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Chapter 236 - I’ll Head to Beijing In Three Days Later!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 236: I’ll Head to Beijing In Three Days Later!

    Han Qinhu and the rest shook their heads one after another to indicate that they had no idea what that was.

    Yang Junlin, on the other hand, looked rather unnatural. “Venerable Ye, you can look at it as a secret sect. The term ancient martial arts naturally means ancient Martial Dao. It’s the intelligence and product of the people in the past. As time changes, many inheritances have been discontinued. Until today, ancient martial arts is almost dead.

    “Meanwhile, there are some organizations or sects that have been passed down for hundreds of years and even up to 1,000 years. They have many martial tactics that have been suspended, but these people love to keep things to themselves. They’re unwilling to share. They even isolate themselves from the world, from the mortals.”

    Yang Junlin looked rather pissed as he spoke to this point. “These people think that they’ve mastered extraordinary power, so they look down on us mortals. They think that we’re ants, so they cut ties with us. They even gave a name to the place where they are. They call it Shang Santian!”

    Ye Chen came to a realization—he did not really care about it. No matter how powerful Martial Dao was, it could not compare to cultivation. Bai Zhanyuan was a great example.

    Noticing that Ye Chen did not care, Yang Junlin replied seriously, “People from Shang Santian would practice martial arts since young. With resources, training, and high-grade Martial Dao cultivation, they’re not to be underestimated, Venerable Ye.”

    Ye Chen nodded.

    Yan Nanfei, who was aside, asked in confusion, “Junlin, we didn’t know about all that. How do you know?”

    “Drink your wine.” Yang Junlin shook his head lightly, unwilling to spill the beans.

    The rest did not dwell on it upon noticing his reaction. On the other hand, Ye Chen glanced deeply at Yang Junlin. He secretly guessed that Yang Junlin came from Shang Santian too.


    All of the top ten powerhouses on the Heaven Leaderboard collaborated and fought a young man but were defeated. Even Yang Junlin, who ranked No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard was defeated too!

    The news swept through the entire China’s Martial Dao World like a rumbling wave. It spread to all of the Chinese at a terrifying speed.

    Everyone was shocked by the news.

    They knew how powerful Yan Nanfei and the rest were. Forget that the four of them were defeated despite collaborating, but they never thought that Yang Junlin, who ranked No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard, the man who used to rank No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, China’s Battle God, would be defeated too.

    Before they managed to react, another insane piece of news was spread.

    The young man, who defeated all the experts on the Heaven Leaderboard, had come for the Heaven Leaderboard No. 1 Mad Southern Ye. However, Mad Southern Ye had killed him in an overbearing manner as soon as he appeared. The battle between them had been chaotic.

    That night, everyone was shocked. A name was etched deeply in their minds since then—Mad Southern Ye, the well-deserved No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, China’s No. 1!

    Countless organizations carried out emergency meetings overnight. There was only one topic at those meetings, which was not to offend Mad Southern Ye no matter what, even if they held grudges before.


    At the Martial Alliance headquarters, Elder Feng Kuohai stood outside a stone door. He dared not even breathe loudly, but he was secretly in fear!

    He could not believe that Bai Zhanyuan had been killed!

    One must know that Bai Zhanyuan was a half-step martial venerable!

    He was shaking as he thought to this point. He was worried about how to stop Ye Chen if he were to come to them in the future.

    A sigh came behind the stone door. “Where is the Unparalleled Sword now?”

    “H-he’s currently in Luoyang.” Feng Kuohai paused and stammered as he spoke, “There’s a family in Luoyang who used to make swords for officials in the past. Their ancestors’ handicraft was described as God’s work. After the Unparalleled Sword found out about it, he went to take the family’s precious clan-suppressing treasure by force.”

    The person behind the stone door fell into silence for a couple of seconds. “So, what happened?”

    He had heard of this weapon-refining family too. It was the Ning family that had been making swords for generations. Rumor had it that they once gathered meteorites and mahogany that had been struck by lightning 1,000 years ago to craft the Great Thunder Sword.

    The day when the sword was crafted, the sword craftsman had thrown himself into the hearth to make a sacrifice to the sword with his flesh and blood.

    Naturally, it was just a rumor. What he was more concerned about was whether the Ning family fought back when the Unparalleled Sword had gone after the sword.

    Feng Kuohai said with an unnatural expression on his face, “He got the sword, but the Ning family didn’t attack him. Instead, t-they wanted him to be their son-in-law, saying that the sword would be the dowry…”

    The person behind the stone door fell into silence.

    A while later, a weak voice came, “It’s merely a few days until the Unparalleled Sword and Unquestionable Jian’s three-month agreement. Spread the news that Mad Southern Ye has killed Unquestionable Jian.”

    “Yes, Sir!” Feng Kuohai clasped his fists in all seriousness. He turned around and left as a cruel expression filled the space between his brows.

    ‘Mad Southern Ye, oh, Mad Southern Ye! Go ahead and enjoy life for a little bit more. I’ve got you a formidable opponent. The Unparalleled Sword defeated four masters consecutively before he got the sword. Now that he has gotten the Ning family’s clan-suppressing sword, his power will definitely be boosted!’


    In the middle of the night on the roof of a luxurious vintage house in Luoyang, a young man in white sat in the lotus position. He was merely 17 or 18 years old with sharp brows and bright eyes. His teeth were stark white against his red lips. However, his face was cold, giving out an intimidating vibe.

    There was a precious sword wrapped in black cloth on his back. Only the sword handle was revealed. Lightning sparked every now and then with the occasional electrical zaps.

    The young man lifted his head to look at the moon, his eyes as deep as the stars. “Master, where exactly are you?”

    “Brother Unparalleled, Brother Unparalleled!”

    At the moment, a voice that sounded like a lark came from the other side of the roof. Subsequently, a young lady in black martial arts attire walked over from the other side of the roof.

    The lady was approximately 18 years old with sharp features and a beautiful body. She was a real beauty. Her beautiful eyes that were fluttering seemed alive.

    The young man in white looked rather serious. Helplessness flashed through his blank eyes as he shut his eyes directly and pretended not to see her.

    The young lady walked over while panting. She pouted, feeling upset. “Brother Unparalleled, I’ve been calling you for so long. Why didn’t you answer me?”

    The young man in white ignored her.

    The young lady stomped her feet and said angrily, “My dad asked for you. He said there’s something important that he must tell you.”

    The young man in white opened his eyes suddenly and moved. He landed on the ground while stepping into the air. Then, he vanished before the young lady within the blink of an eye.

    “Hey, wait for me!”

    The young lady was pissed. She could not stop stomping her feet. “What a dummy! I’m crushing the taboo and courting him, but he’s ignoring me. I, Ning Ruolan, have the face and the body. What’s wrong with me?”


    In the Ning residence, the young man in white looked at the family master, Ning Zhiyuan, and said expressionlessly, “What’s up?”

    Ning Zhiyuan, who was about 40 years old, looked at the young man before him. His expression was rather complicated as he spoke, “You don’t have to go to Beijing any longer!” He would never forget this young man before him who had gone to him for a sword yesterday. It was not just any sword, but the Ning family’s Great Thunder Sword that had been passed down for generations!

    Given that the Ning family was considered a wealthy family in Luoyang, since when had anybody pushed them over? Therefore, Ning Zhiyuan attacked first, but the young man defeated him in one strike.

    Under pressure, he could only bring the young man before him to the Ning family’s old residence where the Great Thunder Sword was. The old residence was like a sword storage pavilion. To prevent outsiders from invading, there were many traps and formations that the Ning family created themselves set up inside for hundreds of years.

    The activation of all the formations was enough to kill a Martial Dao master.

    However, the young man, who was currently standing before him, had broken through all of the traps and formations. He even passed through the Ning family’s battle formation, the 24 Tortures!

    Him obtaining the Great Thunder Sword aside, there had even been a phenomenon when he retrieved the sword. The thousands of ancient swords that had been stored in the pavilion for hundreds of years shook at the same time.

    They were worshipping the sword ancestor!

    “Why not?” the young man in white asked.

    Ning Zhiyuan shook his head lightly. “I’ve just gotten the news that the Sword God Unquestionable Jian is dead. Naturally, the three-month agreement between you guys has dropped.”

    “Who killed him?” The young man remained calm.

    Ning Zhiyuan wanted to shake his head by instinct. However, after observing the young man’s determined eyes, he eventually spoke while shaking his head, “Unquestionable Jian was killed by the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Mad Southern Ye. I heard that Mad Southern Ye killed him with a sword…”

    Before he was done speaking, he sensed a shocking sword intent explode out of the young man. “Then, I’ll challenge Mad Southern Ye!”

    “I knew it!” Ning Zhiyuan sighed and said, “Mad Southern Ye is the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard and China’s No. 1. He’s just killed a half-step martial venerable. You’re not his match. Don’t go!”

    Although they had only spent less than a day together, he really admired the young man before him. He even wanted his only daughter, Ning Ruolan, to marry him, but…

    “I’ll head to Beijing in three days!” said the young man and left quietly.