At that moment, an extremely cold voice rang out. Ye Chen threw a punch at Million Killer who was charging at him.

    Subsequently, the golden shadow of a punch came. It was approximately 30 meters large and resembled a red sun.

    Million Killer’s expression changed. He threw out a punch with all of his strength after shouting. Clearly, he wanted to break Ye Chen’s punch by force.

    The golden punch shadow shot through the air and landed on Million Killer’s fist accurately.


    Tsunami-like energy swept through the entire ground. The ground was shaking as if there was an earthquake. Countless rocks were crushed as soon as they were swept into the air. The dust from the crushed rocks made the people shut their eyes immediately.

    When they opened their eyes to look again, their expressions were frozen. They were then replaced by endless fear.

    Half of the space on the ground disappeared. It was replaced by a giant, bottomless pit.

    Million Killer and the remaining three Guardian Elders had vanished as if they disappeared from the earth.

    At that moment, the entire Martial Alliance was in dead silence!

    The crowd looked pale!

    It had been merely a while since Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang attacked, but eight of the Martial Alliance and the deputy chief were killed just like that?

    At that moment, nobody dared to look directly at the two silhouettes in the air. As the legend had it, Mad Southern Ye conquered the Martial Alliance and killed the masters as if he was killing chickens!

    Who in the Martial Alliance could stop him?

    Everyone was terrified of him.

    As Ye Chen stood with his arms behind his back, he took a good look at the stone tower before him in a condescending manner. His eyes seemed profound, then he smiled lightly.

    “Can you hold back after watching for so long? Will you only show yourself after I’ve killed everyone in the Martial Alliance?”