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Chapter 256 - Qiu Yueli’s Arrogance

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 256: Qiu Yueli’s Arrogance

    Ye Chen was slightly stunned to hear what the lady said.

    She scoffed upon realizing that he said nothing. Disdain flashed through her eyes. “1,000 yuan. That should be enough for your seat, no?”

    Ye Chen took a good look at her and was surprised to learn that she was an ancient martial artist. She had an Internal Energy cultivation base. Given that she was pretty and dressed sophisticatedly, it was no wonder that she was so arrogant.

    “Scram!” Ye Wushuang glared coldly at her before Ye Chen could say anything.

    “You…you…” The lady did not expect Ye Wushuang to say that. She was furious at that moment and said while stammering, “S-so what if you’re handsome?!”

    She went back to her seat indignantly after saying that.

    A woman’s appearance would always be their pride. There was no exception, including Qiu Yueli. She was arrogant, and no men could make her turn her head. However, it was her first time seeing such a handsome man like Ye Wushuang, so she was impressed and attempted to change her seat with Ye Chen.

    Never had she thought Ye Wushuang would ask her to scram.


    She scoffed and turned her head around so that she would not see Ye Wushuang. She mumbled, “Men are all douchebags. So what if you’re handsome? You can’t even take a punch from me.”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “I finally learn that it seems it’s everything for a man to look handsome nowadays!”

    The lady had behaved with contempt toward Ye Chen. However, she did not even dare to say anything when Ye Wushuang asked her to scram. Instead, she had returned to her seat obediently.

    Did that not prove everything?

    He thought he would just rest his eyes as he thought about this point.

    Over two hours later, the plane finally landed at Wenzhou Longwan International Airport in Zhejiang. Just when Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang walked out of the terminal, Qiu Yueli caught up with them and said to Ye Wushuang angrily, “You’d better watch out, douchebag!”

    Ye Wushuang looked unfriendly. Just when he was going to retrieve his sword, Qiu Yueli went into a Porsche parked by the street. “Forget it. It’s your fault that you look so handsome.”

    Ye Chen took out the Great Thunder Sword from his storage ring and handed it to him. He patted his shoulder and hailed a cab by the street. After getting into the car, the driver turned his head to ask, “Where to?”

    “Just drive. I’ll tell you when it’s time to turn,” Ye Chen said calmly. He could only sense his parents’ coordinates. Since he had never been to Wenzhou, he had no idea exactly what that place was called.

    As the driver glanced at Ye Wushuang, he could not help but ask, “Brothers, where are you guys filming? Looks kind of cool.”

    He saw Ye Wushuang carrying a sword and being dressed in a white ancient costume, so he thought that he was ferrying an actor. That was the reason why Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang did not stir any commotion along the way.

    The only trouble was that Ye Wushuang’s Great Thunder Sword might not be able to pass through immigration. Therefore, Ye Chen had put it away in his storage ring before boarding the plane.

    Ye Chen knew that the driver misunderstood, but he went with it anyway, “At the Hengdian World Studios.”

    The driver showed an expression as if he expected that answer.


    At the Martial Alliance building in the southeast, there was a crowd at the moment. Most of them were ancient martial artists, and they were in the martial arts practice room, testing their abilities out.

    The so-called martial arts practice room was similar to an equipment room. There were some spring steel arm force bars, hand dynamometers, barbells, and so on in the room. They were mainly to test an ancient martial artist’s combined abilities through strength and physical fitness.

    Qiu Yueli was in the room too. She was distracted because she was still thinking about that young man in white that she had bumped into on the plane.

    ‘You’re just handsome, aren’t you? What’s there to be proud about? You’re weak no matter how handsome you are!’ She was enraged as she thought about it.

    “Next, Qiu Yueli!” At that moment, a Martial Alliance staff’s monotonous voice came.

    Qiu Yueli snapped back to her senses. After taking a few steps forward, she bowed at the old man before her respectfully. “Greetings, Deacon Chen!”

    The old man before her was the Martial Alliance deacon. He was an expert on the beginner stage of Illuminating Pulse. Even her father would have to bow to him.

    Deacon Chen responded in a neutral tone and said expressionlessly, “Let’s begin the test. You’ll be accepted into the Martial Alliance if you can prove that you have an Internal Energy cultivation base!”

    “S-sure!” Qiu Yueli, who had been extremely arrogant earlier, became a little nervous to hear that. She walked to the side and picked up a spring steel arm force bar. As she twisted it softly, the bar was then twisted into a knot.

    The people were shocked to see that. Clearly, they did not expect a lady to exhibit such great strength.

    Deacon Chen nodded lightly. “Give her a 30-centimeter metal rod.”

    A staff handed Qiu Yueli a metal rod instantly. After taking a deep breath in, she twisted it hard. Her face was red while the metal rod was then twisted 90 degrees. However, no matter how much Qiu Yueli tried twisting it, she could no longer do it.

    “Pass!” Deacon Chen said expressionlessly.

    That alone made the rest who came here for the test to look at Qiu Yueli in envy. Clearly, that lady could join the Martial Alliance after passing the test.

    It was countless people’s dream to be able to join the Martial Alliance.

    “Ms. Qiu, this is the Martial Alliance uniform!” A staff handed over a set of black attire.

    Qiu Yueli clasped her fists in excitement. She could not help but think about Ye Wushuang.

    ‘Hmph, douchebag! I’ve entered the Martial Alliance which means that you and I are in completely different worlds. You’re a regular man after all.’

    A loud thud came from outside as she was thinking to herself.

    Qiu Yueli opened her eyes by instinct. She was dumbstruck the moment, she opened her beautiful eyes wide.

    A silly silhouette was walking over to the glass door slowly with a car in his arm. Meanwhile, there was a young man in white following next to him.

    “I-it’s them!” Qiu Yueli was in shock as her little lips turned into an ‘o’ shape!

    Never had she thought that the two men that she bumped into on the plane would be at the Martial Alliance branch too. On top of that, Ye Chen, whom she had looked down upon earlier, was carrying a car with a single arm.

    ‘Are they ancient martial artists too?’

    Before she could react, Ye Chen tossed the car in his hand directly when he got closer. It slammed hard on the glass door. With the powerful energy wave, the car lost control and entered the Martial Alliance directly.

    At that moment, two silhouettes with compelling aura came out of the Martial Alliance. One of them shouted, “Who is that? Who dares to do this in the Martial Alliance branch?!”

    “It’s Sect Leader Zhao!” Deacon Chen exclaimed and smirked, “These two are dead to have stirred things up here. Sect Leader Zhao is an Illuminating Pulse expert!”

    Qiu Yueli was horrified. She wanted to urge Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang to run by instinct. However, when she opened her mouth, Ye Chen slammed Sect Leader Zhao and the other man into a bloody mist.

    At that moment, the place was filled with dead silence!

    Did he just kill the compelling Sect Leader Zhao with a slap?

    Qiu Yueli was dumbstruck.

    Ye Chen looked at the people before him coldly. He lifted his head to say to Ye Wushuang next to him, ‘Kill everyone in the Martial Alliance uniform!”

    After saying that, he headed straight to the basement of the building because he sensed that his parents were there, and they were about to be taken away!