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Chapter 255 - Who Else Wants to Kill Me? Show Yourself Now!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 255: Who Else Wants to Kill Me? Show Yourself Now!

    “I’d like your head. I wonder if you’re willing to donate that!”

    The atmosphere changed as soon as the old monk was done speaking. A strong wind blew the ground suddenly, and the fallen leaves swept up into the air.

    A dangerous aura was targeted at Ye Chen and the rest.

    “Old thing, I knew something was wrong with you!” Furious, Lin Tai threw a punch at the old monk. There was the whistling of the wind as he swung his fist. The shadow of the fist was unpredictable like a cannon.

    However, the old monk did not even look at him. When he took a step forward, an aura that was like an ocean wave exploded out of his body from the step alone.


    Under the impact of the aura, Lin Tai staggered and retreated a couple of steps back. He could not help but spit a mouthful of blood out. He looked horrified when he looked at the old monk again.

    Ye Chen had passed him the Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill and some medicinal pills for cultivation earlier, so he had broken through to the beginner-stage Spirit Assembly lately. One could say that he would not be defeated if he were to fight Illuminating Pulse experts.

    However, the old monk’s aura alone made him step back. His organs were in pain as if they were on fire. His vital energy and blood were rumbling. He instantly cautioned Ye Chen when he thought about it, “My lord, be careful. This old thing’s ability is rather terrifying!”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and looked at the old monk. “Who sent you here to kill me? Is it the Martial Alliance?”

    “It isn’t the Martial Alliance that sent me. I came here by myself!” the old monk shook his head and said.

    “Wushuang, kill him!” Ye Chen gave a short response and turned around to walk into the car. His expression was extremely cold as if he was talking about something ordinary.

    However, with his Divine Consciousness, he sensed countless ancient martial artists hiding around. All of them had powerful abilities.

    As soon as he was done speaking, a sword intent exploded out of Ye Wushuang who had been standing still earlier. Invisible sword qi lingered as a terrifying sword qi storm whistled in the air with him as the epicenter.

    Almost at the same time, the powerhouses who were hiding in all corners began discussing among themselves. They had also heard about the kill order that the Martial Alliance had issued against Mad Southern Ye, thus they were there for that Breakthrough Pill.

    “Is that man the Unparalleled Sword? As expected, he has stunning talent!”

    “That’s right. This man has comprehended sword intent since young and he can even split sword qi. It seems like the rumors are true!”

    “I wonder how is Rinpoche of the Miyin Temple going to handle him.”

    “Rinpoche’s fame rose 50 years ago, and he’s at peak innate-stage now. He’s the person who is closest to Martial Dao venerable. Even Yang Junlin, who currently ranks No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard, can’t take three hits from him. Besides that, he’s an expert in the tantra’s hard qigong. The Unparalleled Sword’s sword qi won’t be able to break through his defenses!”

    However, everyone knew how powerful Mad Southern Ye was, so they chose to stay silent. The old monk was the only one who could not hold back and showed his hand first.

    Now, it was a battle between the old and the young. One was over 90 years old while the other was 18. Everyone could not help but secretly anticipate what would happen next.

    “Amitabha!” The old monk pressed his palms together with a serious expression. Subsequently, his robe shook and opened like an umbrella. Energy covered him within like a wave. Most importantly, a golden energy shadow was formed on his body as if a bell was screening him.

    “I’ll leave if you can break my Golden Bell Shield!” the old monk said as if he was sympathizing with him.

    “Stay. All you have to leave behind is your life!” Ye Wushuang’s expression was cold.

    Those powerhouses who were hiding snickered upon hearing that. It was like a joke. The Lion’s Roar and the Golden Bell Shield were the skills the Tibetian Tantra had perfected. All lamas would use the tantra’s very own sacred refinery herb when they cultivated to boost their bodies.

    Although Ye Wushuang was powerful, at most, he could fight an even match with Rinpoche. Killing him? That was purely a dream. Even the old monk was shaking his head lightly, seeming to disagree with what Ye Wushuang said.

    In the next second, a bolt of lightning shone. It was a sword gleam, but the glow was like electricity!

    The sword gleam was growing like a flash of skyrocketing lightning. It made the day illuminate even brighter while the light refracted by the sword gleam was glaring.

    At that moment, everyone closed their eyes by instinct.


    As a flesh-tearing sound was heard, everyone opened their eyes immediately. There was a head on the ground with a headless body in a robe next to it. The body was still holding the alms bowl, staying still.

    Heaven and earth were filled with dead silence!

    The old monk from Miyin Temple, who was closest to achieving Martial Dao venerable, the Rinpoche who was an expert in Golden Bell Shield, had just been killed!

    A swing of a sword!

    It was merely a swing of a sword!

    It took nothing else but that single swing of a sword to break Rinpoche’s Golden Bell Shield, as well as sever his head!

    Everyone was startled and they felt chills go down their backs.


    The sword was recalled into the scabbard!

    Ye Wushuang walked directly into the car. There was a dot of red blood on his clean, white clothing. Then, the young man said extremely calmly, “Brother, he’s dead!”

    Ye Chen nodded lightly, then he released the stunning killing intent from his body. The killing intent spread all over, causing the countless powerhouses that were hiding and waiting for their opportunity to arrive to have goosebumps all over their bodies!

    An extremely cold voice was heard. “Who else wants to kill me? Show yourself now!” The voice spread thousands of meters away. It was arrogant, overbearing, and proud!

    Dead silence filled the air.

    Nobody spoke. Nobody dared to speak!

    “Drive!” Ye Chen glanced at Lin Tai.

    Lin Tai jolted as if he had just woken up from a dream and slid into the driver’s seat. He started the engine and drove onto the streets slowly.

    Nobody dared to attack him!

    Even though they were once ranked on the Heaven Leaderboard or had been kicked out of the leaderboard and cultivated in solitary for decades, being called “old monsters by the world”, all of them chose to be deathly silent at that moment!

    An old Taoist priest in torn Taoist robes leaped to the ground after the car left their field of vision. The man looked at the monk’s body and stared in the direction where the car went, feeling secretly terrified.

    “Genius, there are two geniuses! Martial Alliance, you guys have offended gods now!”


    After Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang boarded the plane, they sat in window seats. At that moment, many people had taken their seats on the plane.

    As Ye Wushuang took his seat, he attracted countless gazes. In the entire cabin, no matter whether they were men or women, all of them looked at him. Clearly, they were charmed by his handsome face.

    However, Ye Wushuang did not seem to be affected by all that. He remained still and looked cold as he released an intimidating aura. While the people were charmed, they did not dare go over to talk to him.

    Ye Chen glanced at him with an odd expression. He could not help but said while smiling, “I’m feeling immense pressure to be sitting with you!”

    He was like a leaf that was complementing Ye Wushuang who was a red flower. He could not believe that he was a little jealous.

    Ye Wushuang smiled awkwardly upon hearing that.

    At that moment, an announcement came just as the plane was taking off. A lady in neat beige clothes walked over. She looked at Ye Chen in a condescending manner and declared, “I’m buying your seat for 500 yuan!”