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Chapter 260 - I, Mad Southern Ye, Will Destroy the Martial Alliance Today!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 260: I, Mad Southern Ye, Will Destroy the Martial Alliance Today!

    After dinner, Wu Lan dragged Su Yuhan to do the dishes. They were chatting and laughing in the kitchen, while Ye Hai carried Mengmeng to watch TV on the couch.

    Ye Chen called Lin Tai over and handed him a tool refinement material list. He ordered, “Help me purchase those materials on the list now.”

    Over an hour later, Lin Tai passed all of the materials that he had purchased to Ye Chen. He glanced at his parents, then walked to the other room. He lifted his arm to set up a barrier before he began refining a magic tool.

    He spent an hour in total. Soon, a black flag appeared in his hand. Subtle eerie energy radiated from it.

    Ye Chen spread his right palm slowly as he released the Spirit-capturing formation in the middle of his palm slowly.


    Over 20 black balls of energy leaped out of his palm. They flew around the room in a berserk manner. Ferocity and resentment were apparent on those human faces while growls, shrieks, and groans were heard.


    Ye Chen performed a series of hand seals. Subsequently, the 20-odd black balls of energy hovering in the air rushed into the black flag before him.

    “Martial Alliance, this is the gift that I’ve prepared for you guys.”

    He revealed a scary grin at the corner of his lips.

    It was the Hundred Spirit Flag that was common in the cultivation world. It could contain spirits and to be used on enemies. It was a rather evil magic tool.

    Given Ye Chen’s character, he would usually not refine such a tool. However, the Martial Alliance’s actions had crossed his bottom line. Merely killing them would not do any justice.

    “It’s perfect. The Hundred Spirit Flag still needs tens of spirits to be fulfilled. I’ll use the Martial Alliance to refine my tool!” Ye Chen smirked coldly and walked out of the room after putting the Hundred Spirit Flag away. He saw Ye Wushuang standing at the door quietly. “Brother, when are we leaving?”

    He knew very well that the Martial Alliance had completely triggered Ye Chen. Destroying the Martial Alliance branch would not be the end of it.

    He would have to destroy the entire Martial Alliance!

    “We’ll leave now. They’ve lived for way too long!”

    Killing intent flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes. After telling his parents that he was going out for an errand, he left the Imperial Wind Pavilion with Ye Wushuang.

    Ye Chen took out the Almighty Killer Sword when they arrived somewhere secluded. He lifted his head to look at Ye Wushuang. “Let’s fly on this sword. Our next destination is Mount Hua!”

    Before that, using the Soul Searching Tactic, he read from Lu Tong’s head that the Martial Alliance headquarters was in Mount Hua!

    He performed a hand seal with a single hand as soon as he was done speaking and leaped onto the Almighty Killer Sword directly. The sword then turned into a sword gleam and ascended. Ye Wushuang followed closely behind. The two of them traveled high in the sky whereby they headed straight to Mount Hua while riding on the wind.


    At the same time, in the Qincheng jurisdiction of the 13 dynasties capital, Mount Hua was named one of the five mountains. It bore the title of the western mountain and was also called the Great Flower Mountain. The south of the mountain was connected to Qinling, while its north was overlooking the river. Since the beginning of time, it had the description of one of the world’s most dangerous places to hike.

    This place had many natural sceneries and cultural attractions. The scenery aside, even The Duel on Mount Hua that came from novelist Jin Yong’s book took place here.

    People only knew that it was a famous mountain for its scenery and traveling, but they had no idea that the Martial Alliance headquarters was located within Mount Hua’s dense jungle.

    The Martial Alliance had been passed down for hundreds of years with many talents produced throughout the years. Some of them were well-versed in Fengshui formations, so they set up a formation to hide the mountain gate. Regular people could not find it at all. Even satellites and planes would not find anything odd if they were to fly by.

    However, the Martial Alliance headquarters was silent at the moment.

    Over ten people sat on the grandmaster chairs. Each of them had a faint smothering aura coming out of them. Meanwhile, there was an old man in purple robes sitting before them.

    Without even having to be angry, the old purple-robed man looked majestic. He glanced at the over ten people before him coldly while none of them dared to look directly at him.

    The reason being that man was the Martial Alliance’s deputy chief, Million Killer. His position was just after the chief Sikong Ao’s. His ability was unfathomable and terrifying.

    Everyone above 60 years of age would know what his name Million Killer meant. It represented bloody heads and human lives.

    40 years ago, China had been in the transition of reformation and the opening-up policy. Tension was rife everywhere, especially in the sects. Countless sects such as the Kongtong Sect remained old-fashioned, whereby they were unwilling to connect with the outside world. Instead, they caused the country trouble with their power in martial arts.

    The Martial Alliance had been ordered to attack those sects, and it was Million Killer who had led the team back then. Million Killer took over countless sects, and the price was infinite severed heads on the ground.

    That was how he got his name Million Killer.

    Million Killer tapped the table with his finger and said in his deep voice, “I’ve just heard that the Martial Alliance branch in the southeast has been destroyed. Everyone from the Martial Alliance has been killed!”

    As soon as he said that, everyone in the room was stirred. The ten people looked at each other, seeing the shock and rage in one another’s eyes.

    At that moment, the silent air experienced a drop in temperature.

    An old man with a long beard stood up while slamming the table. He shouted coldly, “Who is so daring to have destroyed the Martial Alliance branch!?”

    Million Killer smirked coldly. “Who else? Naturally, it’s that Mad Southern Ye who ranks No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard. Lu Tong and Elder Wu, whom we sent to kidnap his parents, have also been killed!”

    “It’s him?” the old man with the long beard exclaimed, appearing in disbelief, “Didn’t we announce a kill order against him? Moreover, I heard that the old monk Rinpoche from Miyin Temple, Priest Lu from the Chaofeng Temple, and the rest went to kill Mad Southern Ye. How come he’s still alive?”

    “That old monk is dead!” Million Killer’s expression looked extremely grim. “That old monk was just too proud of himself. He challenged Mad Southern Ye head-on. Before Mad Southern Ye could attack, the Unparalleled Sword killed him with a swing of the sword. Priest Lu and the rest were terrified to witness that, so none of them dare to attack him by then!”

    The entire room was filled with dead silence as soon as that was announced.

    All of them were secretly shocked. They knew Rinpoche of Miyin Temple and Priest Lu of Chaofeng Temple. Their abilities were close to a Martial Dao venerable’s.

    If they were to be honest, both of them were more powerful than everyone else in the room. However, the Unparalleled Sword had killed Rinpoche with a swing of his sword while Priest Lu was so terrified that he dared not attack.

    An old man with a sharp nose inhaled sharply while seeming somber. “Deputy Chief, what do we do now?”

    As Million Killer shook his head lightly, a ferocious gleam exploded out of his eyes. “Forget it. Just let it be. It’s just a branch, we can rebuild it when everything is over!”

    “Mad Southern Ye said three days ago that he would come to the Martial Alliance mountain gate to destroy the Martial Alliance today. If he really does come…” said the old man with the long beard from before.

    The old man with the sharp nose smirked coldly. “Why are you worried about that? There’s a formation outside our Martial Alliance mountain gate. How can Mad Southern Ye locate us?”

    “Don’t worry about it!” Million Killer revealed a mocking smirk at the corner of his lips. “Although Mad Southern Ye is powerful, he definitely won’t dare to come to the Martial Alliance. Even if he comes, we have eight Guardian Elders. Together with the chief, we can totally kill him!”

    Upon hearing that, the people nodded by instinct.

    Each of the eight Guardian Elders had an ability that was on par with Rinpoche of Miyin Temple. They were terrifying. Moreover, the eight of them had been together for 40 to 50 years. They thought alike and would practice formations to fight enemies.

    With Million Killer here, they could definitely fight the legendary Martial Dao venerable!

    “Since that’s the case, I hope that Mad Southern Ye comes soon!” An old man laughed out loud while appearing calm.

    Just when Million Killer was going to speak, a loud thud came outside of the house. It was like a meteorite had fallen, the humming went on.

    At that moment, the group of people stood up together, including Million Killer. All of them looked serious as they fixed their eyes on the sky.

    They saw two silhouettes standing between heaven and earth!

    One was in black while the other was in white!

    An arrogant voice echoed through. It was as majestic as if there were 10,000 horses galloping at the same time. The voice was thick as it announced, “I, Mad Southern Ye, will destroy the Martial Alliance today. All you Martial Alliance dogs, come accept your death now!”