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Chapter 254 - Ye Chen’s Parents’ Whereabouts

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 254: Ye Chen’s Parents’ Whereabouts

    At the same time, 4,800 kilometers from Beijing, there was a particular building that was the Martial Alliance’s Tiannan branch. It mainly functioned to guard the area as well as to recruit ancient martial artists.

    Meanwhile, the person who was guarding the branch was Elder Wu who was with Lu Tong, the Martial Dao master.

    At the moment in the basement of the building, Ye Hai and Wu Lan were lying on the ground. They were tied up and could not move. After both of them woke up, they said nothing as they glared at Lu Tong who was before them coldly.

    Although they had no idea why the Martial Alliance captured them, they could roughly guess that the Martial Alliance wanted to lure Ye Chen over. Since that was the case, it was futile for them to say anything.

    Standing before them, Lu Tong chuckled. “Don’t look at me like that. You can only blame yourself for having such an amazing son.”

    “Ptui!” Wu Lan spat on his face hard.

    Lu Tong dodged it like a piece of cake. While he was not mad, the hunk who was behind him was enraged and was about to slap Wu Lan.

    “No need for that.” Lu Tong stopped him immediately.

    The hunk scoffed, “Hall Master Lu, these two are too much. I can’t believe that she spat at you. I suggest chopping off one of their arms each!”

    Ye Hai and Wu Lan had a change of expression as soon as that was said.

    “What’s the rush?!” Lu Tong said while smiling, “Chopping their arms off aside, what’s the use of even killing them now? Mad Southern Ye isn’t here yet!”

    He paused as he spoke to this point. Then, a cruel grin appeared at the corner of his lips. “Why don’t we wait until Mad Southern Ye is here to beg? Only then we’ll torture his parents. That would be more interesting!”

    “That’s right. Sect Leader Lu, you are wise to have thought of that!” The hunk buttered up to him immediately.

    “Watch them while I go to eat. We’ll bring them to the headquarters when the plane headquarters sent gets here!” Lu Tong walked out after saying that.


    In Beijing, Ye Chen opened his eyes slowly after sensing his parent’s accurate address and confirming that they were safe. A ferocious gleam sparkled in his eyes. “They’re in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, hmm?”

    He leaped from the building and landed in the Imperial Wind Pavilion within the span of a few breaths. He directed Lin Tai, “Book two plane tickets to Wenzhou, Zhejiang for me now!”

    Lin Tai nodded in utter respect and took his phone out to book the tickets immediately.

    Ye Chen then looked at Ye Wushuang next to him and smiled lightly. “Do you dare to go to the Martial Alliance with me to turn it upside down?”

    Ye Wushuang said nothing whilst the sword he carried on his back released a sword hum. Flashes of Lightning sparkled and there were zaps coming from it.

    “Lin Tai, after we leave, send all 800 people from the Star Pavilion here. Kill anybody unrelated who dares to come in here even if their blood gathers into a river!” Ye Chen ordered.

    Lin Tai hesitated to say, “My lord, I’m afraid we’re not their match if there’s a Martial Dao master who attacks Madam…”

    “Don’t worry about it!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “All you guys have to do is fight the others. Someone else will naturally fight the powerhouses who are on master level!”

    His Divine Consciousness exploded out of his mudball palace as he spoke to this point, covering the entire Imperial Wind Pavilion. He saw the Patriarch of Hell lying on the artificial mountain and peeping at two male monkeys having sex with a female monkey in envy.

    “Patriarch, there’s something that I need to tell you!”

    The Patriarch of Hell looked away unwillingly upon hearing Ye Chen’s voice transmission. He walked over while wagging his tail with a smirk. “Master, your most loyal Cutie is here.”

    Lin Tai, who was standing aside, had a drastic change in expression after hearing that. He looked as if he had just seen a ghost. “A dog that can s-speak?” He had been treating the patriarch like a regular dog, thus he was almost scared to death when this dog suddenly spoke.

    “Your whole family are dogs!” The patriarch glared at him in disdain. “Xiao Linzi, you’d better be nice to me. I’ll eat you if you offend me.”

    Lin Tai nodded immediately as cold sweat dripped down his body.

    On the other hand, Ye Wushuang was not surprised at all. After all, he had sensed something odd from the patriarch earlier and Ye Chen had explained it to him before.

    “Cut it out!” Ye Chen interrupted and said while looking at the patriarch coldly, “If any Martial Dao masters come when I’m gone, kill all of them. At the same time, have fun with the Great Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Formation in the Imperial Wind Pavilion!”

    “Master, I might not be their match!” The patriarch looked troubled while rolling his eyes.

    “Old thing, I must’ve been too nice to you.” Ye Chen smirked. “Don’t you think I had no idea that you went to nightclubs many times behind my back? Your cultivation base has reached mastery-stage Spirit Assembly since earlier!”

    ‘Your bloody dog is cunning as hell. You live up to your name as an old Tribulation monster in your past life. You’re perverted and greedy, and you’ll do anything as long as it benefits you but you give excuses when you get nothing out of it.’

    The Patriarch of Hell smiled awkwardly and changed what he was saying immediately, “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely protect them. But, Master, I heard there’s this promiscuous lady called Wang Rong who has been quite popular recently. I’d like to try her myself and see if she can sprain my back!”

    Lin Tai could not stop coughing to hear that. ‘This must be a perverted dog! He seems to be desperate. I can’t believe he’d like such a woman!’

    Ye Chen scoffed and walked out of the Imperial Wind Pavilion with Ye Wushuang after signaling to him. Lin Tai drove the car to the entrance.

    Just when they were getting into the car, the sounds of coughing came from far away. An old monk in robes and a silver walking stick walked over. He was dressed like a lama and happened to be blocking their way.

    The old monk had gray hair and seemed so ancient like he was nearing death. He held an alms bowl in his hands and coughed while he walked. He was walking very slowly as if each step he took was strenuous.

    Ye Wushuang’s eyes turned cold while the Great Thunder Sword he carried on his back was shaking.

    When the old monk got closer, he peered at Ye Chen with his blurry eyes. He then handed the alms bowl in his hands over and said while trembling, “Kind sir, can you donate something?”

    Lin Tai walked over and tossed a 100 yuan note into the alms bowl after taking it out from his wallet. He said coldly, “Take it and clear the path!”

    The old monk did not even look at the 100 yuan. He was still handing the alms bowl in his hand to Ye Chen.

    “Is that not enough for you?” Lin Tai was angry. It was his first time encountering such a person. He thought about it and counted 500 yuan to toss into the alms bowl.

    However, the old monk remained still.

    “Old thing, aren’t you crossing the line?” Lin Tai was enraged and wanted to chase him away by instinct.

    Ye Chen stopped him. Then, he looked at the old man coldly while his voice was chilly. “I wonder what kind of donation are you looking for.”

    Cough, cough, cough!

    The old monk coughed hard for a few times as if he was in pain. He glanced at Ye Chen and said with his deep voice, “I’d like your head. I wonder if you’re willing to donate that!”