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Chapter 241 - The Young Man in White, The Unparalleled Sword Has Finally Arrived!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 241: The Young Man in White, The Unparalleled Sword Has Finally Arrived!

    Everyone walked out to check it out immediately. They could not help but gape their mouths wide. They looked at the lake across the farmhouse in a dumbstruck manner.

    They saw cars with dark tinted windows pull over. Cars filled their field of vision. There were at least 100 cars. The entire lake was blocked, and most of the cars had foreign number plates.

    The sky had turned dark.

    Those cars were facing the lake across. Nobody knew who took the lead to turn on the car lights, but a series of car lights were then turned on. The lights shone directly onto the lake, illuminating the lake surface.

    Before they managed to react, the doors of those cars opened. Countless people in all sorts of clothes walked out of the cars. They seemed to be here for an appointment whereby they said nothing as if they were waiting for someone.

    Who exactly was here to have created such a huge commotion?!

    Tong Lei and the rest could not help but look at Zheng Hua. “Zheng Hua, your dad is the Traffic Management Bureau Director. There are so many foreign cars here. Didn’t he tell you what’s happening?”

    “No!” Zheng Hua shook his head and then turned his head to look at the farmhouse owner. “Boss Kang, is there any VIP coming to dine at your place today?”

    “No!” The farmhouse owner was an honest, tanned hunk. He said, looking blur, “If there’s some VIP coming here, they’d definitely call me to book a table beforehand.”

    Su Yuhan got closer to Ye Chen while feeling insecure. “Ye Chen, could something have happened? Should we go home?”

    “Don’t worry, I’m here,” Ye Chen comforted her and lifted his head to look at the crowd across them. With his powerful vision, he could sense the energy waves from those people faintly.

    Clearly, most of them were ancient martial artists.

    ‘Can they’re here to watch the battle between the Unparalleled Sword and me?’ Ye Chen secretly guessed.

    Someone shouted and said in shock, “Look, someone is…flying over!”

    Everyone immediately spun.

    They saw a man leap when he arrived at the lake. He was jumping over to their side, sidestepping on the water. Like a flying hawk, he would step on one lotus leaf with each step he took. Subsequently, he leaped a couple of meters out.

    Everyone watched that blankly with their eyes wide open, secretly shocked.

    Within a few breaths, the man had arrived at the farmhouse. It was a middle-aged man who looked rather grim. As soon as he landed, the people sensed an extremely suppressive aura coming from him. They could not help but retreat many steps back by instinct.

    This man had such a powerful killing intent! He had definitely killed before!

    Startled, Zheng Hua felt chills run down his back!

    “Who’s the boss here?” the middle-aged man shouted.

    The tanned hunk jolted, then he walked out of the crowd immediately and said in fear, “I-I am!”

    “Who are they?” The middle-aged man pointed at Ye Chen and the rest, appearing rather mean.

    The tanned hunk said immediately, “They’re my guests who are here to eat.”

    The middle-aged man nodded expressionlessly while he took a good look at them. He said in his deep voice, “I don’t care who all of you are and what your background is. Nobody should move today. Stay in this farmhouse obediently. Don’t you dare scream or run!” His tone sounded like he was ordering them.

    “What makes you think that you have the right to say that?” Zhao Lan responded by instinct.

    “With this!” The middle-aged man smirked and threw a punch at the plank beneath his feet through the air. As the plank was crushed, a hole that was the size of a fist was revealed.


    At the same time, everyone’s expression changed. Their eyes were filled with fear when they looked at the middle-aged man. Zhao Lan was terrified.

    Did he punch a hole in the plank through the air?

    Was he human?

    Zheng Hua’s pupils shrunk, but he suppressed the fear within him and said to the middle-aged man, “My friend, my name is Zheng Hua. My father is the Traffic Management Bureau Director, Zheng Qiang. We’re just here for a meal. I wonder what’s happening.” He dared not be reckless at all in the presence of such a man.

    “The Traffic Management Bureau Director?” The middle-aged man looked at him in doubt. His expression eased and he said, “In reality, there’ll be two experts fighting today. To prevent any accidents, nobody should move.”

    “Two experts?” Zheng Hua was stunned.

    The rest seemed suspicious as they thought it was ridiculous. Among the crowd, Chen Yang’s expression changed and he asked immediately, “Are they ancient martial artists?”

    “You’re pretty knowledgable yourself.” The middle-aged man smiled in pride and nodded.

    Chen Yang’s expression changed completely. He had heard about ancient martial artists. Such people were above regular people, and they were not to be offended.

    “What’s an ancient martial artist?” Tong Lei opened her beautiful eyes wide.

    Chen Yang took a deep breath and said, “I know you guys don’t know that. In this world, there’s a group of people who have extraordinary strength. They can slice rocks open and walk on waves. Such people are called ancient martial artists, just like this man before us.”

    Everyone had a drastic change of expression upon hearing that. Tong Lei’s little mouth became an ‘o’ shape as she clearly became speechless from what she had just heard.

    “Who are the two people fighting today?” Zheng Hua mustered his courage to ask.

    The middle-aged man looked at the lake and revealed an admirable expression. “One is the ancient martial world’s legend while another is a young genius. We’re here today to witness a battle that’s hard to come by in a hundred years!”

    Noticing that Zheng Hua had more questions, the middle-aged man shook his head impatiently. “Alright, stop asking. You guys won’t understand even if I told you more. All you guys have to remember is to stop talking from now on. They should be here soon!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, someone screamed, “Look, someone is on the lake!”

    The people looked toward the direction where his finger was pointing and saw a white silhouette standing at the end of the lotus pond faintly. The white silhouette stood on the lake, but he seemed to be coming toward them.

    The silhouette was approaching them from a distance. When the people saw his face clearly, they revealed a shocked expression.

    It was a young man who looked nothing over 18 years of age. Dressed in white, he carried a long sword wrapped in black cloth on his back. Only the sword handle was revealed.

    What shocked them the most was that the young man carrying a sword was actually walking on the lake. There would be ripples created each step he took. Meanwhile, he did not fall at all, as if there were rows of invisible wooden stakes underwater supporting him.

    When the young man entered everyone’s field of vision, he suddenly stopped as he stepped on a lotus flower. He stayed still, revealing an extremely handsome face. He had sharp brows and bright eyes. He also had a cold charisma with a determined expression on his face.

    Many ladies’ hearts pounded and their cheeks flushed when they saw the young man. They felt their bodies go weak.

    Even Su Youwei who had high standards and never courted anyone could not help but mumble, “How handsome!” Sparkles filled her beautiful eyes.

    Meanwhile, there were five silhouettes standing on the hills on both sides of Mingjing Lake. All of them hid their aura intentionally.

    Feng Kuohai stood on top of the hill with his arms behind his back. He looked in the distance with the entire lake was in his field of vision. His face that was grim could not help but reveal a smirk when the young man in white appeared. “The Unparalleled Sword has finally shown up. I’m sure Mad Southern Ye will be here soon! Mad Southern Ye, you must show up!”


    Meanwhile, among the crowd across the lake, Ning Ruolan pulled Ning Zhiyuan’s sleeve. She was excited. “Dad, Brother Unparalleled…He’s…”

    “What’s wrong with him?” Ning Zhiyuan asked.

    The young lady could not stop slapping her flushed cheeks as she exclaimed like a fanatic, “He’s so handsome!”

    The corner of Ning Zhiyuan’s lips twitched slightly.


    The moment when the young man in white appeared, Ye Chen’s face that had been expressionless finally changed. There was shock, disbelief, suspicion, and excitement on his face.

    ‘Unparalleled Sword, is that really you?!’