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Chapter 249 - The Magical Heaven and Earth Hoop

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 249: The Magical Heaven and Earth Hoop

    In the living room, there was a lavish spread of food presented before Mengmeng at that moment. It was Ning Ruolan who had bought all that for her. They were both gluttons, so they got along well.

    However, Ning Ruolan was the type of person who ate a lot but remained skinny. Meanwhile, the little girl gained weight as she ate, so Su Yuhan blamed it on Ye Chen.

    Since Ning Ruolan left, the little girl was unwilling at first, but she was smiling in joy because she could indulge in the food all by herself.

    Ye Wushuang was sitting quietly aside. There was a faint joy in his eyes when he looked at the little girl.

    She was his brother’s daughter, the only bloodline!

    If his brother had still been in the immortal world, this little girl would have been the Heavenly Emperor’s daughter, the daughter of an immortal. She was destined to take over his brother’s throne and to be an empress who would suppress tens of thousands of worlds as well as rule the heavens.

    “Uncle Wushuang, do you want cake?” The little girl noticed that he was staring at her. She seemed to feel bad, so she passed him a box of cake from the table after some hesitation.

    Ye Wushuang shook his head lightly while his gaze grew gentler.

    The little girl looked at him while blinking. “Uncle Wushuang, why don’t you like talking or smiling? My teacher told me that we must smile more. We’ll live longer if we smile more.”

    Ye Wushuang was stunned for a little while. Then, a smile appeared on his cold, handsome face though it was not exactly obvious.

    He was an arrogant lone ranger and a man of few words. Nonetheless, he would give Mengmeng such a reaction. If that was someone else, he would still behave coldly.

    At that moment, Ye Chen walked out of his room.

    “Daddy, Uncle Wushuang finally smiled. I gave him cake, but he doesn’t want to eat it.” The little girl ran to him without even bothering to wipe her mouth.

    Ye Chen stretched his arm to clean her mouth and said, “Eat less of this. Look how chubby you are now. Your mom will scold me for spoiling you later.”

    “But it’s yummy,” she mumbled.

    Ye Chen smiled awkwardly. He secretly decided to refine a Weight-loss Pill for her. It was the kind of pill that would make her not gain weight no matter how much she ate. Subsequently, a silver hoop the size of a palm appeared in his hand.

    “What’s this, Daddy?” The little girl stared at it.

    Ye Chen thought about it and said, “This is a toy that I got you. It’s to protect you. Do you like it?”

    “Yep, I like it.” Her eyes lit up and she stretched her arm out to take it impatiently. She could not take her gaze away from it as joy filled her eyes.

    Ye Chen grabbed her hand and made a cut on her finger softly.

    “Daddy, it hurts…” The little girl inhaled sharply.

    “Just a little bit more!” he comforted her and got her blood to drip on the Heaven and Earth Hoop. The blood disappeared within the blink of an eye.

    “Now, let me teach you how to use it!” Then, he picked up the Heaven and Earth Hoop and demonstrated. “Grow!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, the Heaven and Earth Hoop grew a fold bigger instantly.


    The Heaven and Earth Hoop grew as big as a pot lid.

    “Shrink! Smaller!”

    The Heaven and Earth Hoop shrunk from the size of a pot lid to the size of a palm as soon as he was done speaking.

    The little girl was enchanted as she watched. “Daddy, it’s so magical.”

    “Isn’t it?” Ye Chen chuckled softly. “Now you try it.”

    Mengmeng could not stop nodding. She was giggling as she watched the hoop change sizes. “Daddy, is this the hoop similar to the one Ne Zha has?”

    “I guess.” Ye Chen was stunned at first, then he smiled. “Daddy made this for you to protect you. You must wear it on your wrist at all times. If you encounter bad guys, toss it out to beat them.”

    “Ooh.” Mengmeng smiled sweetly. At that moment, the Patriarch of Hell walked in from outside. The little girl’s eyes lit up as she removed the Heaven and Earth Hoop immediately and tossed it directly at the patriarch.

    The Heaven and Earth Hoop grew with the wind and landed directly on the patriarch’s head accurately.

    The Patriarch of Hell looked like he was in a blur. ‘What’s happening now?’

    Before he could react, the little girl shouted, “Shrink!”

    The patriarch felt the metal hoop around his body shrink. It was so tight that his eyes rolled back as he suffocated.

    ‘It’s a magical tool!’ The patriarch reacted instantly, crying on the inside. ‘God damn it! What exactly did I do wrong? Stop bullying me!’

    The patriarch spoke through voice transmission after noticing that the Heaven and Earth Hoop was shrinking, “Master, please let me go. I shouldn’t have encouraged Ning Ruolan to grab your sister-in-law’s boobs!”

    He thought Ye Chen was teaching him a lesson with the magical tool after finding out what he had done.

    At that moment when he spoke, Ye Wushuang sensed the wave of Divine Consciousness. He could not help but look at the patriarch.

    “Alright!” Ye Chen caressed Mengmeng’s face.

    She stuck her tongue out and stretched her arm to wave at the patriarch. The Heaven and Earth Hoop flew back to her hand.

    “Don’t play it as you wish, you hear me?” Ye Chen said with a stern expression. He was really worried that the little girl would use it on regular people.

    Mengmeng was over the moon. “Alright, I know.”

    The patriarch rolled his eyes angrily upon noticing that Wushuang could not stop staring at him after regaining his freedom. ‘What you looking at, sissy?’

    Ye Wushuang looked away coldly and looked at Ye Chen. Clearly, he found out that the Patriarch of Hell was not just a mere dog.

    After Ye Chen told him about the patriarch through voice transmission, Ye Wushuang came to a realization.

    At that moment, Su Yuhan walked in with Su Youwei. She said while smiling, “Ye Chen, Youwei said that she isn’t feeling well. I’ll bring her to the hospital.”

    Ye Chen could not help but turn to Su Youwei. “Are you ill? I can take a look at you.”

    “There’s n-no need!” Su Youwei’s pretty face flushed as she rejected instantly.

    Her breasts were hurting after Ning Ruolan grabbed them earlier. They were still hurting until now. Even though she knew Ye Chen had medical skills, it was impossible for her to let him take a look at her. After all, it was a sensitive issue.

    Su Yuhan said after changing in her room, “We’re going to the hospital and will be home soon. We’ll drop by the market for some groceries on the way back. I’ll cook.”

    “Wait!” Ye Chen called out to her suddenly, “I’ll get Wushuang to go with you guys. I don’t want to worry.” Now that the Martial Alliance had announced a kill order against him, he was worried since Su Yuhan would be going out on her own and she had no cultivation base.

    Su Yuhan nodded and went out with Ye Wushuang. Su Youwei, on the other hand, became nervous and she blushed as she dared not look at Ye Wushuang.

    After they were gone, Ye Chen was playing with his daughter in the house while teaching her how to use the Heaven and Earth Hoop.

    Lin Tai walked over quickly. “My lord, Yang Junlin is here. He’s asking to see you.”

    ‘Why’s he here?’

    Ye Chen was stunned but he said anyway, “Let him in.”

    Subsequently, he spoke to Mengmeng, “My darling, go outside to play with Cutie. There’s a guest that Daddy needs to see.”

    Soon, Lin Tai led a man in. It was Yang Junlin. However, there was an old man in gray robes behind him.