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Chapter 257 - I Was Born in A Massacre. All Traitors Will Die!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 257: I Was Born in A Massacre. All Traitors Will Die!

    “Kill everyone who is in a Martial Alliance uniform!”

    As soon as Ye Chen left, Ye Wushuang was the only one that remained.

    “Kill him!” Deacon Chen growled. He slammed his palm and charged out at Ye Wushuang. A grin appeared on his face. To him, Ye Wushuang was just a 17- or 18-year-old young man. How could he be his match?

    Qiu Yueli snapped back to her senses and stomped in panic while her little face was flushing, “Douchebag, run. Run, now!”

    However, Ye Wushuang stayed where he was.

    Just when Qiu Yueli thought Ye Wushuang was going to be killed, a glaring sword gleam flashed through the air. Subsequently, Deacon Chen, who was getting close to Ye Wushuang, froze. He stood still.

    A bloody line cracked from his forehead.


    As Deacon Chen’s body broke into half directly, blood and organs splashed all over. Even until he was dead, he had no idea how the young man managed to do that.

    The incident that came out of nowhere shocked everyone in the hall. Qiu Yueli stared blankly at the young man in white before him while her perky breasts undulated. ‘T-this douchebag is that powerful?’

    Deacon Chen was an Illuminating Pulse expert. He was a hundred times more powerful than her, but that douchebag had killed him instantly before he could touch the edge of his clothes!

    “Kill him! Kill him!”

    Countless Martial Alliance experts charged out from all corners of the hall. They were leaping at Ye Wushuang at the same time, their powerful energy wave throwing the people behind them out.

    Ye Wushuang stood calmly with a chilly expression. The sword intent from him was flowing as he watched the ten or so people rushing at him expressionlessly. Each of them had at least an Internal Energy cultivation base.


    A horrifying sword intent shone out of Ye Wushuang’s body. When lightning zapped through the Great Thunder Sword on his back, sword qi exploded out of the sword handle. It swept toward all directions like sword rain.

    The sword qi was like pouring rain while the sword gleam was like lightning. As the sword rain poured with him as the center, the group that was charging at him exploded into bloody mist at that moment. If there had been a Martial Dao master around, he would have learned that those people’s bodies were torn by the sword qi.

    They were killed before the sword even came out of its scabbard!

    Qiu Yueli looked blank and her face was turning pale.

    That douchebag was not only handsome, but he also had a terrifying ability too. She had looked down on him earlier, saying that he could not take a punch from her.


    In the basement of the Martial Alliance building, a hunk rushed to Lu Tong who sat in front of him in panic. “S-Sect Leader Lu, bad news. M-Mad Southern Ye is here!”

    “What?” Lu Tong’s scalp turned numb as disbelief filled his face. “How does he know that I have his parents here?”

    “No, we need to leave. Elder Wu, we must leave now!” The expression on his face was replaced by fear. Knowing how powerful Ye Chen was, he would definitely die if the latter were to get to him.

    A skinny old man in gray robes had a grim expression. He knew that he was not Mad Southern Ye’s match even though he was a Martial Dao master himself.

    “What about them?” The hunk stretched his arm and pointed at Ye Hai and Wu Lan by the side.

    “Kill them!” Killing intent flashed through Lu Tong’s face as he grinned. “Kill them. Since Mad Southern Ye is here, he’ll live in regret and guilt forever as long as he sees the two bodies.”

    Ye Hai and Wu Lan’s expressions changed as soon as they heard that.

    The powerful hunk grinned in a cruel manner. He moved and charged at Ye Hai and Wu Lan with his palm.

    At that moment, a loud thud came, making the entire basement shake. Everyone staggered as they lifted their heads to look in fear instantly, including that hunk.

    Suddenly, there was a large crack that opened on the ceiling above their heads. Dense killing intent was coming.

    “Oh no, he’s here!” Lu Tong’s expression changed drastically and he ordered, “Quickly capture his parents. Otherwise, we’ll definitely die!”

    The hunk snapped back to his senses as if he had just woken up from a dream. He changed the slap into a claw to maul Ye Hai and Wu Lan. However, at that very moment, his right hand, which was extended, was burning. The fire was growing.

    “Ahh!” the hunk shrieked in devastation as flames covered him within. He was burned into ashes within the blink of an eye.

    Many people watched in fear. Since then, nobody dared to touch Ye Hai and Wu Lan, including the Martial Dao master Elder Wu who was present. He felt a chill rush inside of him, so he left everyone there without even thinking about it and leaped toward the exit of the basement.


    It was more important to run now!

    “Elder Wu, save me!” Lu Tong could not stop growling.

    However, Elder Wu moved as if he did not hear him. He turned into a shadow and leaped to the stairs above within a flash.

    Just when he thought he could run away, the stairway before him was lit up in flames all of a sudden. The fire was massive and it blocked his way entirely.

    The fire was spreading while the ground shook!

    Ye Chen leaped out of the crack on the ceiling with dark eyes. He was like a death god arriving while his cold voice shook the entire basement.

    “I was born in a massacre, I’ll wilt in death. The day when I return will be the day the traitors die!”

    The fire ignited all over him, covering him within completely. However, Ye Chen remained still while placing his arms on his back with a cold expression!

    It was real fire!

    It was Ye Chen’s rage!

    It was Ye Chen’s rage, the Heavenly Emperor’s rage!

    His parents, wife, and daughter were his dragon lamellas. Anyone who touched them would die!


    Ye Hai and Wu Lan watched that in a blur. Never had they thought their son would really come to save them. Not only that, but they also did not expect his entrance to be so shocking.

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look at them. As he smiled lightly, his smile was filled with guilt. “Dad, Mom, please shut your eyes. It might be a little gory, and I’m afraid that I might scare you guys!”

    Ye Hai and Wu Lan shut their eyes instantly.

    “M-Mad Southern Ye!” Lu Tong shrieked in devastation after seeing Ye Chen’s face clearly. He was shaking.

    Ye Chen looked at him expressionlessly. “You’ve outdone yourself!”

    His appearance alone almost scared Lu Tong’s soul out of his body. He said immediately, “Elder Wu, let’s fight him together. Kill him. We have to kill him. Otherwise, we’ll be killed!”

    He knew that Ye Chen was powerful, even more so when they kidnapped his parents. It was impossible for there to be a way out. Since that was the case, they could only give their all to fight.


    Elder Wu’s expression turned ferocious, and energy flowed from his body as he shouted. Both of his arms were covered in compelling energy. He pounced at Ye Chen like a hungry tiger attacking its prey.

    “All of you must die for touching my family!” A shocking growl came out of Ye Chen’s mouth as he stretched his arm and picked up Elder Wu by choking his neck.

    “H-how are you so powerful?!” Elder Wu was horrified. He was a Martial Dao master himself, but Ye Chen had lifted him up just like that. He threw a punch at Ye Chen’s face by instinct.


    As a bone-cracking sound was heard, Ye Chen severed Elder Wu’s right arm directly. Blood spouted out of the severed arm.

    “Ahhhhh!” Elder Wu could not stop shrieking.


    Ye Chen then severed his left arm too.

    “J-just kill me!”

    Elder Wu’s face was distorted in pain.

    Who exactly had he offended?!