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Chapter 250 - Yang Junlin’s Visi

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 250: Yang Junlin’s Visit

    Yang Junlin was dressed in the purple robe that he wore before. Meanwhile, the old gray-robed man behind him appeared grim. Coldness filled his face.

    Yang Junlin smiled apologetically when Lin Tai served them tea and left. “I hope that you can forgive me for disturbing you out of the blue, Venerable Ye!”

    “Don’t worry about it! May I know who this is?” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and looked at the gray-robed man next to Yang Junlin. He sensed that the old man had the cultivation base of a Martial Dao master. However, he seemed to be hostile toward him.

    Yang Junlin said, “This is Elder Sun. He’s from the Martial Alliance!”

    Elder Sun smiled coldly upon hearing that, seeming arrogant.

    “The Martial Alliance?” Ye Chen frowned and said to Yang Junlin while looking at him mysteriously, “Brother Yang, you should’ve heard about the situation between the Martial Alliance and I. However, you’ve brought an elder from the Martial Alliance to see me…”

    Yang Junlin said solemnly, “I heard about the grudge between you and the Martial Alliance, Venerable Ye, so I initiated the visit, and brought Elder Sun to see you. I’d like to be a mediator, resolving the grudge between you and the Martial Alliance.”

    “Resolve?” Ye Chen chuckled. “They issued a kill order against me. Why are they here to resolve it now?”

    Yang Junlin could not help but look at Elder Sun next to him. “Elder Sun, do speak. The government doesn’t want this to happen. No matter what, it’s best to minimize the severity of this matter.”

    Elder Sun got up and stared directly at Ye Chen. He scoffed, “You killed the Martial Alliance’s five masters, including Elder Feng. It’s possible to resolve this as long as you destroy your cultivation base!”

    Yang Junlin’s expression changed drastically as soon as he heard that. “Elder Sun, you…”

    He did not expect the Martial Alliance’s request to cross the line. To an ancient martial artist, destroying one’s cultivation base was more important than their life. Clearly, the Martial Alliance was not planning to resolve the issue at hand.

    “You want me to destroy my cultivation base?” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    Elder Sun said proudly with his arms behind his back, “That’s right. Destroy your own cultivation base. Mad Southern Ye, I admit that you’re powerful to be ranked No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard. But don’t you think that Martial Alliance can’t do anything to you. If you’re wise, destroy your cultivation base now and go to the Martial Alliance with me to accept our punishment.”

    “Elder Sun, this wasn’t what we agreed on before coming here.” Yang Junlin’s features turned grim.

    The superior had ordered him to be a mediator in the attempt to resolve the grudge between the Martial Alliance and Ye Chen. Never had he thought that Elder Sun, who had behaved well before this, would change his mind after meeting Ye Chen and even name such a ridiculous request.

    Was Yang Junlin nothing to him?

    Elder Sun mocked, “I did think of resolving our grudge before this, but that was under the premise that Mad Southern Ye behaved well. And now, we, the Martial Alliance, take our words back.”

    Yang Junlin was furious.

    Nevertheless, Ye Chen waved to stop him while looking at Elder Sun wryly. “Since the Martial Alliance has named its request, isn’t it my turn to name mine now?”

    “You dare to name your request?” Elder Sun thought he heard him wrong and said after a snicker, “Mad Southern Ye, I suggest that you’d better know your limit. You must know that as soon as our Martial Alliance’s kill order went out, all the experts in China made you their enemy.”

    Ye Chen appeared indifferent and said while squinting, “I think you’ve gotten it wrong. I shouldn’t be the one worried. The Martial Alliance should be scared!”

    “Why would the Martial Alliance be scared? What a joke!” Elder Sun was smirking in rage.

    Ye Chen said expressionlessly, “My condition is simple. If you’d like me to let the Martial Alliance go, get your chief over here to kowtow to me and apologize!”

    “You b*stard, you sure are full of yourself!” Elder Sun shuddered from the rage. “Great, that’s just great. Since this is the case, this is the end of our discussion. It’s you who is seeking death yourself!” He waved his sleeve and attempted to leave after saying that.

    “Wait!” Ye Chen spoke just in time.

    Elder Sun turned his head and said with a grin, “What? Do you regret what you said?”

    “I don’t want a dog to speak to me while standing!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly while his voice was extremely cold. “Kneel!”

    Compelling power exploded out of his body as soon as he said that. Yang Junlin and Elder Sun’s expressions changed at the same time under the suppression, especially Elder Sun’s. The terrifying pressure that was sweeping toward him felt like a mountain. He fell onto the ground and knelt from the suppression.

    “Mad Southern Ye, you’re seeking death!” Elder Sun looked at him begrudgingly, but he was secretly terrified. It was his first time experiencing how scary Ye Chen was. Never had he thought that Ye Chen’s suppression alone could push him to the ground.

    Next to him, Yang Junlin was secretly terrified too, the reason being he could not stand Ye Chen’s suppression. He said after some hesitation, “Venerable Ye, don’t act impulsively. The government…”

    “Brother Yang, stop trying to pressure me by using the government!” Ye Chen interrupted him and looked at Elder Sun who was kneeling on the ground coldly, “It seems like Feng Kuohai didn’t send my message!”

    “What are you trying to do?” Fear was revealed in Elder Sun’s eyes.

    When Ye Chen flicked his fingers, a golden flame penetrated Elder Sun’s body. “I’ve prepared a big gift for your Martial Alliance’s chief. Please pass the message that I, Mad Southern Ye will bring my sword to Martial Alliance’s mountain gate two days later to destroy the Martial Alliance!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, Elder Sun felt like his movement had been recovered. He looked at Ye Chen grimly, “What did you do to me?”


    Ye Chen waved his sleeve and Elder Sun felt energy sweeping over him. His expression changed as he ran out of the door. He said while running, “Mad Southern Ye, I guarantee that you’ll regret this!”

    “Thanks, Venerable Ye!” Yang Junlin got up and clasped his fists at Ye Chen in all seriousness. He knew that Ye Chen could have totally killed Elder Sun earlier. The reason why he did not do that was purely to not embarrass him.

    “Don’t worry. You did this out of kindness!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and said with a cold smile, “The Martial Alliance looks too highly upon themselves. I can’t believe that they sent someone here to destroy my cultivation base!”

    “Venerable Ye, there’s something that I’m not sure if I should tell you!” Yang Junlin sighed and looked hesitant.

    Ye Chen said while nodding, “Do tell!”

    “I’m no match for the Martial Alliance!” Yang Junlin suddenly declared convincingly.

    “Why not?” Ye Chen looked nonchalant.

    Yang Junlin looked deeply at him and said, “Although you’re ranked No. 1 on Heaven Leaderboard and your combat strength is on par with a half-step martial venerable, you’re still not the Martial Alliance’s match. Have you ever thought about how the Martial Alliance rode above all ancient martial artists? Have you ever considered that the Martial Alliance isn’t as simple as it seems since it’s offering the Breakthrough Pill?”

    Ye Chen smiled and remained silent. He knew that the Martial Alliance was powerful.

    However, was he, Ye Chen, someone to be offended?

    Noticing his ignorance, Yang Junlin took a deep breath and said, “Many people don’t know this, but the Martial Alliance has a big secret!”