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Chapter 253 - Martial Alliance, You Guys Are Seeking Death!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 253: Martial Alliance, You Guys Are Seeking Death!

    Zhang Yulin frowned a little upon seeing the smile on Lu Tong’s face.

    Subsequently, Lu Tong turned around and bowed at the BMW. “Elder Wu, please!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, compelling energy shot out of the BMW suddenly. The energy tore the air and charged toward Zhang Yulin.


    Zhang Yulin was thrown out directly. When he got up, he glared dangerously at the BMW, feeling utterly horrified. “Martial Dao master?”

    On the side, Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying’s hearts sank.

    “How dare you stick your nose in the Martial Alliance’s business? Scram!” An extremely old voice came out of the car. His voice alone left their ears humming.

    Zhang Yulin looked at Old Master Gu and forced a smile. “Old Master Gu, this humble one has tried my best!” He did not want to interfere in the business between the Martial Alliance and Ye Chen. It was Old Master Gu who had begged him, so he had mustered his courage to save Ye Chen’s parents.

    However, now that they had a Martial Dao master with them, how could he fight them with his Illuminating Pulse cultivation base?

    “Sect Leader Lu[1]!” Old Master Gu shook his head lightly and said, “Have you ever considered that Mad Southern Ye will turn the Martial Alliance upside down for touching his family today?” He paused as he said to this point and continued, “You guys won’t be able to handle it when Master Ye is enraged!”

    “Hahaha!” Lu Tong laughed out loud instead of being angry. “Since the Martial Alliance dares to challenge him, how could we not have prepared ourselves? Just wait. Mad Southern Ye will definitely die soon!”

    He returned to the car and urged the driver to start driving after that. Then, he left Old Master Gu and the rest.

    Old Master Gu lifted his head and looked far away in the direction of Beijing. He mumbled, “Master Ye, I’ve tried my best!”


    After sending Yang Junlin off, Ye Chen saw that Su Yuhan and the rest had returned. However, the two ladies did not look too great, especially Su Youwei who looked shocked.

    Just when Ye Chen was going to speak, Su Yuhan ran into his embrace and held his neck tightly.

    “What happened?” Ye Chen looked slightly grim. He could feel Su Yuhan shaking when she hugged him. She seemed to be horrified.

    “Don’t talk. Just let me calm down!” Su Yuhan took a deep breath and buried her head into his embrace.

    Ye Chen could not help but glance at Ye Wushuang who was standing aside. Ye Wushuang told him everything about how they had been assassination targets on the way home.


    Ye Chen crushed the table before him with a slam. He looked at Su Youwei coldly. “Su Youwei, you sure are kind!”

    If she had not helped that lady, that lady would not have had the chance to hurt them. Ye Wushuang had already warned her, but she insisted on helping.

    What was funny was that Su Youwei had done so purely out of kindness. As she buried her head in fear, she began crying while covering her lips, “It’s my fault. I’m the one to blame…”

    “Forget it. You can’t blame Youwei. Who would’ve thought this would happen?” Su Yuhan let go of Ye Chen instantly and forced a smile on her stiff face.

    Ye Chen glanced at Su Youwei coldly and asked, “Wushuang, who was that?”

    “I’ve no idea, but she seems to be an assassin.” Ye Wushuang shook his head.

    Su Yuhan held her forehead. “Ye Chen, I’m a little tired. I’m going to rest!”

    “Go!” Ye Chen nodded and Su Youwei helped her to the room immediately. After they left, he glanced at Ye Wushuang. “Are they from the Martial Alliance?”

    “They should be!” Ye Wushuang said.

    “You’ve outdone yourself, Martial Alliance!” Ye Chen smirked in rage. “It seems like I’ve looked too highly upon them. I can’t believe they’d attack my wife!”

    At that moment, Lin Tai walked in, appearing extremely nervous. “My lord, something has happened in Tiannan. The Martial Alliance has captured your parents.”


    Compelling aura radiated from Ye Chen’s body as soon as Lin Tai was done speaking. He stared directly at him and asked in a cold voice, “When did that happen?”

    “Half an hour ago!” Lin Tai fell and knelt onto the ground as a result of Ye Chen’s aura. He was sweating as he said, “The people that I arranged to protect them have been killed. The Martial Alliance went to your house directly and took your parents. They’ve also blown up your house!

    “I’ve just gotten a call from Old Master Gu. It was Martial Alliance’s Hall Master Tang Lu who brought people to take them away. Old Master Gu wanted to stop them, but he was suppressed by their Martial Dao master.”

    After he was done speaking, the house fell into silence for a couple of seconds. Ye Chen lifted his head vigorously as killing intent flashed through his eyes like a wave on the ocean. “Martial Alliance, you guys are seeking death!”

    Never drag the family into personal grudges.

    If the Martial Alliance were to target Ye Chen alone, he would not have been as furious. However, his parents and Yuhan were his dragon lamella. Anyone who touched the forbidden lamella of the dragon would die!

    “My lord, what do we do now?” Lin Tai asked anxiously.

    Having captured his parents, the Martial Alliance could be considered to have Chen’s life in their hands. They could even name any condition they wanted, including getting Ye Chen to destroy his cultivation base or kill himself!

    “I’ll kill them!” Ye Wushuang said and turned around to leave.

    “Wait!” Ye Chen stopped him. An eerie grin appeared at the corner of his lips. “Do they think I can’t find them since they’ve captured my parents and hidden them? They’re too naive to be thinking that!”

    Just when Lin Tai was going to speak, he saw Ye Chen leap out of the house directly. With just a step out, he leaped to the building across.

    Ye Chen looked beneath as he stood still like he was a god that was watching the world. His eyes were cold when he squeezed a drop of blood out from the tip of his finger. The blood hovered in the air with a golden gleam in it.

    “Ignite my blood. Refine my Divine Consciousness! Divine Refinery Method, track 16,000 kilometers away!” Ye Chen said softly and shut his eyes.

    The Divine Refinery Method was a method to boost one’s Divine Consciousness.

    If his Divine Consciousness could only spread up to 1,000 meters away, by performing the Divine Refinery Method with his own blood, his Divine Consciousness would skyrocket and cover a range of 16,000 kilometers.

    However, he could only sense people who were related to him by blood. That was the reason why he could not use this method to look for Su Yuhan back then.

    Moreover, there would definitely be side effects of performing this method. However, it did not matter to him as long as he could find his parents.

    At that moment, great Divine Consciousness spread out of Ye Chen’s mudball palace. It was like a spreading ripple that spread through each street, building, and mountain.

    Only people who were related to him by blood would appear within the range of his Divine Consciousness, especially the blood within his parents, as they were closest to him.

    As soon as his Divine Consciousness spread insanely, countless experts in China sensed it immediately. At that moment, countless powerhouses looked into the sky, appearing rather shocked. ‘Is that mental power? Can this be one of the legendary Martial Dao venerables who can spread their consciousness and form their own territory after achieving the venerable stage?!’

    When Ye Chen spread his Divine Consciousness 4,800 kilometers away, two extremely thick and close bloodlines appeared in his Divine Consciousness.

    A chill flashed across his eyes. “So, they’re over there!”

    [1] Previously referred to as “Hall Leader Lu” in earlier chapters.