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Chapter 258 - The Man with A Sword!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 258: The Man with A Sword!

    “Does it hurt?” Ye Chen smiled coldly while hearing Elder Wu shriek. “You guys should expect what’s going to happen to you today from the moment you touched my family!”

    As soon he said that, Ye Chen retrieved two wind blades and severed both of his legs. He then tossed him to the ground.

    Subsequently, he stepped onto his head!

    There was a deep dent in his head. Meanwhile, Elder Wu’s top half body twitched intensely a few times. He was killed!

    Everyone was horrified to have watched such gore and cruelty. Lu Tong was furious. “L-lunatic, you’re lunatic!”

    The compelling Elder Wu could not do anything to Ye Chen at all. Ye Chen killed him as if he was killing a dog.

    At that moment, he regretted what he did!

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look at them. He grinned, baring his teeth and looking extremely scary. “No rush. It’s your turn soon!”


    Lu Tong’s knees went weak as he knelt hard before Ye Chen and kowtowed as if he was crushing garlic with his head. “P-please spare my life, Mad Southern Ye. I’m begging you. Spare my worthless life. I’ll never dare to go against you. I’m willing to be your dog!”

    Seeing him like that, their rest knelt too. They were kowtowing so hard that they knocked their heads on the ground. Trembling, they pleaded, “Please spare our lives…”

    They were really terrified of Ye Chen!

    How was the person before them human? He was definitely the devil!

    Ye Chen walked toward Lu Tong one step after another. Each step he took felt as if he was stepping on their hearts. “You’re really something, Lu Tong. You captured my parents and blew up my house. Tell me, how would you like to die?”

    “I-I’ll never dare to do it again. It’s the Martial Alliance who ordered me to do that…” Lu Tong was secretly scared. Subsequently, a ferocious gleam flashed through his eyes as he charged at Ye Chen, and a sharp dagger appeared in his hand out of nowhere.


    His expression was ferocious!

    To him, in such a close distance, no matter how powerful Ye Chen was, his sneak attack that came out of nowhere could definitely pierce through his heart.

    However, his expression froze in the next second.

    When the dagger penetrated Ye Chen’s chest, it did not pierce his heart as imagined. Instead, a clang was heard. He felt numb in his arm, and the dagger was now crooked.

    “I-it’s a misunderstanding!” Lu Tong’s lips shuddered. Just when he was going to speak, he suddenly felt a big hand press his head. Subsequently, he felt intense pain as if his head was going to explode.


    He wanted to struggle but was suppressed.

    After performing the Soul Searching Tactic to retrieve the memories in his head, Ye Chen slammed his palm and crushed his head. He looked at the 20-odd people who were kneeling before him.

    He stretched his arm out and grabbed the dagger on the ground. The dagger was crushed into countless metal pieces as soon as it landed in his hand.


    When Ye Chen lifted his arm and waved, the metal pieces shot toward the group of people. A white gleam flickered while the killing intent in the air was dense. All of them had the middle of their brows pierced, and the begging stopped all of a sudden!

    At that moment, apart from Ye Chen’s parents, everyone in the entire basement was dead. Nobody’s lives were spared!

    Ye Chen peered at his parents who were far away. Although their eyes remained closed, it seemed to be hard for them to hold back. He bit the tip of his finger and inscribed a Spirit-capturing formation in his right palm.

    He chanted, “Wandering spirits, where are you going? The three souls are here, the seven spirits are coming…”

    Almost immediately, black energy flashed across the bodies on the ground. Ferocious faces were revealed as if countless spirits were growling and groaning.

    Black energy shot into the sky as their resentment lingered!

    “Capture!” Ye Chen’s palm faced those spirits. As he yelled out the word, those spirits turned into black energy and penetrated the Spirit-capturing formation on his palm.

    It was the Five Ghosts Sect’s Soul-capturing Method from the cultivation world. Putting their souls in the formation hampered their ability to reincarnate.

    After he was done, Ye Chen walked to his parents and knelt hard onto the ground. “Dad, Mom, I’m here. I must’ve scared you guys!”

    It was his fault that the Martial Alliance captured his parents. Fortunately, he managed to get here in time whereby Lu Tong and the rest had yet to do anything out of the line to his parents.

    Ye Hai and Wu Lan opened their eyes then. As they looked at the bodies all over the place, fear flashed across their faces.

    “Xiaochen, a-are they dead?” Ye Hai gulped and said.

    “That’s right!” Ye Chen nodded slowly. “They deserve it since they tried to hurt you guys!”

    Wu Lan said with a pale face, “Y-you’ve killed so many people. Will they put you behind bars?”

    “Don’t worry. I know how to handle it. Let’s go. I’ll bring you guys to Beijing. I’ll bring you guys to see Yuhan!”

    After Ye Chen smiled and got up, he helped his parents up and walked out. When he performed the Fireball Tactic, the place behind him turned into a sea of fire.


    Meanwhile, in the Martial Alliance lounge, there were up to a hundred bodies lying on the ground. If one were to look closer, they would notice that those bodies wore black martial attire with the Martial Alliance’s logo on their chests.

    All of them who were killed were from the Martial Alliance. Nobody had been spared!

    The 30 or so people who survived looked at the young man in white who had a cold expression and stood there with a sword blankly. They were secretly shocked.

    The man with a sword had destroyed the entire Martial Alliance branch!

    Qiu Yueli too looked at the Martial Alliance uniform in her hands. She shuddered and tossed it to the ground. Her face was extremely pale, but she was secretly grateful. Fortunately, she had not put the Martial Alliance uniform on as soon as she got it. Otherwise, there would have been one more body on the ground.

    Ye Wushuang saw everything she did. Struggle blazed deep in his cold eyes.

    After some hesitation, Ye Wushuang walked toward her slowly while carrying his sword. Ruthlessness and killing intent were growing on his calm features.

    Qiu Yueli fell onto the ground and stammered as she spoke, “W-what are you trying to do? I-I’m not from the Martial Alliance!”

    At that moment, she had completely forgotten that she had looked down on Ye Wushuang and called him a handsome but useless douchebag before.

    A sword gleam came, and Qiu Yueli shut her eyes in despair.

    However, she realized she was still alive a while later. She could not help but open her eyes to look. She saw that the young man in white earlier had left. Meanwhile, there were three people standing outside of the Martial Alliance. One of them was the young man who entered by throwing a car at the glass door.

    “Phew, that was…close!” Qiu Yueli sighed in relief. She patted her chest by instinct as her perky breasts were undulating.

    “Get out if you want to live!” Ye Chen glanced at the 30-odd people in the lounge.

    The crowd rushed out while jostling each other as soon as they heard that.

    The Almighty Killer Sword appeared in Ye Chen’s hand. He took a step out and swung it at the entire Martial Alliance building. As everyone watched in horror, the ten-story building was crushed into ruins by a sword gleam.

    The Martial Alliance branch that occupied the southeast was gone just like that!

    “Let’s go!” Ye Chen shook his head and left with his parents and Ye Wushuang.

    Qiu Yueli watched them leave in shock. The jolt lingered within her.”W-who exactly are they?”