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Chapter 232 - Killing You is As Easy As Killing An Animal!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 232: Killing You is As Easy As Killing An Animal!

    “Brother Pang, please warm the wine for me. I’ll be back right after I kill someone!” Ye Chen got up and walked out after saying that. He could no longer conceal the killing intent within him!

    Next to him, Pang Feiyan was shocked. “What are you doing?”

    At the same time, the people in the restaurant could not help but glance over. Even the quiet lady beside Ye Chen and Pang Hao was looking at him too.

    As the people stared, Ye Chen lifted his head to look at Bai Zhanyuan who was in the sky and smiled calmly. “To kill him, of course!”

    There was dead silence in the restaurant as soon as he said that. Subsequently, everyone guffawed out loud as if they just heard something funny.

    “Did I hear it wrong? Did this guy say he’s going to kill the man who defeated General Yan Nanfei and Yang Junlin?”

    “I think this guy isn’t crazy. He’s just dumb. The bosses are fighting. Why would a regular man like him want to stick his nose in?”

    Pang Feiyan was slightly stunned. Soon, a rage that she could not hold back appeared on her face. “Are you out of your mind? He’s looking for Mad Southern Ye, not you!”

    “That’s right, Brother Ye. Let’s just sit and watch.” Pang Hao was shocked and even slightly regretted bringing Ye Chen along.

    The quiet lady shook her head lightly. She was wondering where exactly had they found such a weirdo.

    Ye Chen rubbed his nose. “Well, I’m Mad Southern Ye!”

    Now, everyone was furious. A bald hunk whose sleeves were rolled up stood up immediately as he glared angrily at Ye Chen. “Brat, I’m from Tiannan. Mad Southern Ye is the undefeated legend in Tiannan. I got the opportunity to see him fight once. You dare impersonate him? Are you seeking death?”

    Close to half of the people in the restaurant stood up at the same time as soon as the man spoke.

    Ye Chen was stunned. “Have you really met Mad Southern Ye?”

    “Of course!” The bald hunk grinned proudly. He clasped his fists toward Tiannan while his cheeks flushed.

    “In reality, I happened to be at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain when Mad Southern Ye fought the three masters. I even got someone to paint a picture of Mad Southern Ye. I put it at home and pray to it three times per day.”

    “Since you’ve seen me before, how come you don’t recognize me now?” Ye Chen’s expression was odd.

    ‘I’m not dead yet, but he’s already worshipping me?’

    The bald hunk was furious. Just when he was going to flip out, Pang Feiyan, who was stunned, laughed out loud from the rage.

    “You’re Mad Southern Ye? Why don’t you say you’re a Buddha from India? I’ve never seen a person who is as pretentious as you are.” Although she despised Mad Southern Ye, nobody should impersonate him because Mad Southern Ye should not be humiliated.

    The quiet lady said coldly, “Sir, stop humiliating Mad Southern Ye. I’m ordering you to apologize now or accept the consequences!”

    If Pang Feiyan admired Yan Nanfei, Pang Yuanqing, and Yang Junlin, then she, Su Wenqian, admired the No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Mad Southern Ye. She felt like she was in a scenario whereby a host in an entertainment show had no idea who the basketball player was while the fans criticized the host for his ignorance.

    Realizing that no one believed him, Ye Chen was helpless since nobody believed in the truth nowadays.

    Forget it!

    He shook his head and walked out of the restaurant directly.

    “Brother Ye, don’t…” Pang Hao wanted to stop him by instinct.

    However, before he was done speaking, he swallowed what he was going to say. He revealed a horrified expression when he saw Ye Chen leap as soon as he walked out of the restaurant. Ye Chen hovered into the air directly and went after Bai Zhanyuan and Yang Junlin by walking on air like a flying dragon!

    At that moment, there was dead silence in the restaurant. Everyone’s eyes and mouths went slack as if they had just seen a ghost.

    Pang Feiyan and the other two were dumbstruck.

    The bald hunk who was the first one to get up and criticize Ye Chen stammered as he spoke, “I-is he really Mad Southern Ye?”

    “Brother, didn’t you say that you’ve seen Mad Southern Ye and you have his picture?” A hunk with a beard looked at him with killing intent. His eyes were as terrifying as that of a wolf that had been starving for many days.

    The crowd snapped back to their senses and glared at him angrily.

    The bald hunk gulped and said weakly, “I’ve seen him before, but I only saw half of his face from a distance. I thought hard when I got back and painted half of my face on his. I just wanted to indulge in him.”

    The people were exasperated.

    “I-is he really Mad Southern Ye?”

    The quiet lady stared blankly at the skinny silhouette that was hovering vertically, clearly in disbelief.

    Pang Feiyan’s face was pale. “I can’t believe that guy is Mad Southern Ye. H-how is that possible?!”

    She scoffed by instinct. ‘So what if you’re really Mad Southern Ye? Even Uncle Yang isn’t that douchebag’s match.’

    Pang Hao sighed. He must have been blind not to realize that was Mad Southern Ye…


    As Ye Chen rode with the wind, countless eyes stared at him. Some were shocked, some were in disbelief, some were speculating…

    Meanwhile, Yang Junlin and Bai Zhanyuan, who were in the air, noticed him too.

    Bai Zhanyuan squinted and took a good look at Ye Chen. He grinned. “Here’s another one who is seeking death!”

    Yang Junlin advised out of kindness upon noticing that Ye Chen looked unfamiliar, “Brother, you’re not Bai Zhanyuan’s match. Get down.”

    He had been in closed-door cultivation all year long, he had not seen Ye Chen before. He assumed that Ye Chen was a rookie Martial Dao master.

    However, Ye Chen said coldly, “Back off!”

    “What did you say?” Yang Junlin was stunned.

    Ye Chen glanced at him and said without trying to be pleasant, “I’m asking you to back off. I don’t want to hurt you by accident when I attack later!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, apart from the people in the restaurant, the rest were stunned. They thought they heard it wrong. ‘Did he just ask the No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard to back off because he doesn’t want to hurt him by accident when he attacks later? Is he out of his mind?’

    “Are you Mad Southern Ye?” Yang Junlin’s expression changed slightly.

    Bai Zhanyuan squinted again.

    At that moment, a cold voice came from aside. “That’s right. He’s Mad Southern Ye!”

    The people looked over to see Yan Nanfei standing on top of the building across them. With a smile, he said as he looked at Ye Chen, Yang Junlin, and Bai Zhanyuan, “He’s Mad Southern Ye. I’ve seen a video of him killing the U.S. navy’s Commodore Barton before!”

    Yan Nanfei’s words proved Ye Chen’s identity to Pang Feiyan and the rest in the restaurant. At that moment, countless people inhaled sharply while looking at the silhouette in the sky blankly.

    He was the Tiannan No. 1, China No. 1, No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, and the No. 1 master, Mad Southern Ye!

    Yang Junlin was instantly shocked.

    On the other hand, Bai Zhanyuan narrowed his eyes while taking a good look at Ye Chen. A smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. “Mad Southern Ye, I was just looking for you. I can’t believe that you came here yourself to accept your death. Great! Given your good behavior, I’ll keep your body in one piece!”

    Ye Chen stood in the air proudly as he looked at him extremely dangerously. He said at ease, “Killing you is as easy as slaughtering an animal!”