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Chapter 247 - Unparalleled’s Pas

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 247: Unparalleled’s Past

    A few people stood while staring at each other at the entrance of the Imperial Wind Pavilion.


    Ning Ruolan looked at Unparalleled while sobbing. Her eyes were red. “Brother Unparalleled, can you go back to Luoyang with us? I don’t want you to leave.”

    As Ning Zhiyuan stood aside, he felt helpless about this daughter of his. He was planning to return after staying a night at the Imperial Wind Pavilion with Ning Ruolan. After all, it was impossible for them to stay forever. Moreover, there were matters that he needed to handle in Luoyang.

    Ye Chen watched on interestedly.

    He observed that the girl, Ning Ruolan, liked Unparalleled. To be honest, he liked Ning Ruolan’s straightforwardness. However, Unparalleled would be the one making the decision in the end.

    Nevertheless, Unparalleled stood there in silence. Nobody could tell if there was any emotion on his face as he used silence to decline Ning Ruolan’s request.

    Now that he had found Ye Chen, why would he return?

    Su Youwei, who was standing aside, rubbed her perky breasts that were hurting. Joy filled her eyes when she looked at Ning Ruolan.

    However, she was pissed off when she recalled what happened yesterday. She thought with her age and strength, it would be a piece of cake for her to handle an 18-year-old girl.

    Never had she thought that Ning Ruolan would turn out to be an ancient martial artist. Not only did she beat her up, but she also could not stop grabbing her breasts to the point that she was in pain throughout the night.

    Ning Ruolan was mad when she realized that Unparalleled said nothing. She said while placing both hands on her waist, “Brother Unparalleled, it’s fine if you’re not going back with us, but when I’m not around, you can’t flirt with other girls!”

    Shock flashed through Unparalleled’s handsome face. ‘When have I ever been flirty? Moreover, who are you to be controlling me?’

    “You’re so handsome. There’ll definitely be shameless women who flirt with you. You must learn to protect yourself,” Ning Ruolan looked at Su Youwei intentionally as she spoke to this point.

    “What are you talking about?” Su Youwei was incensed. How could she not get that Ning Ruolan was talking about her?


    Seeing that the duo was fighting again, Ning Zhiyuan interrupted them immediately. He then looked at Unparalleled with a rather complicated expression. “Come to Luoyang when you’re free. The Ning family will always welcome you.”

    He liked the young man before him and even wanted his daughter to marry him. However, after spending a few days together, he finally realized that the man was focused on cultivation and had no interest in a relationship. One could say that he was a sword fanatic.

    Unparalleled nodded slightly in acknowledgment.

    “Mr. Ye, thanks for your hospitality. It’s time for us to leave!” Ning Zhiyuan clasped his fists at Ye Chen eventually.

    Ye Chen smiled lightly. “You’re too kind, Master Ning. It’s I who should thank you. If there’s any trouble in your family, I’ll definitely help in any way I can.”

    Besides taking the Ning family’s clan-suppressing treasure, the Great Thunder Sword, Unparalleled had even stolen their only daughter’s heart. Therefore, Ye Chen was more grateful to the Ning family.

    Ning Zhiyuan nodded and brought Ning Ruolan to the BMW parked at the entrance. Ning Ruolan turned her head and said unwillingly, “Brother Unparalleled, you must visit me whenever you have the time.”

    She got into the car as soon as she said that. The car then drove away.

    Su Youwei turned around and walked into the Imperial Wind Pavilion like a winner, feeling over the moon.

    Ye Chen smiled at Unparalleled and said, “Tell me, which one do you like? Let me be your wingman.”

    “Brother, stop teasing me.” Unparalleled forced a smile on his cold face upon hearing that. “I’ve never thought about all that. All I want is to be by your side forever!”

    “You can be my companion even if you have a girlfriend.” Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter. He took a good look at him, unable to believe that he was rather jealous. “I wonder what exactly you experienced to have such a beautiful face. It’s such a waste that you didn’t go into the film industry. Otherwise, you’d defeat those Chinese actors like Cai Xukun and Lu Han. Please tell me what happened to you.”

    Ye Chen led him into the Imperial Wind Pavilion while speaking. They took a stroll around the garden, walking side by side.

    “When did you return to Earth?”

    Unparalleled nodded slightly. “Three months ago when you retrieved my Sword Spirit and sent me out of the world, I encountered a spatial tear. Then, I lost consciousness, I realized that I was lying at the bottom of Mount Tai when I woke up and that I miraculously have a body now.”

    ‘Three months ago?’ Ye Chen thought to himself and realized that the time they had taken to travel to Earth was similar. It was merely three to four days apart.

    Unparalleled proceeded, “I was badly injured back then. A clumsy, old Taoist priest who happened to pass by saved me. He healed me and wanted to take me in as his disciple, but I didn’t agree to that.”

    “A clumsy, old Taoist priest?” Ye Chen was stunned, then he asked, “Where is he now?”

    “He’s dead,” Unparalleled said calmly as if he did not care, but dimness flashed deep in his cold eyes. “I went to Wudang Mountain to challenge the Wudang Sect Leader, Taijijian, but I was attacked by an expert when I was coming down from the mountain. That man had a compelling ability. A strike from him severely injured me. The old priest saved me during that critical time.”

    “Did that guy kill the priest?” Ye Chen asked in his deep voice.

    “No!” Unparalleled shook his head lightly. “Someone poisoned the old priest severely before that. He could not fight. Otherwise, it would accelerate and spread the poison. That was the reason why he wanted to take me as his disciple to pass on his heritage.”

    Then, Unparalleled lifted his head and looked into the sky as he spoke, “To save me, the poison attacked the old priest’s heart. I promised that I’d mourn him for three months. Three months later, I found out that the old priest was from the Xu family from Mount Wangwu. It was the family who poisoned him years ago. Therefore, I carried the old priest’s coffin to avenge him at Mount Wangwu.”

    In this world, if Ye Chen was his family, then the old priest was considered half his family. After all, the old priest, who had no blood relationship with him, had treated him with all sincerity. He even sacrificed his life to save him.

    That was the reason why he was willing to carry the old priest’s coffin to destroy the four families in Mount Wangwu with a sword.

    Although cold, at least, he was grateful.

    “It’s a shame!” Ye Chen sighed. If he had reunited with Unparalleled earlier, he might have been able to remove the poison in the old priest and he would not have died from the poison.

    At that moment, Lin Tai walked over in a rushed manner, appearing rather anxious. “Bad news, my lord. The Martial Alliance has issued a kill order against you!”

    “A kill order?” Ye Chen frowned.

    Standing aside, Unparalleled’s eyes turned cold.

    Lin Tai took a deep breath and said, “The Martial Alliance blamed you for killing their five masters. They said that you were being ruthless and that you must explain yourself.”

    “Interesting!” Ye Chen smiled instead of being infuriated. Soon, a mocking smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. “I haven’t asked them for an explanation and they’re asking me that. How interesting indeed!”