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Chapter 237 - D-do You Think I’ll Get Pregnant Again?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 237: D-do You Think I’ll Get Pregnant Again?

    On Saturday morning, Su Yuhan woke up early as usual. She got Ye Chen to accompany her at the market.

    She had been addicted to cooking recently. She had been wanting to make Ye Chen and Mengmeng dumplings for lunch. Since the egg incident, her daughter had most probably triggered her. It was futile for Ye Chen to suggest eating out.

    On the way home from the market, the duo walked to the Imperial Wind Pavilion side by side. There were rows of old trees by the street under where stalls selling all sorts of things were set up. There were fruits, medicines, sexual enhancements, and so on. There were people recruiting too, as well as a few old men who were playing chess…

    A recording was repeating on the bullhorn, “600g oranges for two yuan, five yuan for 1.8kg. Try it before you buy it. Don’t pay if it’s not sweet.”

    Ye Chen took a deep breath and held Su Yuhan’s hand by instinct. He enjoyed such an ordinary and fulfilling life, and he hoped that he could live his life like this forever. However, he knew that it was impossible.

    As soon as one stepped into the journey of cultivation, he knew that no matter how fulfilling a regular person’s life was, they could only live decades in their lives. People were fragile beings that could never escape being old, falling ill, and dying.

    However, to a cultivator, the short decades might be a period of closed-door cultivation or comprehension.

    He was unwilling to maintain his youth while his wife and daughter grew old in decades. More so, he did not want to see his parents dying.

    The people said that success was cruel, but he did not believe that. He only believed that success within a person would elevate the destiny of his entire family!

    Ye Chen held Su Yuhan’s hand tightly as he thought to this point. A ripple flashed through his eyes that were as calm as water. ‘Yuhan, you’ve been waiting for me for a hard five years. I’ll give you a luxurious life from now on. Our family will live a great life!’

    Su Yuhan could not help but stop walking, seeming to sense his change of emotion. She stretched her arm out and poked the bulged vein on his forehead. “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    Since Bai Zhanyuan was dead, it seemed like he must bring Yuhan along to check out that so-called Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate at the border in the west. Perhaps it could activate Yuhan’s pure yin body completely.

    Su Yuhan did not dwell upon it after seeing that he was unwilling to share more. She suddenly held her head down and stuttered with her blushing cheeks, “Ye Chen, d-do you think I’ll get pregnant again?”

    One could say that the duo had been reckless in the past two days. They did not use protection at all since Su Yuhan had an idea of giving Mengmeng a brother. She was sensitive about that.

    “Should be.” Ye Chen smiled awkwardly upon hearing that. In reality, he had no confidence either. After all, the bloodline purity of cultivators was too high. It was difficult to have a son.

    Su Yuhan gave a short response and nodded lightly. She decided secretly to find out with a couple of pregnancy test sticks in a few days.

    When they arrived at a tiny bridge, a lady in sunglasses walked over with a few bodyguards around her. Noticing Ye Chen and Su Yuhan standing in the middle, the leading bodyguard stretched his arm out in the attempt to push them away.

    Ye Chen frowned and dragged Su Yuhan behind him. He extended his arm to grab the man’s hand directly. His bones cracked before Ye Chen then kicked him over ten meters away.

    The incident that came out of nowhere shocked the people.

    The lady in sunglasses could not help but stare at Ye Chen when she snapped back to her senses. “Why did you beat him up?”

    “Does your man have a mouth?” Ye Chen’s face turned rather grim. It was such a grand gesture to get a bodyguard to open a path for her. He wanted to push them away instead of asking them politely.

    At the same time, the bodyguard that Ye Chen kicked away got up from the ground. He looked at Ye Chen and said in rage, “Beat him up. Kill him!”

    The few bodyguards in front of the lady surrounded Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen’s expression turned cold as he was about to fight him. At that moment, behind him, Su Yuhan held onto him. “Forget it, Ye Chen.”

    She could not help but say to the lady in sunglasses after speaking to Ye Chen, “Ma’am, it’s your man who pushed us away. That’s the reason why we beat him up. We’re both in the wrong. Let’s forget about it.”

    Although she knew that Ye Chen was more powerful, she did not want to create a stir. Otherwise, these people before them would definitely die.

    “Forget it? You wish.” The bodyguard standing far away scoffed.

    Just when he was going to say something, the lady in sunglasses looked at Su Yuhan and said in a surprised manner, “A-are you Yuhan?”

    Su Yuhan was slightly stunned.

    The lady removed her sunglasses and revealed an extremely enchanting face. She said while smiling, “Yuhan, it’s me, Tong Lei.”

    “Tong Lei?” Su Yuhan opened her beautiful eyes big as disbelief filled her face. She then covered her mouth and said happily, “It’s really you! You’ve changed so much.”

    Seeing that they knew each other, Ye Chen’s face was much more at ease now.

    Tong Lei had been Su Yuhan’s dorm mate back in university. She was one of the four flowers of the International Business School with Su Yuhan, Lin Jiao, and Pan Mengying back then. However, she had only studied for a year and dropped out. Ye Chen had yet to court Su Yuhan back then, so they did not know each other.

    “She’s my friend. Back off!” Tong Lei waved after realizing that it was somebody she knew. The few bodyguards back off while Tong Lei said with a smile, “It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. Of course, there’ve been so many changes.”

    She could not help but glance at Ye Chen as she spoke to this point. Suspicion was revealed in her eyes. “Is this your bodyguard? Where did you find him? He’s pretty strong.”

    “He’s my husband,” Su Yuhan said while blushing.

    Tong Lei was stunned at first, then surprise took over her features. She took a good look at Ye Chen and said in disbelief, “H-he’s your husband? Oh my god Yuhan, why…”

    She wanted to ask why Su Yuhan had such bad taste. She could find anyone better than Ye Chen with her eyes closed given her great qualities. However, she decided not to say that eventually.

    “My husband is pretty great.” Su Yuhan smiled sweetly. She changed the subject immediately, “Oh yeah, why are you here? You seem to be in a rush.”

    “Our team is filming around here. I was handling something else earlier, so I’m in a rush,” Tong Lei said and realized that she was running out of time. She said immediately, “I’m sorry. I’m really in a rush, so I can’t chat. My birthday happens to be in three days. How about you give me your contact number and come to my birthday party then? We can talk at my party.”

    Su Yuhan hesitated and added her on WeChat.

    As she watched the people who were leaving, Su Yuhan exclaimed, “It seems like Tong Lei is a celebrity now. Why didn’t I recognize her on TV?”

    “Weren’t you locked up in the Dharma Zen Temple? How did you manage to watch TV?” Ye Chen said in between tears and laughter.