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Chapter 252 - Never Drag the Family into Personal Grudge!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 252: Never Drag the Family into Personal Grudge!

    “He’s killed someone. He’s killed someone!”

    When Ye Wushuang severed the head of the lady who attempted to kill Su Yuhan, the pedestrians screamed in fear after a moment of being stunned.

    Even the hunks who had been chasing after the lady were shocked too. They ran in different directions, scared that what happened to the lady would befall them too.

    Su Yuhan snapped out of her senses. Her pretty face was a little pale when she looked at the head on the ground. “I-I’m alright!”

    She was still in shock until now. She never expected the lady, whom she thought was in trouble while they were trying to save her, to suddenly kill. On top of that, but she had also targeted her.


    Su Yuhan released a long sigh as she thought to this point. She looked at Ye Wushuang in utter gratitude. “Thank you so much, Wushuang!”

    If Ye Wushuang had not killed that lady in time, Su Yuhan might have been harmed by now. It had been so close!

    “Don’t worry, Sister-in-law. With me here, nobody can hurt you!” Ye Wushuang’s expression was cold as determination flashed through his eyes.

    Su Yuhan nodded lightly and just noticed Su Youwei on the ground by then. She saw her sister sitting on the ground in an embarrassing manner. She was in deep shock as she held her face that had been splattered with blood.

    “Weiwei, are you alright?” Su Yuhan walked over instantly to help her up.

    “Wuahhh!” Su Youwei fell into Su Yuhan’s embrace, sobbing while shaking, “I was so scared, Sister. I thought you might be…”

    “Alright, it’s over now,” Su Yuhan comforted her instantly as she heard police sirens far away, “Let’s go. We need to leave now!”

    They did not even pick up the groceries that they had dropped on the ground. They left the scene quickly.

    Su Youwei felt emotionally stable by then. Her eyes were slightly red as she said, feeling extremely guilty, “Sister, it’s all my fault. If I hadn’t been so nosy, whatever happened earlier wouldn’t have happened.”

    “I never expected that too.” Su Yuhan patted her chest. She only looked at Ye Wushuang who was standing aside then. “Wushuang, did you know that she was going to kill me?” She was not foolish, so she guessed the nature of what happened instantly.

    “Kiling intent!” Ye Wushuang stopped walking and said coldly, “I sensed killing intent from that lady.”

    All Sword Cultivators would have an extremely ethereal heart. They were sensitive whereby their senses of people’s intentions were more powerful than anybody else’s. As soon as the lady appeared, he had sensed her killing intent. Therefore, he had asked Su Yuhan and Su Youwei not to stick their noses in it, but Su Youwei had been stubborn.

    Ye Wushuang glared coldly at Su Youwei as he spoke to this point. Although he said nothing, everyone knew what he was trying to imply.

    Su Youwei held her head down, feeling wronged. She said weakly while biting her lip, “I-I’m sorry!”

    “You don’t have to apologize to me!” Ye Wushuang interrupted her with an extremely cold expression. “I’d have killed you if anything were to happen to my sister-in-law today!”

    To him, Ye Chen, Mengmeng and Su Yuhan were the most important people in this world. Meanwhile, Su Youwei was merely an extra even though she liked him.

    Su Youwei’s face tuned pale upon hearing that.

    “Alright, aren’t I doing fine? Let’s go home.” Su Yuhan mediated the situation immediately.


    In Tiannan’s Lin City where Ye Chen’s family lived, Ye Hai and his wife looked rather fearfully at the bunch of people who rushed into their house. “Who are you guys?”

    “I’m Lu Tong from the Martial Alliance!” A middle-aged man in green robes walked in with mockery in his eyes.

    “What Martial Alliance? I’ve never heard about that. What are you guys trying to do?” Ye Hai protected his wife Wu Lan behind him while glaring dangerously at Lu Tong and the rest with a kitchen knife in his hand.

    “It doesn’t matter whether you’ve heard about it. The important thing is that you have a great son who killed the Martial Alliance’s six elders!” Lu Tong smirked and waved while saying, “Take them!”

    As soon he was done speaking, two Martial Alliance members walked toward the couple. Enraged, Ye Hai could not stop waving the kitchen knife in his hand ferociously. “Come here if you dare!”

    He thought that the duo before him would be scared. However, one of them smirked in disdain and charged his energy. Ye Hai felt his arm go numb as the kitchen knife fell onto the ground with a clang.

    Before he could react, the man moved and appeared before him suddenly. He slammed his chest so hard that Ye Hai fell onto the ground. Just when Wu Lan was going to speak, she was struck and she fell unconscious too.

    “Take them to the headquarters!” Lu Tong waved.

    After his underlings took the couple out, a packet of dynamite appeared in his hand. He smiled arrogantly. “Mad Southern Ye, so what if you’re powerful? Your parents are still your weakness after all. This is the price to pay for going against the Martial Alliance!”

    He could never forget the shock and trauma caused by that silhouette that had killed Yuan Bupo on the Surge River the other day.

    He ran away after that, thinking that he would live in the shadows and not offend Ye Chen. He never thought that Ye Chen would have killed so many masters of the Martial Alliance when he was in Beijing.

    Apart from shock, he was over the moon.

    Nobody knew how powerful the Martial Alliance was more than he did. Although Mad Southern Ye was powerful, he would definitely suffer the consequences for offending the Martial Alliance.

    Lu Tong lit a cigarette slowly as he thought about this. After taking a deep puff, he ignited the dynamite in his hand and simply tossed it into the house. He ran out like a shadow.

    After leaping down to the street downstairs, he blew out a smoke ring and grinned. “Bang!”


    As soon as a loud thud came, Ye Chen’s house turned into ruins and countless terrified screams were heard.

    “Let’s go!”

    Lu Tong stepped on the cigarette butt and entered a black BMW. He peered at Ye Hai and Wu Lan who were unconscious behind him.

    A jeep arrived before him after the car drove less than 100 meters away, blocking their way.

    As the car door opened, an old man and a young lady got out of the car directly.

    Lu Tong looked serious as he walked over to the two people after getting out of the car. He said coldly, “Old Master Gu, what are you trying to do?”

    “I don’t care what grudge your Martial Alliance and Master Ye have, but you guys can’t touch his family. Never drag the family into personal grudges!” Old Master Ye looked at the black BMW and subsequently sighed.

    Lu Tong smirked in rage. “With the two of you? Don’t you forget that I, Lu Tong, have an Illuminating Pulse cultivation base while you and your granddaughter are merely on Internal Energy!”

    Old Master Gu forced a smile and turned around to clasped his fists at the jeep behind him. “Junior Brother Zhang, please!”

    Lu Tong’s expression turned grim as soon as he heard that. He could not help but look at the jeep. Then, he saw a middle-aged man in Taoist robes get out of the car. The aura from that man was similar to Lu Tong’s.

    “Who are you?” Lu Tong asked seriously.

    The middle-aged man smiled calmly. “I’m Zhang Yulin, the third generation disciple of the Wudang Sect. Old Master Gu has ordered me to protect Master Ye’s family!”

    “When has Old Master Gu ever been linked to people from the Wudang Sect?” Lu Tong was puzzled.

    Old Master Gu said, “I used to be a Taoist priest in the Wudang Sect when I was younger, so I’m connected to them.”

    “Brother Lu, our ability is similar. I don’t want to fight you, so please leave after you let go of Master Ye’s parents,” Zhang Yulin bowed and said.

    Lu Tong suddenly laughed. “Do you guys think that you can stop me?”