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Chapter 246 - The Battle Between The Two Ladies

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 246: The Battle Between The Two Ladies

    As Ye Chen and the Unparalleled Sword reunited, the stunning battle that the whole world was anticipating ended just like that. To the people who were watching, the duo did not fight from the beginning until the end.

    After the people returned in disappointment, the battle result between Ye Chen and the Unparalleled Sword was spread. Countless people’s jaws dropped as they could not really accept it.

    After all, following Mad Southern Ye’s past battle results, nobody who had ever challenged him managed to live, including people like Yuan Bupo and Northern Devil Jiang.

    However, things changed when it came to the Unparalleled Sword.

    Only a portion of people who knew what really happened kept quiet. They knew that the Unparalleled Sword called Mad Southern Ye “Master”.

    The information that was contained in that was just too much.

    However, the Martial Alliance remained silent about it, which was strange.


    Ye Chen cared nothing about the rumors and comments that were spreading outside.

    Ridiculously, two guests appeared at the Imperial Wind Pavilion at that moment. They were Ning Zhiyuan and Ning Ruolan.

    Ning Zhiyuan was the master of the weapon-crafting Ning family of Luoyang. However, there was no arrogance in him at all. Naturally, it might be because he dared not be proud in the presence of Ye Chen.

    Ning Ruolan, on the other hand, dragged Ning Zhiyuan to visit ever since Unparalleled moved into the Imperial Sword Pavilion. She wanted to be stuck to him 24 hours per day, calling him “brother” at all times.

    Su Youwei was irritated to see that.

    It made sense as Ning Ruolan was only 18, so she could call him whatever she wanted. However, Su Youwei was already 25. She would never call a boy who was younger than her “brother” no matter what.

    If she were to call him her younger brother, the gap between them would grow. They would sound like they were siblings. Therefore, Su Youwei was secretly pissed off. She loathed everything about Ning Ruolan and would condemn every now and then.

    However, she had considered having met her match this time. The two young mistresses fought like chickens as soon as they met. If Su Yuhan were not around, the duo might have fought for real by now.

    Facing the two ladies’ behavior, the Unparalleled Sword looked expressionless since the beginning, as if he did not see that.

    Ye Chen got him into the room and said as he pointed at Su Yuhan next to him, “This is my wife, Su Yuhan.”

    “Pleasure to meet the madam!” The Unparalleled Sword knelt on one knee before Su Yuhan. He was not from Earth, so his mindset remained in the conservative society during ancient times.

    The turn of events that came of nowhere shocked Su Yuhan. She waved and said immediately, “Get up now. I-it’s too much!”

    “Madam, you are Master’s wife, as well as the future Empress. It’s only natural for me to kneel to you.” The Unparalleled Sword looked determined.

    “What Madam and Empress? You’re Ye Chen’s brother and friend. Just call me ‘Sister’ will do.” Su Yuhan looked at Ye Chen in panic.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and walked over the help him up. He said, “Don’t kneel simply in the future. There’s something else that I need to tell you about.”

    The Unparalleled Sword stood up straight.

    “From now on, you’re no longer the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword. You’re no longer the Unparalleled Sword!” Ye Chen smiled lightly.

    The Unparalleled Sword got onto one knee on the ground again and said in his rather deep voice, “Master, are you giving up on me? Did I do something wrong?”

    Ye Chen felt warm inside upon seeing him being so emotional. He shook his head while smiling and feeling moved.”Unparalleled, although you killed yourself for me, fate turned you into a human now. It means that from now on, you’re no longer a sword spirit. You’re a man.”

    Ye Chen paused as he spoke to this point. “I, Ye Chen, am no longer that Mad Southern Immortal or Eastern Heavenly Emperor. I’m now a husband and a child’s father. I need to you be my brother and even my family member.”

    “Brother? Family?” The Unparalleled Sword was slightly stunned, then he buried his head. “I wouldn’t dare. I’d only be willing to be the sharp sword in Master’s hand. I’ll accompany Master to return to heaven to kill all of the traitors!”

    “What? You’re unwilling to be my brother?” Ye Chen looked upset on purpose.

    “I wouldn’t dare!”

    Ye Chen walked over and patted his shoulder. “Since you wouldn’t dare, then just take my orders. From now on, you’ll be my brother. I’ll give you the Ye family name, so you’ll be Ye Wushuang from now on!”

    “Master…” Emotions were replaced on Unparalleled’s face. After seeing Ye Chen’s face turn grim, only he addressed, “B-Brother!”

    “That’s more like it!” Ye Chen’s face eased as he lifted his head to look into the sky. “I didn’t have many old brothers. That old thing, Night Demon, was crushed in order to protect me. The dummy Prison Warden might have his sanity removed by that traitor now…”

    He used to own a grade-9 immortal weapon, the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword, and the Night Demon battle armor…

    However, now only Unparalleled had returned to him.

    He looked rather sad. “That’s why I appreciate the thousands of years that we’ve been through together. I appreciate all of you.”

    “Brother, I found Night Demon’s fragments at Mount Wangwu!” Unparalleled spoke slowly. He took out a metal piece that was the size of a tortoiseshell after he said that.

    Ye Chen took it to look while his expressions could not stop changing. “It really is a piece of Night Demon. His aura is still in it. Could the old thing have fallen to Earth too?”

    “I only found this piece at Mount Wangwu,” Unparalleled said in his deep voice, “Therefore, I doubt that Night Demon is already dead. Brother, you’re a Heavenly Emperor, a real dragon. Although you’re not as majestic as before, please don’t give up just yet. If Night Demon is still alive, it means that your old buddy is still waiting for you. Also, you have 100,000 soldiers with you!”

    “How would I have 100,000 soldiers?” Ye Chen frowned.

    Unparalleled said slowly, “Did you forget that your youngest disciple, Ye Zhao, took your order back then to lead an army of 100,000 to destroy the traitors in the astral realm? I believe when you return to the immortal world in the future, Ye Zhao’ll definitely lead 100,000 soldiers to assist you as soon as you wave your arm!”

    “Ye Zhao…”

    Ye Chen nodded slightly, appearing nostalgic. “He’s a good kid. I don’t need him to assist me. All I hope is that he’ll live and won’t fall into his eldest senior brother’s hands!”


    In the Imperial Wind Pavilions garden. Su Youwei and Ning Ruolan stood at the corner. They were glaring at each other and nobody blinked.

    Invisible tension filled the air.

    Su Youwei broke the ice first as she scoffed and said, “Hey, when are you guys leaving?”

    The Second Young Mistress of the Su family was upset. She was very upset. This little lady who appeared out of nowhere was shameless. She kept calling Unparalleled “brother” like a flirty little vixen. What upset her the most was that the little vixen even used the exact same perfume that she was using.

    “Why do you care when we’re leaving?” Ning Ruolan said and scoffed, “Sister Su is asking us to stay for a few more days. She’s the master, and you’re not.”

    ‘You’re so old, yet you’re trying to fight for Brother Unparalleled with me. Aren’t you ashamed? I knew him first. Our love is true love. You’re just an outsider.’

    As she triggered Su Youwei’s fury directly, her beautiful eyes were filled with rage. “Are you trying to fight?”

    “Let’s fight. Do you think I’m scared of you?” Ning Ruolan was unwilling to yield. She rolled up her sleeves while threatening her.

    Su Youwei secretly jolted, not having confidence in herself. “Try touching me…”

    Ning Ruolan walked forward instantly and pushed her. “I touched you. What are you going to do about that? It’s my first time seeing such a person like you who asks me to fight you!”

    When had Su Youwei, the Su family’s second young mistress, been bullied like that in the past? Enraged, she charged at Ning Ruolan after retreating a few steps back.

    Both of them begun fighting by pulling each other’s hair and choking each other.

    The Patriarch of Hell could not stop watching as he wagged his tail. He was mumbling as if he wanted to see the world burn, “Why choke her? You should grab her breasts. Yes, that’s more like it. Harder!”