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Chapter 259 - Introducing A Girl To Wushuang!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 259: Introducing A Girl To Wushuang!

    In the afternoon at the Imperial Wind Pavilion in Beijing, Su Yuhan knelt before Ye Hai and Wu Lan. There were tears in her eyes, “Dad, Mom, I’ve been a bad daughter-in-law all these years.”

    Throughout the two years she was away, it was Ye Chen’s parents who were taking care of Mengmeng. She heard how much pressure they were under from Ye Chen. Therefore, she was guilty to his parents.

    “Get up Yuhan, get up now!”

    Wu Lan helped her up immediately. She held her hands tight, her eyes were red,” You silly girl, what are you talking about? You’ve been through too much these years, we should apologize to you.”

    “She’s right. The Su family locked you up for two years. Although we know nothing, we can imagine that your life was more difficult than our.”

    Ye Hai carried Mengmeng and stood aside, he was blaming himself and sighing, “Fortunately, Xiaochen has saved you. Our family has finally reunited now.”

    Ye Chen smiled and said, “Alright, today is the day our family reunites. It’s something happy, we shouldn’t be sad like this.”

    Wu Lan and Ye Hai glared at him angrily as soon as he said that. Ye Hai scoffed and said with a stern face, “You still dare to speak, you little brat. Now that Yuhan is back, you must take good care of her from now on. Otherwise, I’ll beat the sh*t out of you.”

    Ye Chen could only nod continuously between tears and laughter, “Dad, Mom, don’t worry. I’ll definitely take good care of Yuhan.”

    “Also, when are you guys getting married? Have you guy picked a date?” Ye Hai only relaxed his face by then.

    Hearing that, Su Yuhan’s pretty face was blushing.

    Ye Chen shook his head, saying he had yet to pick a date.

    He thought he would settle everything in Beijing and only discuss the date when he returned to Tiannan with Su Yuhan.

    Wu Lan rode on the wave, “Yuhan has been waiting for you for five years. You didn’t give her a proper position in the family, you guys must get married. Not only that, it has to be big. I’ll discuss the date with your dad later. The sooner, the better.”

    “The sooner, the better?” Ye Chen was stunned.

    “Of course.”

    Wu Lan stared at him angrily, “Do you think you’re still 23 or 24? You postponed the wedding that was supposed to take place five years ago. And your dad has been wanting a grandkid…”

    “Cough, cough, cough…”

    Ye Chen coughed.

    “Dad, Mom, you guys chat. I’ll go cook,” Su Yuhan could no longer stay in the conversation. She said that while blushing and ran away.

    Mengmeng who was in Ye Hai’s embrace on the other hand blinked her eyes and said in her baby voice, “Grandpa, I don’t want a brother.”

    “Why not?”

    Ye Hai looked at her with love on his face.

    Wu Lan and Ye Chen too could not help but looked at the little girl.

    The little girl pouted, “If Mengmeng has a brother, then I’m no longer a baby. Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa, and Grandma will love him more. Nobody will love me by then.”

    The few people in the house were completely frozen.

    The little girl paused and proceeded, “Also, if I have a brother, I’ll hit him if he cries. He will eat my snacks too.”

    “You silly girl, what are you talking about?” Wu Lan rolled her eyes at Mengmeng and said IN between tears and laughter, “If you have a brother, he’ll protect you when he grows up. By then, nobody will bully you.”

    “Is that so?”

    The little girl came to a realization and said in excitement, “Daddy, then I want a brother. I want many brothers. I’ll bring my brothers when I go to school so that they’ll beat up whoever bullies me.”

    Ye Chen had no idea what to say to that. He shook his head in between tears and laughter. “You’re always a concern, yet you want a brother? Are you trying to turn Daddy and Mommy’s life upside down?”

    “I don’t care. I want a brother.” Mengmeng lifted her chin proudly.


    Soon, Su Yuhan had prepared a table full of delicious dishes. When they were eating, Ye Chen glanced at the rather cautious Ye Wushuang and said to his parents while smiling, “Daddy, Mommy, let me introduce guys. This is Ye Wushuang and he’s my godbrother.”

    “This boy is so handsome. He’s even prettier than a lady.” In reality, Wu Lan had noticed Wushuang since the beginning. She could not help but compliment after Ye Chen was done with the introduction.

    Her words made Ye Wushuang blushed.

    Ye Hai raised his glass at Ye Wushuang and said while smiling, “Since you’re Xiaochen’s godbrother, then we’re family. Do you drink? Have a glass with me!”

    Ye Wushuang picked up the glass and clinked with his. Because he could not stop coughing after taking a sip, everyone laughed at his reaction.

    “Wushuang is still a kid. Why did you get him to drink?” Wu Lan rolled her eyes at Ye Hai annoyedly before she then looked at Ye Wushuang while smiling. “Wushuang, how old are you?”

    Ye Wushuang was at a blur upon hearing that. He had no idea how old he was.

    He had been a Sword Spirit in the past. If he were to tell his age as a Sword Spirit, he was at least 1,000 years old. However, he was human now. If he were to follow the human age, he had just turned 100 days today…

    Sensing his trouble, Ye Chen took over the conversation. “Mom, Wushuang has just turned 18. He’s an adult now.”

    “Good, good!” The smile on Wu Lan’s face was growing. She was instantly turned into a nosy aunty as she said while squinting, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

    Ye Wushuang was dumbstruck.

    Su Youwei, who had been focusing on eating, froze with her hand holding the chopsticks. She could not help but look at him, and there was anxiety deep in her pretty eyes.

    Seeing his reaction, Wu Lan instantly realized that he was single. He could not help but say, “Xiaochen has a cousin, she’s two to three years old older than you. If you don’t mind, I’ll introduce both of you in the future.


    Ye Chen was stunned at first. Then, he instantly guessed who his mother was talking about. It was none other than Ye Wen.

    “Cough, cough, cough!” Su Youwei panicked upon hearing that. She accidentally choked and could not stop coughing. She got up immediately to get herself a glass of water.

    “What are you talking about? How is Wenwen only a few years older than Wushuang? She’s seven years older.” Ye Hai glanced at Wu Lan helplessly.

    “What do you know?” Wu Lan chuckled. “A lady who is a year older than the guy is like a lady with a golden hen. Two years? A bucketful of gold. Three years? A golden brick. Four years? You’re in luck. Five years? It’s like having another mother who takes care of you. Six years? Overflowing joy. Seven years? You’ll be giggling at all times!”

    While Ye Hai was speechless, Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    The Patriarch of Hell watched that while lying aside. Envy and jealousy filled his face.

    The patriarch was eager to say that, but he dared not do it. Mainly, he was worried that he would scare them by speaking. Then, the devil Ye Chen would peel his skin off.

    At the same time, Su Youwei, who was also in the house, looked terrible. The intense threat was growing within her.