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Chapter 231 - China’s Battle God Yang Junlin

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 231: China’s Battle God Yang Junlin

    “My Uncle Yan was already a Martial Dao master 20 years ago when he was 19. Nobody in the younger generation was his match and now he’s ranked No. 8 on the Heaven Leaderboard.” Pang Feiyan’s face turned red in rage. “You’re just a frog in a well who knows nothing. Don’t spew nonsense. Him blowing his breath at you could kill you.”

    The rest nodded one after another hearing that. Yan Nanfei was a legend in the navy and most of them had heard of him.

    The quiet lady looked at Ye Chen and secretly frowned. She loathed people who said things just to attract attention.

    “Brother Ye, don’t spew nonsense,” Pang Hao stated while looking rather cold.

    Ye Chen could only smile quietly.

    “Watch with your eyes wide open. You’ll know how powerful Uncle Yan is when he attacks later.” Pang Feiyan was getting angrier as she thought to herself. She could not believe that someone would humiliate his idol.

    At the same time, Yan Nanfei’s voice came from the sky. “Young man, you’ll only find out if I’m your match after we fight. Raging Wave Palm!”

    Yan Nanfei’s clothes fluttered hard as soon as he was done speaking. As majestic energy exploded, he charged out with his palm.

    Following the compelling energy wave, air gathered before him. It consolidated into a giant palm that consisted of water vapor within the span of a few breaths. It looked like a long, rumbling river as they looked from afar. It was thundering and boiling like a shrieking water dragon.

    “That’s Uncle Yan’s famous skill—the Raging Wave Palm!” Pang Feiyan was so excited that her cheeks flushed as she watched. “I heard from my dad that Uncle Yan only comprehended the Raging Wave Palm after three days and three nights on the ocean. A single palm strike alone was like a tsunami. It was indestructible!”

    “General Yan is powerful. We’re nothing compared to him!” An ancient martial artist shook his head, appearing respectful. He said, “I wonder who your father is.”

    “Pang Yuanqing is my father!” Pang Feiyan boasted.

    The people in the restaurant were shocked to hear that. Someone walked over to raise their glass to her. “I can’t believe that General Pang who is ranked No. 4 on the Heaven Leaderboard is your father. We’ve been terribly rude!”

    Pang Hao looked helpless. “Don’t worry about it!”

    On the other hand, Pang Feiyan was smiling. Subsequently, she could not help but peek at Ye Chen. The smile on her face faded significantly after seeing that he looked as calm as usual. She looked disdainful instead.

    At the same time, three silhouettes stood in the wind on the building across the restaurant. They had their eyes trained directly into the sky. They were Han Qinhu, Li Yunxiao, and Pang Yuanqing who had their rankings on the Heaven Leaderboard.

    “Nanfei’s Raging Wave Palm is really powerful. I can’t believe that he’s using the water vapor in the air to make it an attack technique.” Han Qinhu stood with his arms behind his back in awe.

    Li Yunxiao nodded and said while smiling. “That’s right. If I’m attacked with this palm, I’d have to perform at least 70% of my ability.”

    Pang Yuanqing said nothing as his instinct told him that this battle was not a simple one.


    As Yan Nanfei charged his palm in the air, a giant palm print that was like a long river swept toward Bai Zhanyuan who was 20 meters away like a tsunami.

    Everyone could not help but stop breathing. They stared into the sky without blinking, afraid that they would miss any detail.

    “That’s just child’s play. I can’t believe you dare to show that off in front of me!” Bai Zhanyuan smirked in disdain. He lifted his arm and pressed the giant palm print that was charging at him softly. When the giant palm exploded, the water vapor spread everywhere as if it had turned into countless raindrops.

    Everyone was horrified as they could not believe their eyes.

    Had Yan Nanfei’s Raging Wave Palm been crushed just like that?

    Pang Feiyan, who was excited earlier, was dumbstruck now.

    “Let me teach you how the Raging Wave Palm should be!” Bai Zhanyuan chuckled as he stretched his arm out and grabbed the air. Water vapor within 1,000 meters was drawn to him. Within the blink of an eye, a gigantic void palm that was approximately 50 meters long was formed.


    The giant palm charged at Yan Nanfei in an overwhelming manner.

    “Oh, no!”

    The three men on top of the building had a change in expression. They leaped together and ran toward the air.

    The people on the ground exclaimed in unison upon witnessing that, “It’s Commander Han, Commander Li, and General Pang!”

    “It’s my dad. My dad is going to fight!” Pang Feiyan was so thrilled that she was almost jumping around as if she was worried that the people had no idea that Pang Yuanqing was her father.

    “Nanfei, let’s fight together!” Pang Yuanqing shouted. The four of them charged their palms together, consolidating a protective qi barrier in front of them respectively. They seemed to want to take the giant palm by force. The four protective qi barriers integrated into a gigantic qi barrier.


    The giant palm landed on the qi barrier accurately. A crack was heard and the qi barrier was crushed instantly.


    The four of them turned pale and spat blood out at the same time. As the four silhouettes staggered, they were thrown out.


    At that moment, everyone gasped. They did not expect this to happen at all. The Heaven Leaderboard’s No. 8, Yan Nanfei, No. 7, Li Yuanxiao, No. 6, Han Qinhu, and No. 4, Pang Yuanqing were defeated despite them fighting together!

    One must know that any of the four of them was enough to conquer entire China. However, their quad-collaboration was defeated by a young man.

    “H-how is that possible?!” Pang Feiyan lost all rationale and screamed.

    Pang Hao was dumbstruck. The four people that he admired the most had just been defeated!

    “How dare the four of you stop me when you’re so lousy?” Bai Zhanyuan stood in the sky proudly like a god who looked at the world in a condescending manner. Arrogantly, he suppressed the entire Beijing. “Heaven Leaderboard? Hmph, it’s just a joke to me!”

    At that moment, a majestic voice echoed, “How about I spar with you?!”

    Everyone looked in the direction of the voice immediately. From a distance, they saw a black silhouette coming at lightning speed and arriving as soon as he was done speaking.

    A man in a purple robe came from the sky. He was approximately 35 years old. Purple qi lingered around his body while his battle intent was dense. His appearance gave out a vibe whereby nobody dared to look him in his eyes.

    “It’s Yang Junlin. It’s China’s Battle God, Yang Junlin, who used to rank No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard!”

    “Oh my, I can’t believe that even he’s here!”

    Somebody exclaimed, which caused a series of shouts after that. At that moment, everyone looked at the purple-robed man respectfully.

    ‘So, that’s China’s Battle God Yang Junlin?’

    “It’s Uncle Yang!” Pang Feiyan’s gloominess went away and she looked like a fanatic. “Uncle Yang is here. That douchebag is in great trouble now!”

    Pang Hao nodded by instinct.

    Nobody knew how terrifying Yang Junlin was like the people from the wealthy families did. He was a ruthless man who brought his men to suppress many ancient martial families in the past. Otherwise, he would not have earned the title as China’s Battle God!

    Ye Chen squinted and nodded secretly.

    It was no wonder that Yang Junlin had ranked No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard back then. His ability was much more powerful than that of Yan Nanfei and the rest. However, he was still not Bai Zhanyuan’s match.

    “Yang Junlin, being No. 1 in the past is much more powerful than those useless things, but you’re still not my match. Don’t you forget I defeated you a year ago.” Bai Zhanyuan smirked coldly when Yang Junlin got closer. He continued, ‘I’m saying this one last time. I’m here only for Mad Southern Ye today. Scram, all of you!”

    The people fell into dead silence as soon as he said that. They were in disbelief.

    Yang Junlin had been defeated by this brat?

    However, Yang Junlin admitted his defeat, “Indeed, you defeated me a year ago, but I’ve improved significantly throughout the year. We don’t know who will win yet! Let me tell you this too. You coming into Beijing today and releasing your aura to scare the regular people intentionally has caused many troubles.”

    Bai Zhanyuan smirked coldly. “Attack me then. If you can get to me, I’ll surrender.”

    Yang Junlin’s expression turned grim. He clenched both fists hard after taking a deep breath. He took a step forward to Bai Zhanyuan, but that single step seemed extraordinarily difficult. The reason for that was that the air in front of him was distorted just when he lifted his foot. It was like an invisible black hole.

    ‘This man is getting closer to the venerable stage!’

    He was secretly shocked. He stepped out forcefully. Just when his foot landed on the ground, he felt an immense spiral force as if it was going to break his leg.

    “Crush it!” he shouted as compelling energy was released onto his foot. The air around his foot was released while he staggered and retreated many steps back.

    He forced a smile when he managed to stand still. “I’ve been defeated!” To powerhouses who were on their level, no fighting was needed to determine who the winner was.

    “You’re too weak. You’re not my match!”

    The crowd on the ground fell into dead silence as soon as he said that!

    Defeated! Even China’s Battle God, Yang Junlin, had been defeated. Bai Zhanyuan had defeated all the experts in China, so exactly how powerful was he?

    Pang Feiyan and the rest looked shocked.

    Bai Zhanyuan revealed a mocking grin at the corner of his lips. “Considering that you’re powerful and the fact that you’re close to the venerable stage compared to the others, I won’t kill you. Now, scram! All I want is Mad Southern Ye!”

    “Brother Bai, Mad Southern Ye didn’t do anything to you, so why are you doing this?” Yang Junlin could not help but ask.

    Although he had never met Ye Chen, he had heard of Mad Southern Ye before. To him, Mad Southern Ye’s ability was most likely on par with his. Since he was not Bai Zhanyuan’s match, then Mad Southern Ye was definitely not too.

    “That’s between us. If you still block my way, don’t blame me for killing you!” Bai Zhanyuan scoffed as his killing intent spread.

    Yang Junlin remained still.

    He was China’s Battle God! He represented China Martial Dao World’s dignity. He could fight until his death but he shall not retreat!

    “Is Uncle Yang out of his mind? That man is looking for some Mad Southern Ye, not him.” Pang Feiyan was stomping her feet in panic. “Also, this Mad Southern Ye is infuriating. That man is here for him and he has yet to show up. What No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard? He’s just a hoax to me!”

    At that moment, the restaurant owner served the Shao Daozi wine that they ordered.

    Ye Chen glanced at Pang Feiyan coldly and turned his head to speak to Pang Hao, “Brother Pang, please warm the wine for me. I’ll be back right after I kill someone!”