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Chapter 242 - Unparalleled, I’ve Been Waiting for You For A Long Time

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 242: Unparalleled, I’ve Been Waiting for You For A Long Time

    ‘Unparalleled Sword, is that really you?!’

    Ye Chen stared at the white silhouette on the lake without blinking. The shock and change in emotion within him were intense.

    He, Ye Chen, had a sword that could move mountains, break rivers apart, turn oceans upside down, kill demons, suppress devils, capture gods, obtain stars, destroy cities, and open the heavens!

    The name of the sword was the Unparalleled Sword!

    The Unparalleled Sword was a flying sword that Ye Chen had refined by himself when he traveled to the cultivation world. It was initially a low-grade magic tool but after accompanying Ye Chen for a long time, their relationship elevated from servant and master to that of friends. Slowly, the Unparalleled Sword developed a Sword Spirit which Ye Chen named Unparalleled. It represented his unparalleled skill in Sword Dao that nobody in the world could compare to.

    Throughout the 3,000 years, master and servant worked together. The human and sword stepped through tens of thousands of worlds, and Ye Chen eventually became an immortal supreme. The sword was then named the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword. The Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword was made to kill, control hundreds of tribes, and suppress tens of thousands of demons!

    On that day, Ye Chen was attacked by the three immortal supremes, namely the Southern Devil King, the Western Buddha, and the Northern Demon Monarch. He was exhausted from the battle!

    On that day, Ye Chen stood on top of the high Divine Mountain while holding the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword. He was covered in blood while the sword in his hand was sobbing from absorbing his blood!

    That day, the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword’s Sword Spirit released majestic sword intent into the sky to protect Ye Chen. It was willing to sacrifice itself to kill the enemies together!

    During the critical time, Ye Chen knew that he was going to die. He did not want Unparalleled to be crushed, so he used his remaining immortal power to retrieve the Unparalleled Sword Spirit from the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword for reincarnation!

    He thought he would never meet Unparalleled again in this life. However, he sensed Unparalleled’s aura from the young man in white. In disbelief, he dared not believe that!

    At that moment, Ye Chen’s expression could not stop changing. Hesitating, he thought he would suppress his urge to ask if he was the Unparalleled Sword that he knew.

    As soon as the young man in white appeared, the thousands of people gathered around Mingjing Lake fixed their sights on him.

    The many ancient martial artists who came to watch the battle were secretly stunned.

    “He’s just like the rumor. He looks nothing over 18!”

    “Most importantly, this man has comprehended to the stage whereby he’s still like water instead of wanting fame when he’s so young. The younger generation will surpass the older!”

    “The Unparalleled Sword is here. I wonder when will Mad Southern Ye get here.”

    Apart from those ancient martial artists, including Su Youwei, Zheng Hua, and the rest, the regular people could not help but be secretly enchanted. Indeed, the young man in white was just too handsome and attractive.

    The ladies in the crowd became fans. Even Chen Yang, who had been confident about his looks, felt ashamed in the presence of that young man in white.

    Facing everybody’s stares, the young man in white on the lake took a good look at the people on the shore. His sharp brows were knitted a little, and he seemed to hate the fact that there were so many people here.

    “Mad Southern Ye, I know you’re here. Show yourself now! Since you’ve killed Unquestionable Jian, I’m sure your cultivation in Sword Dao is powerful. I’d like to learn a thing or two today!”

    The young man in white lifted his head to look around, appearing to be speaking to someone. His voice was icy cold, and there was faint killing intent between his brows!

    His voice was of normal volume, but it spread through the entire Mingjing Lake and went into everyone’s ears crystal clear.

    The ancient martial artists across the lake jolted. They bowed slightly and clasped their fists toward the lake whilst their faces were filled with admiration and burning desire. They felt like their breathing was getting faster now.

    The legend!

    The China No. 1 Mad Southern Ye would be here soon!

    The place was extremely quiet.

    Compared to them, the people in the farmhouse looked around with their eyes wide open. They seemed eager to find out who the young man in white was speaking to.

    The way the young man appeared shocked them greatly. Since he was already so powerful, the person who was going to fight him would definitely be no less than him.

    Tong Lei and the rich lady, Zhao Lan, felt like they had entered an unknown world. Everything they just witnessed surpassed what they knew.

    Chen Yang pushed his glasses up his nose as his shock lingered. ‘Never had I known I’d be fortunate enough to witness the power between ancient martial artists!’

    Zheng Hua clenched his fists and teeth hard. Nobody cared about him despite him being the Traffic Management Bureau Director’s son. Until now did he only understand that their so-called power and wealth could not compare the shock before them!

    However, who exactly was this Mad Southern Ye?

    When he finally showed up, Zheng Hua would try his best to get to know him no matter what. His future would be out of the ordinary if he could get Mad Southern Ye to teach him a thing or two.

    He could not help but glance at Ye Chen and Su Yuhan next to him as he thought to this point. A ferocious gleam flashed through his eyes.

    ‘If I can get something from Mad Southern Ye, what are you even, Su Yuhan? By then, you’ll definitely know the gap between your husband and I. You’ll regret the choice that you made back then!’

    As they waited quietly while holding their breath in, a weak voice was heard, “Ye Chen, are you…the person that they’re waiting for?”

    It was Su Yuhan who had spoken. She knew some of Ye Chen’s techniques. Although she had no idea that he bore the title of Mad Southern Ye, she could guess it. Therefore, she asked that by instinct.

    As soon as she was done speaking, Zhao Lan, who was next to her, was stunned at first. She could not help but scoff, “Yuhan, I know you love your husband, but there’s no need to show him off with a lie, is there?”

    She glanced at Ye Chen in disdain as she spoke to this point. She scoffed again, “Moreover, do you think he can fight that handsome boy on the lake?”

    Su Yuhan opened her mouth in the attempt to speak but she was interrupted.

    “Alright, Yuhan. Can’t you read the room? You’re joking at such a time. Are you trying to get us all killed?” Zheng Hua stopped her directly. He glanced at the middle-aged man before him by instinct, afraid that the man would be angered by what he said.

    Tong Lei and Chen Yang standing aside shook his head lightly. They thought Su Yuhan was a joke. ‘Your husband looks mediocre. He doesn’t look like an expert at all.’

    The people looked around again, secretly anticipating the expert to show up.

    Among the crowd, Ye Chen looked at Su Yuhan’s doubtful eyes and nodded. He then glanced at the over ten people blocking before him and said while frowning, “Excuse me!”

    “What are you doing? If you need to go to the bathroom, you’ll have to hold it in!” Zhao Lan said coldly. She thought Ye Chen was frightened by whatever that was happening.

    Tong Lei nodded and said, ‘That’s right. Ye Chen, just hold it in for a little.”

    “You guys have misunderstood. I’m not going to the bathroom. I’m going for my appointment!” Ye Chen said.

    “Appointment?” Zhao Lan was stunned then enraged. “Do you really think that you’re Mad Southern Ye?”

    “Mr. Ye, please…” Even Chen Yang, who thought he had high virtues, frowned. He seemed to be getting pissed off.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly as he pushed the people before him forcefully and walked out.

    “B*stard, come back!” Zhao Lan lost herself in the scare, but it was too late when she wanted to stop him. She could only glare furiously at Su Yuhan. “Look at that amazing husband of yours. He’s going to drag us into trouble!”

    “Now, even I can’t protect him!” Zheng Hua sighed, pretending to be troubled. However, there was gloating on his face.

    ‘Ye, it’s you who is seeking death yourself!’

    Seeing that Ye Chen walked out, the middle-aged man who stood in front shouted, “Brat, where are you going? Stay right here, or don’t blame me for—” He shut his mouth before he was done speaking!

    “Unparalleled Sword, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” Ye Chen laughed out loud and leaped. He hovered into the sky and leaped toward the young man in white on the lake at lightning speed.

    The place was filled with dead silence!