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Chapter 238 - Unparalleled Sword’s Challenge that Shocks the Whole World

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 238: Unparalleled Sword’s Challenge that Shocks the Whole World

    When they got home, Ye Chen saw Su Youwei combing Mengmeng’s hair.

    The little girl wore a dress with blue and white flowers. She had a bun on her head that had braids in it. Given that she was wearing a floral dress, she looked like a cute loli.

    The little girl ran over as soon as she saw Ye Chen and Su Yuhan. She looked at them while holding the sides of her dress in anticipation. “Daddy, Mommy, do I look pretty in this dress?”

    “Pretty! My Mengmeng is pretty no matter what she wears!” Ye Chen nodded as love filled his eyes. He then put away the groceries that they bought in the kitchen.

    “Mengmeng, did you brush your teeth and wash your face?” Su Yuhan walked over and picked her up, giving her a kiss on her cheek.

    The little girl smiled sweetly from the compliment. She seemed to be over the moon. “I have. I’m a clean girl. Mommy, if you don’t believe me, look how white my teeth are,” she said and opened her mouth to reveal her clean and white teeth.

    “Then, are you giving Mommy a kiss?” Su Yuhan offered her cheek closer.

    “Of course!” The little girl gave her a kiss like a chick pecking away at rice.

    Su Youwei watched everything while standing aside. Her expression was complicated and she spoke slowly, “Sister, I’m envious of you.”

    Throughout the two days, she slowly accepted the fact that the Su family had been destroyed. Although that was the case, she had lost a lot of weight. After spending two days here, her mindset had slowly changed.

    She used to think that it was a mistake for Su Yuhan to have fallen in love with Ye Chen. However, after seeing the little cutie pie Mengmeng, she fell in love and was envious of her sister for having such a cute daughter.

    She used to think that Ye Chen was useless and was not worthy of her sister. However, the series of his actions had crushed her pride completely. He had even destroyed her family.

    “What is there to be envious about?” Su Yuhan said while smiling, “Are you envious that I have a daughter? If that’s the case, I’ll get your brother-in-law to introduce a man to you. After all, you’ll be 25 soon. You should be thinking about marriage.”

    “N-no need!” Su Youwei shook her head immediately while blushing.

    Su Yuhan chatted with her, and the sisters went into the kitchen to begin wrapping dumplings. Ye Chen wanted to help, but one of them chased him out of the kitchen. They did not want his help because he wrapped the dumplings like steamed buns instead.

    The little girl ran into Ye Chen’s embrace and said while wrapping her hands around his neck, “Daddy, when are we going to see Grandpa and Grandma? Mengmeng misses them a lot.”

    “Soon,” Ye Chen comforted while smiling.

    It was time to go home. However, he had to drop by the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate before that because he wanted to verify some speculations he had.

    At that moment, Lin Tai walked over quickly. He handed a letter respectfully and spoke, “My lord, the No. 12 on the Heaven Leaderboard, the Unparalleled Sword has challenged you. The challenge will take place in the evening in three days at Mingjing Lake.”

    “The Unparalleled Sword?” Ye Chen frowned. It was not the first time he had heard of that name. The word ‘unparalleled’ had made him a little sad in the past.

    “Yes, the Unparalleled Sword!” Lin Tai nodded and explained, “It’s said that this man is an expert in swordsmanship. He’s young, and he used to rank No. 11 on the Heaven Leaderboard. Since you killed Yuan Bupo, his ranking dropped to No. 12. This man challenged the Unquestionable Sword to a three-month agreement. The due date will be in a few days…”

    He could no longer talk further as he spoke to this point.

    Ye Chen came to a realization. Then, he spoke with his deep voice, “Since I killed his opponent, he thinks that I’m more powerful, so he’s challenging me?”

    “That’s right!” Lin Tai was in between tears and laughter. “Rumor has it that this man loves to fight. He challenges Sword Dao experts exclusively. I’ve no idea where he got his guts to challenge you.”

    ‘The No. 12 on the Heaven Leaderboard is challenging the No. 1. What is he thinking? Didn’t he see that the No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Yang Junlin, isn’t my lord’s match too?’

    Sword? Unparalleled?

    Ye Chen fell into silence and he squinted lightly. ‘Is that just a coincidence?’

    Seeing that Ye Chen said nothing, Lin Tai could not figure what he was thinking. He asked by instinct, “My lord, should I decline the challenge?”

    “No!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. There were faint excitement and anticipation in his eyes. “I’ll take this challenge up. I’d like to see exactly who this Unparalleled Sword is!”

    ‘Unparalleled, is that you?’

    Lin Tai gave a short response and retreated instantly. He then sent out the news that Ye Chen was accepting the Unparalleled Sword’s challenge.


    As soon as the news spread, the ancient martial world in China which was in dead silence was stirred again.

    “Did you guys hear? Someone has challenged the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard Mad Southern Ye!”

    “Can it be Yang Junlin who is the No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard? It can’t be. Mad Southern Ye has just killed Bai Zhanyuan. Yang Junlin won’t be able to kill Mad Southern Ye even if he has broken through!”

    “It’s not Yang Junlin. It’s a man named the Unparalleled Sword. It’s said that this man is currently ranked No. 12 on the Heaven Leaderboard. He has challenged Mad Southern Ye who has accepted the challenge!”

    “What? The No. 12 on the Heaven Leaderboard is challenging the No. 1? Is he out of his mind? It’s foolish for this Unparalleled Sword to seek death if fame is what he’s after!”

    “I’ve heard the news too. The battle between the duo has been confirmed. It’ll take place in three days at Beijing’s Mingjing Lake!”

    Countless people’s scalps went numb upon hearing the news. They were in disbelief. After all, Ye Chen’s current position in the Martial Dao World in China was like a god. Nobody was his match.

    However, since the news spread wider, everyone believed it even if they did not want to.

    Since then, the entire ancient martial world in China began investigating the Unparalleled Sword. With the help of many, nuggets of his information were revealed one after another.

    “The Unparalleled Sword, only 18 years old, wears white and appeared in the world three months ago out of nowhere. In the short three months, he has defeated more than a handful of people. He currently ranks No. 12 on the Heaven Leaderboard. He challenged the Sword God, the Unquestionable Sword, three months ago…”

    Everyone could not help but inhale sharply after learning about the Unparalleled Sword. They were no longer in disdain like before.

    This man was just too young!

    18 years old!

    This 18-year-old man had killed four Martial Dao masters of the four ancient martial families from Mount Wangwu. It was no exaggeration to call him a genius.

    Meanwhile, what was everyone doing when they were 18? Most of them were either thinking of how to court girls in school or had just learned ancient martial arts.

    The Martial Dao World was stirred again. Many people sympathized with the Unparalleled Sword’s plan and they had no confidence in him.

    “This man is already a genius at just 18. 20 years later when Mad Southern Ye is old, he might be able to take on the No. 1 rank on the Heaven Leaderboard!

    Unfortunately, this man decided to challenge Mad Southern Ye. What a showoff. Just like the saying, ‘if you’re too tough, you’ll break’, China will have one less genius soon!”

    “That’s right. He might not know how scary Mad Southern Ye is just yet.”