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Chapter 240 - Su Yuhan’s Friends

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 240: Su Yuhan’s Friends

    They were stuck in a traffic jam as soon as Lin Tai got to the highway. After being stuck for half an hour, they finally reached the next exit.

    An hour and a half later, the car drove into a secluded and quiet mountain area. There were endless paddy fields and mountains around them.

    Mengmeng pointed at a big white bird in the paddy field and could not stop screaming. Her excitement for nature was completely unleashed.

    Meanwhile, Su Yuhan explained everything to her patiently.

    Soon, the car finally pulled over by a blue lake where two people stood. They were Tong Lei and her bodyguard, and a few cars were already parked there.

    Tong Lei welcomed them as soon as they got out of the car. She said to Su Yuhan while smiling, “Yuhan, I’ve been waiting for so long. I thought you guys weren’t coming.”

    “I’m sorry. We were stuck in a traffic jam.” Su Yuhan gave an apologetic smile while carrying Mengmeng.

    Tong Lei just noticed Mengmeng who was in her embrace. At first, she was stunned and she then said in surprise, “Is this your daughter?”

    “Mengmeng, call Aunt Tong.” Su Yuhan stretched her hand to hold the little girl’s hand.

    “Hello, Aunt Tong,” the little girl said in her baby voice.

    Tong Lei could not help but pinch her little round face. “Let’s go. Everyone is waiting for you guys.” She looked at Ye Chen and the Audi parked by the road after speaking. Then, she shook her head lightly and turned around to take the lead.

    ‘He drives an Audi. It seems like Su Yuhan’s husband is just mediocre.’

    “My lord, I won’t be going. I’ll wait for you guys outside,” Lin Tai walked over and said softly. He had no idea who those people were anyway, so it would be meaningless if he went.

    Ye Chen nodded lightly and followed Su Yuhan to the hanging bridge that connected to the middle of the lake. Mingjing Lake was up to 1,000 square meters wide. Meanwhile, there was a vintage house in the middle of the lake that had smoke coming out of it at the moment.

    When one looked around, they were surrounded by lotus flowers. There were crystal-like dewdrops on the lotus leaves. Meanwhile, lively fishes swam happily under the leaves like wanderers. One would feel as if they were in a village in Jiangnan.

    “Celebrities sure are great at picking venues. I can’t believe you’re having your party here,” Su Yuhan said cheerfully as she walked.

    Even Su Youwei whipped out her phone and could not stop taking photos, seeming to really like the view.

    Ye Chen, on the other hand, was shaking his head lightly. He was not indulging like the rest. What he had in mind was that the battle between him and the Unparalleled Sword would destroy the beauty here in the evening. By then, the entire Mingjing Lake would be entirely ruined.

    A few minutes later, they went into the farmhouse which was some 200 square meters large. It was divided into five areas, and people filled each area. The setting was pretty eco-friendly. No matter whether it was the tables or the benches, they were made of bamboo.

    The place was crowded at the moment.

    Tong Lei led them directly into the third section on the top left. When she opened the door, there were 20 people who had already taken their seats. All of them were dressed up well with flashy jewelry.

    A lady, who wore a headset, got up and complained, “Tong Lei, you’re finally here!”

    “Guys, guess who is here?” Tong Lei smiled and moved aside. Su Yuhan, who was carrying Mengmeng, was completely exposed to everyone’s field of vision.

    “Su Yuhan?” A young man in a red tie was stunned.

    “It really is Su Yuhan. Tong Lei, you sure are good with secrets. You didn’t tell us that Yuhan was coming,” a girl with short hair sitting in the corner exclaimed.

    Facing everyone’s surprise, Su Yuhan smiled generously. “It’s been awhile, Chen Yang, Li Bin, Zhao Lan, Xu Bowen…”

    “Come sit down. Don’t just stand there!” Tong Lei got her to sit down instantly.

    Su Yuhan smiled while introducing Ye Chen and Su Youwei. Everyone just stared at them. Their eyes lit up when they saw Su Youwei. Indeed, no matter her appearance or charisma, she was nothing less than Su Yuhan.

    When she was introducing Ye Chen, the passion on the people’s faces dimmed significantly. Especially when they found out he was Su Yuhan’s husband, they could not hide the shock and slight hostility in their eyes.

    Among all, Xu Bowen was more surprised than the rest. “Yuhan, is Mr. Ye really your husband?”

    During university, many did not have any idea about the relationship between Ye Chen and Su Yuhan. Only a handful of them did.

    Therefore, they thought that Su Yuhan was joking or trying to kill their idea of courting her, so she got Ye Chen to be her shield. After all, on the surface, the gap between Su Yuhan and Ye Chen was just too wide.

    Su Yuhan grew serious. “Xu Bowen, do I look like I’d joke about things like this?”

    Xu Bowen smiled and said nothing, noticing the displeasure in her tone. However, he looked at the people around him by instinct and saw the disdain in everybody’s eyes.

    As a Ph.D. holder who studied abroad and had just returned home, Chen Yang, who was currently working in an institute, pushed his glasses up and asked Ye Chen with a kind expression, “I wonder what you do for a living, Mr. Ye?”

    His words piqued everyone’s interest immediately.

    “Are you asking the obvious? Since he managed to get our Yuhan, Mr. Ye must be wealthy. He must be at least in the higher management of a listed company, am I right?” said a beautiful woman who was dressed rather maturely with her hair up.

    Her name was Zhao Lan. She married a wealthy husband and was considered a rich lady.

    “That’s right!”

    The people nodded at the same time. However, they had doubts in their eyes when they looked at Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen answered calmly as everyone stared, “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m unemployed.”


    Everyone was stunned, even Tong Lei. She thought she had heard it wrong.

    “Brother Ye sure is funny.”

    A man sitting in the main seat, who had extraordinary charisma, said while smiling, “We’re eager to know how you managed to get our school babe.”

    Tong Lei had introduced him before. He was Zheng Hua, the son of the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau Director. He was considered a VIP among the rest of them. Even Tong Lei was not as important as him.

    After all, Beijing was the capital of China. The Traffic Management Bureau Director was a very important figure. Even the director of a police station or a wealthy family member could not afford to offend him.

    Seeing that everyone bore hostility toward Ye Chen, Su Yuhan began to regret coming to the party.

    Just when she was going to speak, next to her, he shook his head slightly. “It’s simple. I got her because I want her!”

    As soon as he said that, many people looked upset, especially Zheng Hua, since Ye Chen’s cold attitude pissed him off. Moreover, despite his extraordinary background, he had courted Su Yuhan back in university but failed.

    Now that he compared himself with Ye Chen, he felt rather imbalanced. However, he was an experienced man and did not simply reveal his emotions.

    At that moment, the atmosphere became rather suppressive. People began to boycott Ye Chen, but they said nothing since Su Yuhan was there.

    ‘It seems like Su Yuhan’s husband really is nothing. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say such a thing,’ the rich lady, Zhao Lan, secretly scoffed. She held her head down and began playing with her phone.

    Chen Yang revealed a smirk at the corner of his lips.

    ‘I wonder if you’re really low-profile or if you’re pretending. However, your attitude has offended everyone here. It’s impossible for you to join the gang in the future.’


    Everyone was upset.

    Su Youwei was the only one who was smiling in silence. However, the occasional disdain flashed through her eyes.

    At that moment, the boss of the farmhouse served the dishes.

    “Alright, let’s eat.”

    Tong Lei glanced at Ye Chen and secretly sighed. She changed the subject intentionally and invited the crowd to start eating.

    In reality, she also discouraged the relationship between Ye Chen and Su Yuhan. However, since it was already a fact, she should not comment on it. However, Ye Chen had offended Zheng Hua now, thus it would indeed be difficult for him to rise in Beijing in the future.

    At that moment, a series of car braking noises came from outside. Subsequently, the people sitting at the door screamed.

    “Cars! There are so many cars outside!”