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Chapter 235 - Brother Pang, Did You Warm the Wine for Me?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 235: Brother Pang, Did You Warm the Wine for Me?

    Yan Nanfei’s lips quivered. He said a while later while shaking, “Did Bai Zhanyuan die…just like that?”

    Including the No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Yang Junlin, the four of them were not Bai Zhanyuan’s match despite them fighting him together. However, Ye Chen just killed him!

    “H-he’s dead!” Yang Junlin looked horrified. He lifted his head slowly and looked straight into Ye Chen’s eyes.

    At that moment, everyone had their eyes on the skinny silhouette standing in the air like a god. They had utter respect in their eyes.

    The No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Yang Junlin, took a deep breath. He clasped his fists at Ye Chen while bowing as he enunciated word for word, “From now on, Mad Southern Ye is the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard and No. 1 in China. Greetings, venerable!”

    Ye Chen had killed the half-step martial venerable Bai Zhanyuan, and his ability was on par with the venerable stage. Therefore, it was not an exaggeration to call him a venerable.

    “Greetings, venerable!” Yan Nanfei, Han Qinhu, Li Yunxian, and Pang Yuanqing clasped their fists at Ye Chen, appearing extremely serious.

    At this point, apart from those who ranked on the Heaven Leaderboard and those who were dead, everyone approved of Ye Chen’s No. 1 ranking from the bottom of their hearts.

    As soon as they were done speaking, powerful and synchronized thunderous voices came from the ground, “Greetings, venerable!”

    In the restaurant, the people’s thunderous cheer shook Pang Feiyan until she felt her head go empty. She stared at the silhouette in the air blankly.

    “Venerable…” Pang Hao was stirred.

    Nobody understood the meaning of a venerable. It would mean that from now onward, Mad Southern Ye would represent China’s Martial Dao World, the Heaven Leaderboard’s legend, as well as entire China!

    Naturally, it was merely a title. It did not mean that everyone was under Ye Chen, but it sure was powerful enough!

    Ye Chen looked as usual while he was high in the air. He did not really care about the people’s cheers. After all, the term ‘venerable’ could never compare to the term ‘natural enemy’.

    He landed on the ground from the air with his arms behind his back after putting the Almighty Killer Sword away. He looked at Bai Zhanyuan’s left arm that he had severed. It was still holding the red spear at the moment.

    Ye Chen waved his hand and took a good look at the spear in his hand. He could not help but fall into deep thought, then he released the frown on his face.

    He realized that the so-called half-spiritual weapon was actually a weapon that was refined with metal and a demonic snake’s carcass he had no idea where Bai Zhanyuan found. It was fed with True Energy day and night and was considered a top-grade weapon.

    However, it was different from a cultivator’s magic tool. A magic tool could only be activated with supernatural power. Meanwhile, talismans would have to be inscribed on the magic tool when refining it.

    After putting the red spear away in his storage ring, Ye Chen walked straight into the restaurant before ignoring the people’s stares.

    As soon as he entered, the people in the restaurant could not help but stand up by instinct. They were extremely nervous, especially that bald hunk who said that he had seen Ye Chen before. He knelt onto the ground. “G-greetings, venerable!”

    Ye Chen smiled and lifted his head to look at Pang Feiyan and the rest.


    Just when Pang Feiyan moved her lips in the attempt to say something, Ye Chen took his seat and smiled lightly at Pang Hao. “Brother Pang, did you warm the wine for me?”

    “N-no, I haven’t. Please give me a minute!” Pang Hao was stunned. He picked up the Erguotou that nobody had touched and begun boiling it. He was flushing as he moved clumsily. He had been watching the battle of the duo earlier to the point that he forgot about warming the wine completely.

    Pang Feiyan’s beautiful eyes dimmed. Initially mean, she lost the courage to speak when she faced Ye Chen now.

    The same happened to the quiet lady, Shu Wenqian. She did not dare say anything.

    “Let me do it!” Ye Chen took over the Erguotou while smiling. A ball of flame appeared on his palm, and the fragrance of the wine lingered from the heat.

    The people almost screamed in shock upon witnessing that.

    As Ye Chen lifted his head to take a sip, he laughed out loud. “I’ve got a kettle of wine that can comfort all souls. The four of you up there, get down here to drink with me!”

    As soon as he spoke, four silhouettes flashed through the restaurant instantly. They were Li Yuanxiao, Han Qinhu, Pang Yuanqing, and Yang Junlin. The four of them had a complicated expression on their faces. They seemed to have yet to snap back to their senses from the remarkable battle before.

    Ye Chen poured four bowls of wine and waved his hand. The four bowls of wine hovered to the four of them. “Now that I think about it, I caused the commotion today Therefore, I, Ye Chen would like to seek your forgiveness with this wine today!”

    While he had been Bai Zhanyuan’s target, Bai Zhanyuan had released his aura in an overbearing manner on top of the Beijing sky and triggered a few masters. If Bai Zhanyuan had looked for Ye Chen in a low-profile manner, this would not have happened at all.

    The four of them picked up the wine that was hovering before them and took a sip. They took their seats as a smile appeared on their faces.

    “Each age brings forth new geniuses in this noble land. Each will rule its own domain for years to come!”

    A thrill flashed through the senior Han Qinhu’s old face. He was considered an extremely conceited person, especially when he had been younger. He used to defeat three men on his own, creating countless legends. However, he was not worth mentioning at all at the moment.

    Li Yunxiao laughed out loud. “Old Han, we sure are old now!”

    Yan Nanfei poured a bowl of wine to toast to Ye Chen. “Venerable Ye, this is to you. Thank you for killing Barton on our sea territory back then and gaining dignity for our country!”

    One could say that among the few masters, Yan Nanfei liked Ye Chen the most because of the time when Ye Chen had killed Barton conveniently when chasing after Western Overlord Liu.

    Yan Nanfei was a soldier, and his responsibility was to protect the country and the land. Ye Chen did what he should have done for him, so how could he not be grateful for him?

    “You’re too kind!” Ye Chen clinked his bowl and smiled lightly. “Although I’m mad, it doesn’t mean that I’ll humiliate the country’s dignity.”

    “Well said!” Han Qinhu nodded. “Venerable Ye, you sliced the U.S. navy ship into half at sea and shouted ‘Those who offend my country will be killed even if you’re far away’. You gained dignity for China. Here’s to you.”


    Soon, the few of them were on friendly terms. Meanwhile, the rest watched the bosses drinking in fear, not daring to make a sound.

    Yang Junlin glanced at Ye Chen and spoke after some hesitation, “May I know if you are already a Martial Dao venerable, Venerable Ye?”

    Upon hearing that, the rest could not help but look at Ye Chen.

    “What’s a Martial Dao venerable?” Ye Chen asked.

    Yang Junlin could not help but stare at him in utter shock. “On the journey in ancient martial arts, there are the acquired stage and the innate stage. The innate stage is the Martial Dao master that everyone knows while there’s a legendary stage above the innate stage, which is the Martial Dao venerable!”

    He paused as he spoke to this point, then he continued, “It’s said that a person who has achieved Martial Dao venerable can control heaven and earth energy. Bai Zhanyuan was a half-step martial venerable. That’s why he could control a bit of the dimensional force.”

    Ye Chen finally understood what he meant after listening to him. He said after shaking his head lightly, “I’m not a Martial Dao venerable!”

    Yang Junlin could not help but look disappointed to hear that. If Ye Chen really was a Martial Dao venerable, he might be able to teach him a few things. It was unfortunate that he was not a Martial Dao venerable.

    “Then, how did you defeat Bai Zhanyuan and possess a half-spiritual weapon?” He was unwilling to give up.

    Ye Chen smiled lightly. “To be exact, I’m not an ancient martial artist but an energy refinery cultivator.”

    “An energy refinery cultivator?” Yang Junlin was stunned at first. Then, he turned his head to look at Yan Nanfei and the rest. The few of them thought about it and shook their heads in a blur to show that they had never heard of that before.

    “Forget it. We’re overthinking it,” Han Qinhu shook his head and said, feeling ashamed.

    If China had a Martial Dao venerable, the venerable would definitely lead China’s Martial Dao World to flourish.

    Seeing that they stopped asking, Ye Chen asked, “What’s that Shang Santian that Bai Zhanyuan mentioned before he died?”