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Chapter 243 - Master, Is It Really You?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 243: Master, Is It Really You?

    Everyone’s expression froze, especially Chen Yang, Zheng Hua, Tong Lei, Zhao Lan, and the rest. They looked at Ye Chen blankly as if wings had just grown on him. They looked like they had just seen a ghost.

    The middle-aged man, who wanted to stop Ye Chen earlier, felt his knees go weak. A chill grew within him. “What?! H-he’s Mad Southern Ye?!”

    “How is that possible?! How is it possible that he’s that man?!” Zhao Lan looked as terrible as she had just eaten a fly at the moment. She almost screamed her lungs out.

    Chen Yang had gone completely speechless.

    Tong Lei covered her tiny red lips by instinct. Her head felt empty while disbelief filled her beautiful eyes.

    Zheng Hua inhaled sharply as a shocking wave washed inside of him. He could not believe whatever that was happening before his eyes.

    However, the truth was right in front of them, so they had to believe it. Su Yuhan and Su Youwei, on the other hand, looked as usual. After all, one of them had witnessed Ye Chen’s techniques while the other knew Ye Chen’s identity.

    Ye Chen ignored the crowd and stopped when he leaped hundreds of meters out. He landed on a lotus leaf directly and stepped on the water, creating ripples before he stood in pride.

    “Greetings, venerable!”

    “Greetings, venerable!”

    The crowd of up to 1,000 people across the lake bowed at Ye Chen with admiration in their faces.

    Nobody suspected Ye Chen’s identity.

    It was for no other reason except that nobody dared to use Mad Southern Ye’s identity. Moreover, his opponent was an expert who was ranked No. 12 on the Heaven Leaderboard. Only experts in the top ten could fight him.

    Almost at the same time, on the hill by Mingjing Lake, Feng Kuohai finally laughed out loud. “Mad Southern Ye, oh, Mad Southern Ye, you’re finally here!”


    Ye Chen ignored what everyone said. After he managed to stand still, he stared directly at the young man in white who was less than 50 steps away from him.

    He scanned the man with his Divine Consciousness like flowing water.

    ‘That’s right. It’s his aura! It really is him!’

    The determined, fortitude, cold, and stubborn aura released from the young man was the same as his.

    Ye Chen finally confirmed his speculation.

    Although the Sword Spirit had turned into a man now, Ye Chen was sure of it because he had spent thousands of years with the Unparalleled Sword in the past, and they knew each other well.

    As he thought about this, no matter how steady Ye Chen was, he could not hold back his stirred emotions at that moment.

    At the same time, the young man in white who was 50 steps away from him finally had a slight change on his face. There was surprise, disbelief, and suspicion on his face!

    ‘Master, is that really you?’

    Thousands of thoughts flashed across the young man’s head and he was trembling a little. He suppressed his emotions forcefully and recovered his stern demeanor. “Why do you call yourself Mad Southern Ye?”

    ‘This brat is careful.’

    Upon hearing that, Ye Chen revealed a smile at the corner of his lips. He spoke slowly, “Journey to the south on a horse with 100,000 soldiers, all for fighting the madness. Where is he?”

    “The Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword releasing its gleam. Whose smile crushed the moonlight and is etched in my heart?!” the young man in white enunciated word for word.

    The smile in Ye Chen’s eyes was getting denser. “Saber clanging noises in the night, sliding the sword out of the scabbard. Who is the king among the chaos?”

    “The sword turned into a dragon roar as the enemies come in all directions in majesty. The moon is as white as snow as I turned, but where are you?” A drop of moisture appeared at the corner of the young man in white’s eye as the battle intent from him faded slowly.

    Ye Chen clenched his fists hard.

    He had adapted the passage from the Sword Heroes Fate video game when he created the Eastern Heaven. Back then, there was a sect in the Southern Central Celestial Land that gathered 200,000 people to revolt. It was started by a southern immortal named Fang Qingtian who called himself the Southern Heavenly Emperor from Southern Heaven!

    Ye Chen went south with the sword. After killing the enemies with 100,000 elite soldiers, he lifted the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword and recited that from inspiration. Apart from him and the Unparalleled Sword, nobody else in the world would know about the passage.

    That was how Ye Chen’s title ‘Mad Southern’ came about!

    It was the reason why the young man in white asked about his title as soon as they met.

    It was a test!

    This brat was worried that someone would disguise as Ye Chen’s appearance to deceive him. After all, to cultivators, it was a piece of cake to disguise as someone else. Moreover, they could even imitate somebody else’s aura.

    Seeing that Ye Chen and the Unparalleled Sword were not fighting and began reciting poems instead, the crowd who was watching could not help but look stunned.

    Feng Kuohai, who was standing on top of the cliff, frowned. “What the hell are they doing? Just fight already! Why are they reciting some stupid poem?”

    “Elder Feng, something is wrong.”

    The four men standing behind Feng Kuohai frowned. One of them could not help but comment, “The battle intent and killing intent from both of them have vanished completely!”

    Feng Kuohai’s heart sank. He had no idea why but there was a bad feeling growing within him.

    On Mingjing Lake, Ye Chen walked over one step after another. He spoke while walking, “Who can fight the Unparalleled Sword? Battle of the nine heavens shoots through the sky!”

    “Dancing through the fame, traveling the world with the sword on the horse!” The young man in white also walked toward Ye Chen.

    The duo was less than ten steps away from each other.

    The people saw sword intent explode out of their bodies at the same time. Compelling sword qi and sword gleam filled heaven and earth, lingering around the duo.

    The sword gleam was glaring.

    The people could not help but close their eyes by instinct. Whistles lingered around their ears. Many people felt their knees go weak. They could not help but fall onto the ground. With pale faces, they were terrified of being impacted by the sword qi released by the duo.

    What powerful sword qi!

    The four men behind Feng Kuohai inhaled sharply. They could sense how terrifying the sword qi that was released from the duo was. At that moment, if a Martial Dao master were to approach them, the person might be torn into a bloody pile of mush by the sword qi.

    Feng Kuohai jolted as his expression that was initially grim revealed a smirk again. “Are they finally going to fight? They scared me good!”

    When the people opened their eyes again, they were horrified. They saw the lotus flowers that filled the lake being swept into the air before crumbling and being crushed by the whistling sword qi.

    ‘They’re finally going to fight.’

    That was what most people were thinking about. However, the horror lingered in them. The duo’s aura alone was already so terrifying. If they were to give it their all, would Mingjing Lake not be destroyed?

    Zheng Hua, Zhao Lan, and the rest turned pale. Their scalps turned numb from how powerful Ye Chen was. Most importantly, they were afraid that he would take revenge on their hostility before.

    Among the crowd, Su Yuhan held her daughter’s hand tightly. She stared at Ye Chen with her beautiful eyes, worried that he would disappear before her in the next second.

    Feng Kuohai, who was on top of the cliff, said without even turning his head, “Four elders, attack as soon as the winner has been determined down there. You must kill Mad Southern Ye…”

    Before he was done speaking, the Unparalleled Sword, who was on the lake, recalled his aura suddenly in the next second. He knelt on one knee on the water, no longer able to hide the emotions in his eyes as he looked at Ye Chen.

    “Master, i-is it really you?!”