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Chapter 244 - The Master and Servant Reunite To Feng Kuohai’s Horror

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 244: The Master and Servant Reunite To Feng Kuohai’s Horror

    On Mingjing Lake, a young man in white knelt on one knee before Ye Chen. The sword he carried on his back was shaking while there was a hum that came out of it.

    The change of event that came out of nowhere shocked everyone. They could not snap back to their senses for a long time as if they had turned into rocks.

    “Master, it’s really you!”

    A teardrop fell from the corner of the young man’s eye. It dripped into the lake with an extraordinarily clear sound. As the young man closed his eyes, countless memories of all sorts surged within him.

    In the early years when he had still been a sword, he was a low-grade flying sword which grade was the lowest in the cultivation world. It was his master who took him everywhere he went until his spirit grew slowly in him.

    The journey went on for 3,000 years. His master used him to fight enemies and comprehend Sword Dao besides using his own spiritual energy to feed him.

    In this world, he had no friends and family. He only had his master. He was both servant and friend.

    His master did not just understand swords, but his master understood him!

    On the other hand, he understood his master too!

    Despite the overbearing traitors, his master had retrieved spirit from the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword during a critical time in the attempt to send him to the next world for reincarnation. His master did not want him to die for him.

    That day, he released compelling sword intent with great sorrow. He crushed himself to protect his master!

    Then, he fell into a coma. He found out that he arrived in this world when he woke up and happened to have a human body now. However, his master was not with him!

    He could not sense any familiar aura in this world. Everything was strange. There was no warmth, and everything was cold because his master was not around. Like a lonely baby bird that flew alone, he looked upset.

    He wanted to find his master!

    He must find his master even if he had to travel to tens of thousands of worlds!

    However, he was just his master’s sword. As soon as a sword lost its master, it would be covered in dust. He had to protect the dignity of the Sword Dao!

    In the whole wide world, only his master understood swords. His master was the only person who was worthy of using a sword. Everyone who lacked Sword Dao and attempted to ride above his master must die!

    And now, his master was right before him.

    How could he not be emotional?!

    Ye Chen looked at the young man who knelt before him quietly. He was hit with emotions too.

    He took a deep breath and helped the young man up. He said in an extremely soft voice, “Unparalleled, I can’t believe we’re meeting in this world!”

    “Master, I should’ve figured that you’re Mad Southern Ye!”

    At the same time while being emotional, Unparalleled was felt slight regret. If he had known that Mad Southern Ye was his master since the beginning, why would he have gone through so much to only reunite with him now?

    “I don’t blame you,” Ye Chen shook his head slightly and said while smiling, “There are so many people named Mad Southern Ye in the tens of thousands of worlds. Weren’t you in disbelief and tested me even when you saw me with your very own eyes?”

    Unparalleled smiled.

    At that moment, neither was he the Sword Dao genius who was overbearing to outsiders nor was he the cold, insensitive man in Ning Ruolan’s eyes. Instead, he was a shy young man who had just found his family.

    He would only show this side of him to Ye Chen.


    The onlookers were dumbstruck to witness that. Not only the duo not fight, but they also looked like they were chatting. Gasps were heard at the same time.

    Someone was in a blur. “Can anyone tell me what exactly is happening?”

    “I think I heard the Unparalleled Sword calling Mad Southern Ye ‘Master’!” An old man inhaled sharply in shock.

    Apart from them, even Zheng Hua, Zhao Lan, and the rest looked doubtful.

    Su Youwei looked at Su Yuhan, who was carrying his daughter, and asked in confusion, “Sister, Ye Chen knows that man?”

    “I’ve no idea either.” Su Yuhan was puzzled.

    She had never seen the Unparalleled Sword before. She had also never heard Ye Chen mention him. However, her tense emotions were relieved now. Since they were not fighting, it would mean that Ye Chen was safe.

    Ning Ruolan, who was standing across the lake, was so excited that she was almost hopping around. “Dad, Brother Unparalleled isn’t fighting that guy. That’s great. Brother Unparalleled is safe now.”

    Ning Zhiyuan’s burden was lifted. However, intense doubt filled his eyes when he looked at the Unparalleled Sword and Mad Southern Ye. He had also heard Unparalleled Sword call Ye Chen “Master”.

    On the cliff, Feng Kuohai looked at the duo in disbelief. He was rather annoyed. “What exactly is happening? Why aren’t they fighting? What is this brat Unparalleled Sword doing, calling Mad Southern Ye ‘Master’?”

    He was not to be blamed for being pissed off.

    Indeed, the Martial Alliance had sacrificed a massive amount of effort and price for the battle of the duo with the goal of killing Ye Chen and the Unparalleled Sword. Now that they were not fighting, it would mean that their preparation was going to go to waste.

    Most importantly, they just indirectly made two enemies.

    As soon as he was vexed, his vital energy and blood exploded instantly, releasing the aura that he hid intentionally too.

    On the lake, Ye Chen and Unparalleled sensed it at the same time.

    The Unparalleled Sword recovered his coldness from before and said, “Master, the five people above have hostile intentions toward you. I’ll go there to kill them!”

    “There’s no rush!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly and asked, “Let me ask you. Why did you challenge me?”

    The Unparalleled Sword said, “Before this, I had a three-month agreement with Unquestionable Jian. Then, someone told me that you killed him, so I thought I’d challenge you.”

    “It makes sense.” Ye Chen chuckled as a ferocious gleam flashed in his eyes. “If I’m not mistaken, it’s a scheme to get you to fight me.”

    The reason why he said that was because he sensed a familiar aura on the cliff. It was the Martial Alliance elder, Feng Kuohai, whom he met on the day he was going to kill Yuan Bupo on the Surge River.

    After he killed Feng Kuohai’s senior brother, Yuan Bupo, a grudge had been created. Connecting the dots when the night the five experts came to kill him at the Imperial Wind Pavilion, the Ku Rong Old Men had spilled that they were from the Martial Alliance back then.

    It was a piece of cake to guess who was behind all this.

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look at the cliff as he thought to this point. His cold voice echoed through the entire Mingjing Lake, “Martial Alliance dogs, you guys must be tired from watching this. Since you’re here to kill me, why don’t you seize the opportunity and attack me at once?”

    The people who were watching exclaimed as soon as they heard that. They could not help but look toward the direction where Ye Chen was looking. However, since it was night time, they saw nothing.

    “Oh, no. He’s found out about us!”

    At the same time, Feng Kuohai’s scalp went numb upon hearing Ye Chen’s voice. He had goosebumps at the same time. “Go, let’s go!”

    He left far away as soon as he said that. Shocked, he did not think that he had the upper hand in the presence of Mad Southern Ye despite having four masters with him.

    One must know that Mad Southern Ye had killed five masters who had been members of the Heaven Leaderboard.

    Also, now that the Unparalleled Sword had called Mad Southern Ye “Master”, he must return to report to the chief as soon as possible!

    Seeing that Feng Kuohai was running away, Ye Chen glanced at the Unparalleled Sword and smiled lightly. “Why don’t we compete and see who has more kills today?”

    There was immense killing intense in his tone that seemed calm!