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Chapter 233 - Please Kill Bai Zhanyuan

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 233: Please Kill Bai Zhanyuan

    “Killing you is as easy as slaughtering an animal!”

    Ye Chen’s voice was of normal volume, but everyone heard it loud and clear. They were stunned at first, then there was odd excitement and provocation on their faces.

    That was Mad Southern Ye alright!

    Yan Nanfei, who ranked No. 8 on the Heaven Leaderboard, took the lead to bow to Ye Chen. He clasped his fists while his cheeks were red. “Mad Southern Ye, please kill Bai Zhanyuan!”

    “Please kill Bai Zhanyuan!” Han Qinhu, Li Yunxiao, and Pang Yuanqing, who also had rankings on the Heaven Leaderboard, clasped their fists at Ye Chen.

    As Yang Junlin retreated, he clasped his fists too. “Please kill Bai Zhanyuan!”

    “Mad Southern Ye! Please kill Bai Zhanyuan!”


    All of the crowd on the ground knelt on one knee at the same time. Rage and excitement were both present on their faces.

    They had no idea who Bai Zhanyuan was, but this man had arrived in Beijing in such an overbearing manner. Without hiding his aura at all, he was arrogant and looked at the people in a condescending manner. Furthermore, his actions enraged them.

    Moreover, Bai Zhanyuan had defeated the top ten powerhouses on the Heaven Leaderboard. Even the No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard had lost. It would mean that the belief of the Martial Dao World that had been going strong for a hundred years had been crushed. Someone should stand up to protect the dignity of the Heaven Leaderboard now!

    “Please kill Bai Zhanyuan!”

    “Please kill Bai Zhanyuan!”

    Synchronized and powerful voices were like thunder echoing all over the place. It was like a tsunami.

    Pang Feiyan and the rest in the restaurant were dumbstruck since the beginning. Pang Feiyan and Shu Wenqian especially bit their lips, unable to say anything.

    Hearing the cheers that sounded like thunder beneath, Bai Zhanyuan had a slight change in expression. Never had he thought that the chaos that he stirred would boost Mad Southern Ye’s fame further.

    “Kill me? Let’s see who will be killed!”Killing intent exploded in his eyes. He leaped and stood in the air to declare, “The No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard must die too!”

    Suddenly, majestic power exploded from his body. Under his power, Yang Junlin, Yan Nanfei, and the rest who ranked on the Heaven Leaderboard retreated far away with grim expressions.

    Meanwhile, the people on the ground felt as if Mount Tai was pushing down on them. They could not help but sprawl on the ground on all fours. Needless to say, they were terrified.

    Yang Junlin shrieked in rage, “Everyone, retreat 1,000 meters away right now!”

    It was a fight between two supremes, so the uproar would be great. Even though they were fighting in the sky, the aura they released might come with a great destructive force. Even the powerhouses would be hurt if they dragged into the impact, let alone regular people.

    A chill was released from Ye Chen’s eyes after everyone had retreated. “Bai Zhanyuan, Su Tao is very lonely in hell. He came to my dreams and asked me to send you to hell soon!”

    When he stretched his arm out with his palm facing straight up after saying that, a terrifying force consolidated on it. Subsequently, he leaped out and charged at Bai Zhanyuan. There was an ear-piercing explosion.

    Bai Zhanyuan must die today!

    Bai Zhanyuan grinned coldly as he flew into the sky. One figure was descending while the other was going up. Bai Zhanyuan charged out with his fist, so both of their fists collided.

    It was a pure fight in the flesh.


    As a blast was heard, majestic power exploded from the duo’s fists like a heatwave spreading toward all directions. The area within 1,000 meters was impacted.

    Towering trees were crushed into countless pieces from the explosion and they vanished in the wind. Meanwhile, the ground cracked like a spider web as a couple of fields that were hundreds of square meters wide were flattened.

    Everyone watched that in horror while standing far away.

    Was that a force that came from humans?

    Yan Nanfei and the rest lost all rationale. They clearly did not expect the duo’s battle impact to be so terrifying. They would be crushed if any of them were to take the attack by force.

    Yang Junlin looked serious, but he was secretly bitter. Judging from the current fight, he knew that despite ranking No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard, he was far away for being Ye Chen’s match.

    As the two fists parted, Bai Zhanyuan retreated five steps away while Ye Chen retreated three steps back!

    After managing to stand still, Bai Zhanyuan wiped the blood at the corner of his lips. Surprise appeared on his face. “Mad Southern Ye, I’ve underestimated you. You deserve to be No. 1 on Heaven Leaderboard.”

    The veins in his left hand that was behind his back were bulging.

    Before this, he thought that Ye Chen’s ability would be slightly more powerful than Yang Junlin at most. However, after the first attack, he had to admit that Ye Chen deserved to fight him.

    It was no wonder that Ye Chen had killed Bai Li and Xue Xiao as well as destroyed the Su family!

    Ye Chen stood in the wind, appearing as usual. “Since you know that I’m powerful, you should kneel and kowtow to me now to accept your death!”

    Bai Zhanyuan was very powerful. In fact, he was the most powerful being Ye Chen had encountered since returning to Earth. If he were to judge him based on an ancient martial artist’s ability, Bai Zhanyuan had surpassed a Martial Dao master. He was definitely above the master level.

    The attack earlier had purely been physical force.

    “Hmph! I was just warming up earlier. Get over yourself!” Bai Zhanyuan grinned as he jeered. He placed both hands flat and fingertips toward Ye Chen to shout, “Heaven and Earth Prison!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, the space around Ye Chen began moving and seemed to be squeezing toward the latter.

    “As expected, he has comprehended Dimensional Dao!” Yang Junlin could not help but force a smile upon witnessing that from a distance.

    Regular people only knew that Martial Dao masters were powerful, but they had no idea that there were Martial Dao venerables above Martial Dao masters. These people were also described as being on the venerable stage or as martial venerables. One must comprehend heaven and earth energy in order to achieve the venerable stage.

    As soon as one got to the venerable stage, they could perform psychic powers and release their territory. It was no exaggeration to say that technology could do nothing to venerables because a martial venerable could control bullets as soon as they entered their territory.

    For that purpose, he had been in closed-door cultivation for 20 years. However, it was still not enough.

    Yan Nanfei, who was standing aside, looked somber. “Can Mad Southern Ye break through that?” Clearly, even he knew how powerful a dimensional force was.

    “It’s hard to tell.” Yang Junlin shook his head lightly.

    The squeezing of space could crush metal into dust unless Mad Southern Ye had the strength to shatter the space around him.

    However, was that even possible?

    Ye Chen was surprised to sense the commotion going on about the space around him. “Dimensional Dao?”

    “That’s right!” Bai Zhanyuan laughed out loud. “It’s Dimensional Dao, the stage that countless masters adore. Even Yang Junlin has yet to comprehend it. You can consider dying without any regrets when you are killed by my Dimensional Dao!”

    “Child’s play!” Ye Chen chuckled softly and stretched his fist out to grab the air softly as his aura changed. “Divine Punch created within 33 days. The sixth style: Shock Hammer!”

    As everybody watched in shock, a golden gleam shone from Ye Chen’s fist. It was like a hammer that was going to tear heaven and earth apart.

    Facing the space that was squeezing him, Ye Chen threw a punch out. The space was crushed when it got nearer to him as if the fist was hitting smooth mirrors.

    “How is that possible?!” The smile on Bai Zhanyuan’s face froze instantly! He could not believe that Ye Chen’s punch had just broken his dimensional force.