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Chapter 248 - The Martial Alliance’s Kill Order

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 248: The Martial Alliance’s Kill Order

    Ye Chen said while raising his brows upon noticing Lin Tai’s hesitation, “Is there anything else?”

    Lin Tai forced a smile. “The Martial Alliance’s kill order has gotten all of the ancient martial artists in China to gather to fight you. And the award is a Breakthrough Pill!”

    “A Breakthrough Pill? What’s that?” Ye Chen asked.

    Lin Tai shook his head. “I’ve no idea what it is exactly, but I heard it’s a medicinal pill that the Martial Alliance refines themselves. It’s used exclusively on ancient martial artists for breaking through.” He looked rather troubled as he spoke to this point, “My lord, what do we do now?”

    The Martial Alliance, as the name suggested, was a group of ancient martial artists. It rode above all ancient martial artists. Unlike the Su family, they were not wealthy and all the ancient martial artists were united by the alliance. Although Ye Chen was powerful, how could he fight such a giant?

    “Brother, do you want me to visit them with my sword? I’ll definitely make the Martial Alliance disappear from the world!” Ye Wushuang, who was standing aside, had a cold, hard expression. Before this, he had been the sword in Ye Chen’s hand, and now, he was Ye Chen’s brother. No matter what, he prohibited anyone from challenging Ye Chen.

    “Don’t worry about it!” Ye Chen squinted as killing intent flashed through his eyes. “I’d like to know how exactly are they going to kill me!”


    “Mad Southern Ye was ruthless to have killed five masters from my Martial Alliance. Not only has his behavior crossed the line, but he also ignored the Martial Alliance’s position and the iron law in the ancient martial arts world openly. Today, I’m removing Mad Southern Ye’s No. 1 ranking from the Heaven Leaderboard, as well as announcing a kill order!

    “Anyone who manages to kill Mad Southern Ye will be awarded a Breakthrough Pill from the Martial Alliance. At the same time, he’ll be given the position as the deputy chief of the Martial Alliance!”

    When the Martial Alliance’s kill order was sent out, the entire ancient martial arts world in China was stirred.

    Nobody would have thought that the Martial Alliance would issue a kill order against Ye Chen. One was the giant who rode above all ancient martial artists while the other was the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard. Theoretically, they should not interfere with each other. However, they were falling out now.

    It was undoubtedly a shocking wave that swept through the entire ancient martial arts world in China. Everyone was so shocked that disbelief colored their faces.

    Apart from being shocked, countless people were moved.

    In order to kill Mad Southern Ye, they could not believe that the Martial Alliance was willing to sacrifice the rare Breakthrough Pill!

    The Breakthrough Pill was a medicinal pill that the Martial Alliance refined themselves. To all ancient martial artists, it was no different than a magic pill. The effect of the medicinal pill was to make any ancient martial artists below the master stage break through to master stage after consuming it.

    If an innate stage master were to consume it, although the effect was not as great, he could break through a rank. For instance, if a Martial Dao master at the beginner innate-stage consumed it, he could break through to intermediate innate-stage instantly.

    Meanwhile, if a peak innate-stage ancient martial artist were to consume it, he might be able to achieve Martial Dao venerable directly. Naturally, it was just a wish. After all, it had been a hundred years since China had seen a Martial Dao venerable show up.

    Although it was just a glimmer of hope, it stirred everyone, especially those Martial Dao masters who had been stuck at mastery innate-stage. Their clocks were ticking. How could they just wait for their time to come?

    Although Ye Chen was China’s No. 1 with a terrifying ability, that did not deter their excitement. Just like the saying, ‘you’ll starve to death if you’re timid, and you’ll die of overachieving from being courageous’.

    At that moment, the entire ancient martial arts world in China was like an ocean with the wind blowing above it. The water seemed calm, but there was an undercurrent beneath.

    In a temple deep in the Shiwan Mountain, an old Taoist priest sat in the lotus position. As he was resting with his eyes closed, a young Taoist priest walked over quickly suddenly and whispered into his ear.

    The old priest opened his eyes that looked bright as if they were filled with electricity. “A Breakthrough Pill? Does the Martial Alliance have such a thing? I must have it. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve entered the mastery innate-stage. I’m over 90 now. If there’s no breakthrough, my time will be up and I’ll die!”

    He was shaking from excitement as he said that.

    “Mad Southern Ye, you’re very powerful. I’d never make you my enemy no matter what in the past, but it’s different now. Who asked you to offend the Martial Alliance? Who asked you to give me hope that I might break through if I kill you?”


    In a sophisticated temple in Tibet, two lamas in yellow robes sat on the cushions. One was an old lama who was approximately 80 years old, while the other was a young lama who was 30 years old.

    The young lama forced a smile. “Rinpoche, are you sure you want to go?”

    “Tsering, you’ll take over the Miyin Temple after I leave.” The old lama had with poor eyesight. “I’ll either be killed by Mad Southern Ye or break through above the innate stage and have a hundred years added to my life from my trip!”

    He then walked out of the temple in determination with a silver walking stick the moment he was done speaking.

    Such scenes were happening all over the country almost at the same time. Eventually, these individuals gathered into a powerful undercurrent that moved toward Beijing.


    In the secret room of the Imperial Wind Pavilion, a red spear appeared before Ye Chen. He was observing it. It was Bai Zhanyuan’s half-spiritual weapon.

    “Although this isn’t a magic tool, it’s not entirely useless. Given that it’s made of a demonic snake’s tail bone, it can be disintegrated into materials to craft other magic tools. Maybe I should refine a defensive magic tool for Mengmeng. It’ll be a way to protect her.”

    Ye Chen waved his sleeve as he thought to this point. While countless refinement materials hovered before him, he spat out a mouthful of True Samadhi Fire. The fire covered the red spear, melting it.

    If Bai Zhanyuan were still alive, he might have died from rage to see the half-spiritual weapon that he had taken so much effort to refine being disintegrated just like that.

    Soon, the spear disintegrated into a pile of red fluid completely which hovered midair. After Ye Chen waved his hand, a portion of refinement materials hovered and melted into liquid under the True Samadhi Fire.


    Ye Chen performed hand seals with both hands onto the liquid hovering in the air. The liquid integrated at that moment as if it was boiling.

    Shortly, it consolidated into a ring that was similar to a hula hoop but was slightly smaller. A silver metal glow sparkled all over it.

    “Since this is a defensive magic tool, I’ll naturally have to inscribe a defensive formation on it. Apart from protection, it can bond and harm someone. It can also be like a desire magic treasure, whereby its size will change according to one’s desires. Then, I’ll need a desire formation for that…”

    Ye Chen fell into deep thought for a little while as he held his chin. He stretched his arm out again and inscribed dense formations on the silver hoop. The slithering runes of the formations integrated into the silver hoop, so it was eventually set.

    Half an hour later, Ye Chen extended his arm and the silver hoop leaped into his hand. There was a glaring glow shining all over it while spiritual aura emanated faintly from it.

    “It’s merely a mid-grade magic tool after I’ve exhausted all of my materials. After all, I’m still lacking in spiritual power!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and said in his deep voice, “I’ll call you the Heaven and Earth Hoop from now on.”

    He put away the Heaven and Earth Hoop and walked out after that, planning to give his daughter a surprise.