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Chapter 239 - Mad Southern Ye, Who Else Will Die If Not You?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 239: Mad Southern Ye, Who Else Will Die If Not You?

    Compared to the stir outside, it was extremely peaceful at the Martial Alliance headquarters.

    The Martial Alliance elder, Feng Kuohai, sat on the grandmaster chair and looked at the four old silhouettes standing before him. Each of them had a terrifying aura coming from them.

    “Guys, I believe you guys have gotten the chief’s order!”

    Feng Kuohai got up and clasped his fists at the four of them. “Mad Southern Ye must die. Otherwise, he will bring trouble to Martial Alliance. Therefore, after the battle between Mad Southern Ye and the Unparalleled Sword ends, please do your best to kill him!”

    “Yes, Sir!” The four of them nodded at the same time.

    “There’s no need to worry too much,” Feng Kuohai grinned and spoke, “Although Mad Southern Ye is powerful, the Unparalleled Sword isn’t weak either. Even if the Unparalleled Sword isn’t Mad Southern Ye’s match, at least, he can injure Mad Southern Ye critically. Mad Southern Ye’s ability will definitely drop significantly from the injury. You guys can definitely kill him in one blow by then!”

    He paused before speaking again, “Of course, if the Unparalleled Sword kills Mad Southern Ye, he must die too!”

    The four of them looked at him in confusion. One of them said in his husky voice, “Elder Feng, the Unparalleled Sword has nothing to do with the Martial Alliance. If he wins, shouldn’t we be recruiting him?”

    “That’s the chief’s order. All you’ll have to do is to follow his orders!” A chill flashed through Feng Kuohai’s eyes.

    The chief had fought the Unparalleled Sword before. If not for the old Taoist priest who had attacked the chief with his palm during that critical time and saved the Unparalleled Sword, the Unparalleled Sword would not have been able to live.

    The grudge between them had been created since then. It was impossible that the grudge would be eased. Moreover, with the Unparalleled Sword’s quality, if he really did join the Martial Alliance, within ten years, he might threaten the chief’s position.

    Therefore, it made sense for the Unparalleled Sword to die too!

    Feng Kuohai could not help but smile as he thought to this point.

    ‘Mad Southern Ye! To kill you this time, apart from the black-clad method-imparting elders, Martial Alliance has given its all and is fully prepared. Who else will die if not you?!’


    Ye Chen did not tell Su Yuhan about the Unparalleled Sword challenging him. It was mainly because he did not want her to worry.

    Time flew by, and it was afternoon three days later.

    Just when Ye Chen was going to Mingjing Lake for the battle alone, Su Yuhan’s phone rang. It was Tong Lei calling.

    “Yuhan, I’ve booked a banquet. Some old friends back then will be there. Are you coming?”

    “Celebrity Tong Lei is treating me to a meal. How can I not say no to that?” Su Yuhan smiled and asked, “Where is it going to be? We’ll be right there.”

    “It’s not far away. It’ll be held at a farmhouse at Mingjing Lake in Nanshan. Their grilled fish is very famous in Beijing. We can admire the lake that’s filled with lotus flowers while eating,” Tong Lei said while smiling.

    Although Su Yuhan did not turn on the loudspeaker, Ye Chen heard the word ‘Mingjing Lake’ anyway. He could not help but frown.

    Mingjing Lake!

    Was that not the venue where the battle with the Unparalleled Sword going to be?

    Su Yuhan hung up the phone after speaking for a bit. She looked at Ye Chen while blinking her eyes. “Tong Lei invited us to her party at Mingling Lake in Nanshan. Are you going with me?”

    The reason why she wanted to go was mainly that Su Tao had locked her up for too long. She almost did not keep in touch with her old friends. Now that she was going back to Tiannan soon, she thought of going so that she could catch up with her old friends.

    “My wifey has asked. How would I dare to say no? What if some boys kidnap you?” Ye Chen’s frown eased slowly as he replied while smiling calmly.

    “Damn you!” Su Yuhan punched him softly and said with a stern face, “How would this humble one dare to look for another man before your majesty?

    “Should we bring Mengmeng and Youwei?” She hesitated.

    Ye Chen nodded without even thinking about it. “Bring them along. This little girl is clingy now. If you don’t bring her along, she’ll pull out every single hair on Cutie.”

    “Alright. I’ll let them know and go change.”

    Su Yuhan walked into her room while smiling. Half an hour later, Ye Chen’s eyes turned empty the moment when she walked out.

    She had tied her long, beautiful hair up today, and there was a pretty hairpin at the top of her head. She had an indescribable vintage beauty. Meanwhile, she wore a light suit that was currently in trend with a white shirt inside, showing off her perky bust. Donning a pair of beige casual pants together with black stockings and a pair of heels with crystals on her beautiful legs, she gave out the vibe of a mature lady.

    Every movement and every smile of hers charmed Ye Chen.

    Su Yuhan’s cheeks flushed after seemingly sensing his stare. She glared at him angrily. She was actually very conservative whereby she hardly dressed so trendily. Nobody knew what had gotten into her today for her to dress like that.

    The little girl Mengmeng ran quickly out of the room and giggled. “Daddy, is Mommy pretty?”

    “Yes, she is!” Ye Chen could not stop nodding.

    “Then, between Mengmeng and Mommy, who is prettier?” The little girl blinked her eyes and smirked slyly. As soon as she was done speaking, Ye Chen sensed a glare that was as sharp as a knife staring at him.

    Ye Chen looked at the little girl helplessly. Mengmeng had been getting mischievous recently, and she was even trapping his father now.

    Ye Chen coughed and said while smiling, “Both of you are pretty. Your Mommy is pretty now, but Daddy believes that you’ll be as pretty as her in the future.”

    The stare that was as sharp as a knife was recalled after Ye Chen said that. He picked Mengmeng up and patted her butt, pretending to be mad.

    “Sister, Ye Chen, are you guys going out?”

    At that moment, Su Youwei walked in while panting. She only called Su Yuhan “sister” but did not call Ye Chen “brother-in-law”. Instead, she called him by his full name.

    Su Yuan nodded and said, “We’re going to a friend’s birthday. Weiwei, if you’re free, you can come with us.”

    Su Youwei agreed to that instantly. She had been rotting the past few days. Since the Su family was destroyed, her old friends became passersby. She was considered to have lost everything.

    They got out of the house and went into Lin Tai’s Audi. Then, Lin Tai drove toward Nanshan.


    At the same time, in a small European villa in Beijing, the people looked at each other while standing. They were a young man in white, a young lady in black with a ponytail, and a middle-aged man in a purple jacket.

    Ning Zhiyuan looked at the young man in white before him with a complicated expression on his face. “It’s almost time. Are you really going?”

    Until now, he was still unwilling.

    The young man stood in silence while carrying a long sword on his back, saying nothing.

    “Brother Unparalleled, listen to my dad. You’re no match for that Mad Southern Ye. You’ll die if you go,” the young lady in black advised gently.

    “I’ll die without regrets after finding out about the truth!” the young man in white said extremely coldly. He walked ten meters out when he was done speaking.

    Ning Ruolan said, looking upset, “Dad, what do we do?”

    “Forget it. Let’s follow him to check it out.” Ning Zhiyuan shook his head lightly and sighed.