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Chapter 261 - Since Everyone Dares to Make Me Their Enemy, Then I’ll Kill

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 261: Since Everyone Dares to Make Me Their Enemy, Then I’ll Kill Them All!

    As soon as Ye Chen’s extremely cold voice was heard, the Martial Alliance headquarters that was crowded earlier became quiet now as if a meteorite had fallen into a river.

    “What? He’s Mad Southern Ye?!”

    “I can’t believe that this man dares to come to the Martial Alliance. Do both of them think that they can end the Martial Alliance? How ridiculous!”

    “Who is that young man next to him? Can he be the Unparalleled Sword who ranks No. 12 on the Heaven Leaderboard, the young man in white who killed the four families on Mount Wangwu?”

    Countless eyes gathered on the two silhouettes in air. Everyone’s pupils shrunk drastically after falling into a moment of silence. There was horror on their faces.

    The people from the Martial Alliance knew so much about Mad Southern Ye. They knew everything about him like the back of their hand!

    They would be lying if they said that they were not shocked to see this man actually come to the Martial Alliance today. At the moment, the place was filled with dead silence.

    “Deputy Chief Killer and the rest are here!”

    Nobody knew who shouted that out loud.

    Everyone could not help but turn their heads to look. They saw Million Killer leaping over with more than ten people behind him.

    In purple robes, Million Killer lifted his head to look at Ye Chen in the air. He shouted coldly, “Mad Southern Ye, how dare you intrude my Martial Alliance? You must be seeking death!”

    Ye Chen hovered in the air and looked at him in a condescending manner as if he was a god. “I don’t want to waste my energy talking to an insignificant person. Who are you?”

    “I’m the Martial Alliance deputy chief, Million Killer!” Million Killer stood with his arms behind his back, appearing ruthless. He glanced at Ye Wushuang who was next to Ye Chen by instinct, and his expression turned grim. Clearly, even he did not expect Ye Wushuang to come with Ye Chen.

    “Million Killer?” Ye Chen smirked in disdain. “You bunch of trash can’t kill me. Get your chief here now to accept his death!”

    The people gasped upon hearing that.

    “B*stard, you sure are full of yourself. Go to hell!” an old man behind Million Killer shouted while energy exploded out of his body. The energy turned into a giant green sword whereby it charged at Ye Chen, directly tearing through the air.

    In the next second, a sword gleam shone on Ye Wushuang’s hands. The sword gleam broke the giant green sword directly. Soon, the old man sensed the sight before his eyes shake and he felt woozy.

    He looked at his neck suddenly. It was clean-cut as if it had been severed by some sharp weapon. He also saw everyone looking at him in horror.

    ‘Where’s my head? Why are they looking at me like that? A-am I dead?’ That was what he thought about right before he died.


    A perfect head landed on the ground. His eyes were wide open with doubt and disbelief in them. He seemed to have died an unjust death.

    The entire place was filled with dead silence!

    Everyone looked at that with their eyes wide opened. They watched the horrifying scene blankly, including Million Killer and the group of people.

    That old man was a Martial Dao master and was considered a powerhouse in the Martial Alliance. However, he died just like…that!

    At that moment, nobody dared to speak. Even more so, nobody dared to take the lead to attack Ye Chen. After all, there was a bloody example right before their eyes.

    Million Killer’s face twitched a little. He said after taking a deep breath in, “Mad Southern Ye, do you know that what you’re doing today is challenging my Martial Alliance’s dignity? Do you know that you’ve made the entire Martial Alliance your enemy?”

    Now, he finally believed Ye Wushuang’s ability. It was no wonder that he had killed the old monk Rinpoche of Miyin Temple with his sword!

    Ye Chen grinned lightly. A terrifying smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. “Your Martial Alliance has targeted me again and again. You sent people to assassinate my wife, as well as kidnapped my parents. So what if I’m challenging you? So what if I’m making you my enemy?”

    “My Martial Alliance represents the entire Martial Dao World of China. So, are you making everyone in the world your enemy?” Million Killer’s veins were bulging as he was furious.

    “So what if I make the world my enemy? Since everyone dares to make me their enemy, then I’ll kill them all!” Ye Chen’s eyes were cold. As he took a step out, stunning killing intent exploded from his body. It covered the heaven and earth within.

    “Today, I’m killing everyone in the Martial Alliance!” His extremely cold voice echoed through the entire Martial Alliance. Everyone’s expressions changed at the same time.

    “Mad Southern Ye, do you really think that you’re invincible? Today, the Martial Alliance will be your burial ground!” Million Killer’s body shook intensely. Subsequently, more than ten terrifying aurae exploded out of the people behind him. The aura shot into the sky, tearing through the air and shaking the sky.

    “Eight Guardian Elders, perform the Eight Immortals Formation!”

    As Million Killer shouted, eight old silhouettes turned into shadows and leaped into the air. The aurae on their bodies integrated completely as they became one.

    The eight of them surrounded Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang directly. As energy exploded, eight energies in different colors connected into a circle, blocking their way completely.

    “The Eight Immortals Formation!” the eight of them shouted at the same time. The aurae from them were growing while the killing intent in their eyes was also getting intense.

    They knew very well that since Ye Wushuang managed to kill the old monk Rinpoche from Miyin Temple with a sword alone, it would mean that his and Ye Chen’s personal combat strength definitely surpassed theirs. They were no match for them if they were to fight alone, thus they collaborated.

    No matter how powerful the eight people’s aurae were, Ye Chen remained calm and stood still in pride. However, surprise flashed through his eyes. “The Eight Immortals Formation?”

    He realized that the eight people’s aurae were no weaker than the old monk that Ye Wushuang had killed. Their aurae were majestic as they collaborated. He could not believe that they gave the feeling as if they were indestructible.

    “Mad Southern Ye, these eight people before you are the Martial Alliance’s Guardian Elders. All of them are on peak innate-stage. The Eight Immortals Formation is a formation that the Martial Alliance has taken years to create. Even Martial Dao venerables will have to retreat when it’s fully activated! Therefore, you guys must die today!”

    Although Million Killer’s expression was grim and cold, he was secretly proud. The formation actually came from Shang Santian. No matter whether they faced defense or attack, it was invincible.

    Throughout the hundreds of years, the Martial Alliance had been through many risks and they turned the tables around with this formation every time. It could even be used to kill enemies.

    Therefore, to him, even if Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang were to fight together, they were no match for the eight Guardian Elders.

    “Mad Southern Ye, let us experience your ability today. Let’s see if the rumors are true!”

    The eight people shouted while energy exploded from them. They moved and charged at Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang whom they surrounded at the same time. As soon as they moved, the circle they made was shrinking at a high speed. They sealed Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang’s opportunity to escape entirely.

    Ye Chen looked at the eight of them expressionlessly. He was like a god looking at the world in a condescending manner as majestic killing intent filled his eyes!

    “Why would I be afraid of trash like you guys? You guys are merely ants to me. I’ll kill you guys as if I’m killing chickens within ten steps!”