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Chapter 245 - Sword Resurrected for Duty To Wipe Out Evil and Deviants!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 245: Sword Resurrected for Duty To Wipe Out Evil and Deviants!

    As Ye Chen looked at him, a smirk flashed deeply in the Unparalleled Sword’s cold eyes. “I’m willing to be resurrected for duty to wipe out evil and deviants entirely with you, Master!”

    At that moment, he felt as if he had returned to the cultivation world. As man and sword carried out a massacre, blood gathered into a river. All tribes would kneel and yield to him as tens of thousands of immortals came for them.

    “Resurrected for duty to wipe out evil and deviants. Good one!” Ye Chen laughed hysterically and leaped from the lake directly. He transformed into a sword gleam and shot toward the mountain next to Mingjing Lake.


    Lightning flashed through the Unparalleled Sword’s body. A low hum came from the long sword that he carried on his back. Subsequently, he stepped on the lightning and followed Ye Chen.

    The onlookers were left dumbstruck.

    Mengmeng, who was in Su Yuhan’s embrace, blinked her dark eyes and said in her baby voice, “Mommy, where’s Daddy going?”

    “Mommy has no idea too, but he’ll be back soon.” Su Yuhan looked confused too. She could only comfort the little girl by saying that.

    Seeing that Ye Chen had left, Zheng Hua and the rest only felt the pressure lift.

    Zhao Lan did not hide the envy in her eyes at all. She said while looking at Su Yuhan, “Yuhan, you sure are mysterious. You didn’t tell us that your husband is so powerful.”

    She just realized that their arrogance before Ye Chen was nothing. He had never taken them seriously.

    Chen Yang pushed his glasses up and walked to Su Yuhan. He bowed at her in all seriousness. “Yuhan, I hope that you can apologize to Mr. Ye on behalf of me for how rude I was to him earlier. We’re friends, after all.”

    As a wise man, he knew that Ye Chen and he came from different worlds. If he proceeded to be arrogant, he would be the one at a loss, so he would rather apologize first.

    With him leading the way, Zheng Hua snapped out of his senses and said immediately, “That’s right, Yuhan. We’re friends…”

    “Don’t worry. Ye Chen isn’t as petty. Let that be in the past.” Su Yuhan smiled lightly, but there was distance in her eyes now.

    The incident today let her see through their true colors.

    The celebrity, Tong Lei, who had been quiet, had a complicated expression on her pretty face. She could not help but ask, “Yuhan, since when did your husband become so powerful?” T

    When she saw Ye Chen for the first time, she thought that Su Yuhan had made the wrong decision. She was happy for being single up until now. However, reality gave her a hard slap. Nevertheless, she was not nervous. After all, she did not show any disrespect toward Ye Chen from the beginning until now.

    Su Yuhan shook her head lightly. “I’ve no idea.”

    ‘You’ve no idea?’

    The few of them smiled by instinct. Since they knew that she was unwilling to share, they did not force her.

    Su Youwei glanced at the place where the Unparalleled Sword stood before them in melancholy. She pulled Su Yuhan aside and stuttered, “S-sister, what’s the relationship between brother-in-law with that guy dressed in white?”

    “Why are you asking about that?” Su Yuhan was stunned.

    Su Youwei rolled her eyes and looked away. “Ah, I’m just curious.”

    “Don’t tell me that you’ve fallen in love with him?” Su Yuhan was surprised after capturing her reaction directly. “He looks like he’s only 17 or 18 years old. He’s just a boy, and you’re seven to eight years older than him…”

    “Sister, what are you talking about?” Su Youwei stomped her foot and glanced away on purpose. However, her pretty face was blushing so hard that even her ears were red.

    ‘It’s rare to see a man that’s so handsome and powerful. So what if he’s eight years older than me? What’s wrong with dating a man who is much younger than me? Moreover, he’s already an adult since he’s 18 years old. How is he still a boy?’


    In a tiny forest outside the Yan Mountains, five silhouettes were leaping among trees. They were like dragons and tigers that moved so fast that one could not capture their trajectory. Countless leaves fell whenever the silhouettes passed by. There would be sounds of the air being torn and the ground cracking as they moved.

    Feng Kuohai was running in front as intense fear and regret filled his face.

    He thought the plot against Ye Chen was failproof. However, during that critical moment, not only did the Unparalleled Sword and Mad Southern Ye not fight, but they were working together to go after them.

    The five of them could not handle Ye Chen, let alone now with the Unparalleled Sword.

    Therefore, he was scared.

    In reality, everyone was scared of death. Even those who had lived to 100 years old and thought they had seen through death could not face death when they were really at the brink of it.

    ‘No! I can’t die just yet! The Chief will definitely save me as long as I return to the Martial Alliance. With the Chief there, the Unparalleled Sword and Mad Southern Ye can’t kill me!’

    He ran even faster as he thought about this point.

    However, the five of them stopped in the next second.

    There was a skinny young man standing 50 meters in front of them at the moment. Compared to their panting, the young man stood with his arms behind his back and his expression was calm.


    As Feng Kuohai’s heart sank, he turned around in the attempt to run toward the other direction without even thinking about it. However, just when he spun around, a young man in white walked over slowly and blocked their way.

    At that moment, Feng Kuohai’s face turned pale. Rage, fear, helplessness, and sadness flashed through his face. “Mad Southern Ye, please let me go. This is all a misunderstanding. We’re here just to watch the battle!”

    “A misunderstanding?” A mocking smirk appeared at the corner of Ye Chen’s lips. “Then, let me ask you: are the Ku Rong Old Men from your Martial Alliance?”

    “Yes!” Feng Kuohai’s heart sank while he said instantly as he shook his head, “But I didn’t send them. I know nothing about it…”

    “Then, let me ask you: are you from Martial Alliance?” Ye Chen interrupted him and said with an extremely cold expression.

    The Martial Alliance!

    They had offended Ye Chen over and over again. He had declared the end of the Martial Alliance when the Ku Rong Old Men had attempted to kill him earlier.

    Feng Kuohai nodded by instinct. “This humble one has never thought of going against you. You…”

    “Anyone from the Martial Alliance must be killed!”

    Ye Chen and the Unparalleled Sword moved at the same time as soon as the world ‘killed’ fell. Two shocking sword qi covered a range of 500 meters .

    Soon, four heads stood quietly on the ground. Meanwhile, there were four headless bodies next to the heads. They belonged to the four Martial Dao masters that Feng Kuohai had brought along.

    Since the four of them together were not Ye Chen’s match, it was almost an instant kill since the Unparalleled Sword was there too.

    Seeing that the four masters were killed just like that, Feng Kuohai shrieked in fear, “No! Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!” His face was distorted from the horror.

    “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you just yet!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly and looked at Feng Kuohai. “I’ve declared that this is the end of the Martial Alliance. I’ll let you go today. Remember to inform the people from the Martial Alliance to be prepared. I’ll destroy the alliance in three days!”

    As a sword gleam flashed, both Feng Kuohai’s arms were severed and they dropped to the ground. He could not stop shrieking on the ground from the intense pain.