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Chapter 234 - A Sword Swing Crushing Mountains and Rivers

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 234: A Sword Swing Crushing Mountains and Rivers

    Disbelief appeared in Bai Zhanyuan’s eyes.

    He had achieved the half-step martial venerable stage since the very beginning whereby he could perform some dimensional force. This technique could kill almost all Martial Dao masters, including Yang Junlin who was closest to half-step martial venerable, the man who ranked No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard in China.

    However, Ye Chen crushed his attack with a single punch alone.

    Seeing that Ye Chen punched through Bai Zhanyuan’s Dimensional Dao, Yang Junlin and the other three watching afar had a change in expression.

    “Even if you have 10,000 techniques, I’ll break them with a punch alone!” Ye Chen stood with his arms behind his back, facing Bai Zhanyuan’s shock. He shook his head lightly as if what he had done earlier was just something casual that was not worth mentioning.

    “I don’t believe it. Go to hell!”

    A ferocious gleam flashed through Bai Zhanyuan’s face as he leaped toward Ye Chen. At that moment, a 500-meter radius around him began to shake. A suffocating suppression swept from his body like a storm.

    “Ground Prison!”

    As Bai Zhanyuan shouted, the space around Ye Chen squeezed him again.

    This time, it was more intense than before. It felt like there were countless materialized doors squeezing Ye Chen. Explosions were created from the squeezed air.

    Ye Chen moved in the front of the attack. He became very elusive all of a sudden whereby he charged at the suffocating air like a meteorite. Perhaps because he was too fast, there was an after-shadow with each step he took.

    “Shock Hammer!”

    When ten shadows appeared behind Ye Chen, a glaring and sparkling golden hammer was formed on his fist. He threw a punch out, striking the space that was charged at him hard as countless people watched in shock.

    A deadly terrifying storm exploded out of his body and spread out at a terrifying speed.

    In the midst of the storm, there were cracks spreading in the space that Bai Zhanyuan consolidated. Eventually, they were crushed entirely as countless eyes watched on in horror


    In the air, Bai Zhanyuan appeared pale. He spat a mouthful of blood out while his body was thrown out like a cannonball!

    Silence filled the space as everyone watched his clumsy silhouette.

    He had been defeated! Bai Zhanyuan, who had suppressed all of the powerhouses on the Heaven Leaderboard, the man who came like an overlord, had been defeated!

    At that moment, Yan Nanfei, Han Qinhu, Li Yunxiao, Pang Yuanqing, and the rest lost themselves. Their eyes looked empty.

    Yang Junlin was stirred and he said after releasing a heavy sigh, “He’s worthy of bearing the title ‘Mad Southern Ye’. He’s so powerful that no words can be used to describe him.”

    “He’s so…powerful!” Pang Feiyan looked at the skinny silhouette in the air and mumbled softly.

    He was simply too powerful!

    The commotion created from the fight between Ye Chen and Bai Zhanyuan made everyone feel like the duo in the sky were not humans. Instead, they were more like immortals. Bai Zhanyuan could control space while Ye Chen broke through the overbearing attack that could turn heaven and earth upside down with a punch.


    A burst of laughter that was a combination of rage and satisfaction came from far away. The crowd snapped back to their senses completely. They lifted their heads and saw Bai Zhanyuan standing in the air in disheveled clothes. His face was filled with grimness and insanity.

    “Mad Southern Ye, I admit that you’re really powerful…so powerful that you broke my Dimensional Dao with your body alone. Nobody can compare with you in entire China! Congratulations, you’ve successfully triggered me. You’re worthy of me using my real ability to kill you. It’s both your fortune and your misfortune at the same time!”

    Bai Zhanyuan leaped while laughing hysterically. Killing intent filled his eyes while a red spear materialized in his hand as his body shook.

    The air between heaven and earth was stirred as soon as the red spear appeared. An extremely compelling aura swept out of the red spear like a storm.

    “I-is that a half-spiritual weapon?” Pang Yuanqing lost himself and exclaimed.

    “That’s right. It’s a half-spiritual weapon!”

    Yang Junlin shut his eyes and said in his deep voice, “A person above Martial Dao master should be on the venerable stage. As soon as one gets to the venerable stage, they can refine spiritual weapons on their own. With the help of this half-spiritual weapon, Bai Zhanyuan’s combat strength will skyrocket. Mad Southern Ye’s life is at risk!”

    An icy-cold killing intent that shook heaven and earth came out of Bai Zhanyuan’s mouth as if he was verifying what Yang Junlin said. “I forgot to tell you that I’m a half-step martial venerable now. A half-step martial venerable with a half-spiritual weapon! Mad Southern Ye, you’ll definitely die today!”

    Yang Junlin revealed an expression as if he expected to hear that.

    “Where exactly did this person come from? He’s incredibly powerful!” Han Qinhu’s face twitched a little as a grim expression filled his features.

    Ye Chen glanced at the red spear in Bai Zhanyuan’s hand. It seemed like a magic tool, but it was not. Surprise could not help but flash across his face. He then shook his head and said calmly, “Coincidentally, I’ve got a magic tool too!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, a gleam flashed in his hand as a long sword that was a meter long appeared, and it trembled slightly.

    It was the Almighty Killer Sword!

    Everyone was dumbstruck when they saw that.

    “H-he has a half-spiritual weapon too?” Pang Yuanqing exclaimed as disbelief filled his face.

    Yang Junlin’s pupils shrunk significantly. “It’s impossible. How come you have a half-spiritual weapon?”

    The prideful smile that was on Bai Zhanyuan’s face froze at the moment. Subsequently, he seemed to have realized something. “Are you a half-step martial venerable too?”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. He grabbed onto the Almighty Killer Sword and leaped forward. As the sword charged through the sky, sword gleams seemed like a peacock flaunting its tail. To everyone, Ye Chen seemed to be attacking with countless flying swords.

    “Bai Zhanyuan, please accept your death! A sword swing crushing mountains and rivers!” Ye Chen said softly and swung the sword.

    The countless sword gleams gathered on the sword at that moment. It was like 10,000 swords forming a 30-meter-long sword gleam. The sword gleam illuminated the world, glaring as if it could turn night into day!

    Bai Zhanyuan looked serious like he had never before as he faced that majestic sword qi that whistled. He released all of the energy in his body and charged out with the red spear in his hand. A red spear shadow flew out at the same time.

    The shadow went after the majestic sword qi with the noise of exploding air. It looked like a gigantic red dragon with its mouth wide open.

    The sword qi and spear shadow collided.

    At that moment, the people who were watching the battle on the ground saw a glaring light before them. They could not help but close their eyes by instinct. Subsequently, they felt the ground beneath their feet tremble.

    “W-was it an earthquake?”

    Many people fell onto the ground, appearing shocked. Some were so startled that their legs shook while their faces turned pale. If it really had been an earthquake, they would have definitely died.

    Meanwhile, a voice that was filled with disbelief snapped them back to their senses. “Impossible! That’s impossible!”

    When they looked again, the spear shadow that Bai Zhanyuan charged out earlier had turned into countless dots that splattered all over at the moment. Meanwhile, Ye Chen’s sword qi was still going strong as it swept toward Bai Zhanyuan.

    Bai Zhanyuan was sliced by the sword. In particular, his arm that was holding the spear was severed directly. His arm fell onto the ground together with the red spear.

    He shrieked in devastation. Instead of picking up the red spear, he retreated hundreds of meters away. He looked horrified as he could not believe his half-spiritual weapon was not a match for Ye Chen’s flying sword.

    A bone-piercing chill grew within him.

    ‘Run! I must run. This man is too powerful. I’ll return after I manage to open the Ghost Rider Sect’s mountain gate and break through to Martial Dao venerable with the inheritance!’

    Apart from being horrified, a thought flashed in his head. A pair of long, red wings appeared on Bai Zhanyuan’s back. It was approximately three meters long. Meanwhile, he turned around and ran far away in the air at the speed of a rocket.

    The people gasped upon witnessing that.

    “Bai Zhanyuan, I’ve told you that killing you is as easy as slaughtering an animal!” When Ye Chen pointed a finger at Bai Zhanyua’s back, the Almighty Killer Sword turned into a sword gleam and shot out. It was a fold faster than Bai Zhanyuan.

    “Break it!”

    Sensing the chill from his back, Bai Zhanyuan threw a punch out in an attempt to break the Almighty Killer Sword. However, Ye Chen’s sword was just too quick and chopped his head directly.

    “No, you can’t kill me. I come from Shang Santian…” Bai Zhanyuan growled unwillingly. However, his head was severed directly before he was done speaking. The remains of his body fell onto the ground.

    At that moment, the place was filled with dead silence. Nobody spoke as everyone stared at what just happened with their eyes wide open.