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Chapter 251 - The Martial Alliance’s Secre

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 251: The Martial Alliance’s Secret

    Ye Chen could not help but look at him. “A big secret?”

    “That’s right!” Yang Junlin nodded. “The Martial Alliance was founded 600 years ago during the Wanli era. It’s still prosperous and standing 600 years later because it’s an affiliate organization of Shang Santian in the secular world!”

    “So, they’re Shang Santian’s slave?” Ye Chen asked while smiling.

    Yang Junlin looked stunned, but he admitted anyway, “Throughout the 600 years, the Martial Alliance has been through the changes in dynasty. The risk of the alliance ending happened a couple of times too. However, it would be solved as soon as such a risk showed up.”

    “So, is Shang Santian coming?” Ye Chen asked.

    Yang Junlin nodded slightly. “That’s right. If you destroy the Martial Alliance, you’ll definitely be attacked by the bunch from Shang Santian. That’s the reason why I said you’re not the Martial Alliance’s match. That’s why the government doesn’t want this to happen.”

    To him, though powerful, Ye Chen could only be a king in the secular world. However, he was far from the people from Shang Santian. Nobody knew how terrifying the people from Shang Santian were better than he did.

    Nonetheless, Ye Chen felt indifferent.

    To put it simply, the people from Shang Santian were just a bunch of even more powerful ancient martial artists. If he was a mere ancient martial artist himself, he might have been afraid of them. However, he was a cultivator.

    There was nothing that he could not end with a swing of his sword.

    Yang Junlin said again, “Also, the Martial Alliance’s current chief, Sikong Ao, was ranked No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard 50 years ago. The Heaven Leaderboard only includes ancient martial artists under 60. People are kicked out of the leaderboard as soon as they pass 60 years old.”

    “So, this Sikong Ao only disappeared from the Heaven Leaderboard just because he has passed 60 years of age?” Ye Chen asked with his interest piqued. He now finally understood why people on the Heaven Leaderboard were young and why it would be updated every 20 years. It turned out that there was such a great secret.

    “That’s right.” Yang Junlin nodded slightly. “I guess Venerable Ye must understand now? The Heaven Leaderboard isn’t as simple as it seems. It seems to only have a hundred people on it, but in reality, countless people had been on it throughout 50 years. Some people died or lived a solitary life after they were out of the leaderboard. Their ability is even more terrifying than before.”

    He paused as he spoke to this point before proceeding again, “Meanwhile, Yan Nanfei, Li Yunxiao, and I are just the younger powerhouses. There are many hidden old monsters behind us.”

    “Are there any Martial Dao venerables among those who are hiding?” Ye Chen suddenly asked as he was more concerned about that.

    Stunned, Yang Junlin then shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. Although nobody has broken through to Martial Dao venerable, I believe there are people who are getting close. Although they’re still Martial Dao masters, I can’t compare to them.”

    Ye Chen smiled, understanding what he was trying to say.

    It was like two gas tanks of the same size. Both were full, but one continued applying pressure to make it contain more gas. Since that was the case, the gas tanks that seemed the same would naturally have different power when they exploded.


    At the same time on Hanzheng Street, Su Yuhan was walking with Su Youwei. Both of them held groceries in their hands. Meanwhile, Ye Wushuang remained half a step behind them. He had a cold smile on his face and was silent.

    Many women could not help but look at him from the corner of their eyes due to his handsome appearance. There were even ladies who walked over to get his number or invite him to dinner. However, he declined all of them coldly,

    Su Youwei was secretly pissed to see that.

    Su Yuhan went closer to her and asked softly, “Have you really fall in love with Wushuang?”

    “Sister, didn’t you say that I should think about marriage since I’m already 25?” Su Youwei’s pretty face was blushing while her voice was as soft as a mosquito. Instinctively, she even turned her head to peek at Ye Wushuang who was behind her. She was relieved when she noticed that he looked straight ahead as if he had not heard her.

    “That’s rare!” Su Yuhan teased, “I thought that your future boyfriend must be some wealthy man or some soldier from the military. I can’t believe that you’ve changed.”

    “Sister, you’re teasing me again.” Su Youwei stomped her foot. Just when she was going to say something, a commotion came before them. Subsequently, a lady with messy hair ran over. Meanwhile, there were some ten scary-looking hunks chasing her.

    “Help, help!”

    The lady was approximately 30 years old. She was screaming while running toward Su Yuhan and the rest in panic. However, there was a grin sparkling under her panic-stricken face.

    Just when she was getting close to Su Yuhan and the rest, a white silhouette blocked her. “I’ll kill you if you take another step closer!”

    “Help me! I’m begging you!” Anxiety filled her face.

    Upon noticing that, Su Yuhan and Su Youwei walked out by instinct from behind Ye Wushuang. Su Yuhan could not help but ask, “Ma’am, may I know why are they chasing you?”

    “My ex-husband ran away from his gambling debt, so they’re coming after me. They said they’ll smuggle me to Thailand to be a prostitute.” The lady knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Su Yuhan. “Please, please save me. I’m begging you…”

    At the same time, the hunks that were far away had caught up with her.

    “Wushuang, why don’t you save her?” Su Yuhan looked sympathetic.

    Ye Wushuang replied in an unfriendly tone, “Sister-in-law, we shouldn’t stick our nose in other people’s business.”

    “Hey, can you not be so cold?” Su Youwei glared at him, rather disappointed. “Do you have empathy at all?”

    “Empathy? What’s that?” Ye Wushuang looked unconcerned.

    “I must be blinded to have liked you!” Su Youwei was furious as she pushed him away angrily and walked to the lady kneeling on the ground. “Don’t worry, sister. Stand behind us. They won’t dare to touch you.”

    A tanned hunk walked out from behind when the group of hunks caught up with her. “Little b*tch, this is our Four Seas Gang’s business. It’s best that you don’t stick your nose in it.”

    “I’m sticking my nose in it. What are you going to do about it?” Su Youwei stretched her arm out to help the lady on the ground up since she had Ye Wushuang around.

    Just when her hand grazed the lady, a grin appeared at the corner of the lady’s lips who held her head down. A dagger appeared in her hand. She suddenly stood up and targeted Su Yuhan who was behind Su Youwei.

    At that moment, Su Youwei was so shocked that she fell onto the ground. Su Yuhan was dumbstruck too. Never had she thought that the weak and pitiful lady would suddenly turn to killing.

    “Go to hell!”

    The lady had a ferocious expression on her face after seeing that Su Yuhan was frozen in shock.

    At that moment, she felt a bone-piercing chill coming from behind her. She turned her head around by instinct just in time to see the tip of a sword come into her field of vision!


    A human head rolled onto the ground, tumbling over ten meters out. The lady’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. Even the second she was killed, she could not believe that the young man who looked like an extremely handsome student would have been an expert.

    A swing of a sword was all it had taken to kill her!

    The scene that came out of nowhere shocked everyone so terribly that they forgot how to speak. They watched with their eyes wide open as fear filled every corner of their faces.

    Warm, fresh blood splashed onto Su Youwei’s face.

    Ye Wushuang walked to Su Yuhan quickly. There was slight anxiety on his cold face. “Sister-in-law, are you alright?”

    To him, the swing of sword earlier seemed to be nothing worth mentioning. Su Yuhan’s safety seemed to be the most important thing to him.