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Chapter 230 - The Terrifying Bai Zhanyuan

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 230: The Terrifying Bai Zhanyuan

    Ye Chen’s cold attitude made Pang Feiyan mad.

    However, she could only scoff and turn her head away, ignoring him. After all, Ye Chen was merely a regular man to her.

    However, she was secretly laughing. ‘I’d like to see your mind blown when you see masters sparring later.’

    Pang Hao, on the other hand, chatted a little with Ye Chen. Besides finding out their names, Ye Chen also learned that they were siblings.

    With the car speeding, they arrived in Shijingshan within half an hour. Ye Chen noticed a police tape surrounding the street ahead while there were many police cars parked by the street.

    The driver turned his head and said, “Guys, the police have blocked the street. This is the furthest I can go. You guys can walk there since it’s close.”

    Just when Ye Chen was going to pay, Pang Hao, who was sitting next to him, handed 100 yuan over. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay for this brother too.”

    The driver took the money and gave him the change.

    After getting out of the car, Pang Hao looked at the police tape before and said to Ye Chen out of kindness, “Brother Ye, if you’d like to watch, you’ll have to follow us. Otherwise, you won’t be able to go in.”

    “Brother, why do you even bother bringing him along? Are you going to take responsibility if something happens to him?” Pang Feiyan said angrily.

    Pang Hao shook his head amusedly. He signaled Ye Chen in an apologetic manner and walked over. A police in uniform went up to him. “The street has been blocked. You guys can’t go in.”

    “Can we go in if I have this?” Pang Hao took out a military officer ID.

    The police officer glanced at the ID and looked serious instantly. “Sure, Lieutenant Colonel.”

    Ye Chen glanced at Pang Hao in a rather surprised manner. Never had he thought that Pang Hao would already be a lieutenant colonel because he was so young.

    “Brother Ye, let’s go in.” Pang Hao smiled lightly, not having any intention to boast at all. As he led Ye Chen into the cordoned area, they heard the noises of sparring in the air faintly when they were still far away.

    “Brother, they’re really fighting!” Pang Feiyan exclaimed.

    Given that they were fighting in the air and the noise could be heard from far away, one could tell that the duo had outstanding abilities.

    “Don’t spew nonsense later.” Pang Hao looked serious as he told his sister. Then, he turned his head to say to Ye Chen, “Brother Ye, please follow me later. Don’t walk around as you wish.”

    Ye Chen smiled lightly.

    Pang Feiyan secretly scoffed when she noticed Ye Chen’s ignorance while Pang Hao merely smiled, feeling helpless.

    They followed the battle noise. Over ten minutes later, they saw two silhouettes standing 500 meters above the ground.

    One was dressed in white, and it was a young man. Another one was dressed in a military uniform. He was approximately 40 years old and was handsome.

    The aura from the duo was terrifying. The people beneath felt like Mount Tai was weighing down on them as it was suppressive. Meanwhile, many people were gathered on the ground. All of them looked above the Beijing sky with their eyes wide open, not daring to breathe loudly.

    Pang Feiyan said in excitement, “Brother, it’s Uncle Yan!”

    “I can’t believe that Uncle Yan is here too.” Pang Hao inhaled softly. Noticing that Ye Chen was confused, he smiled while introducing, “Brother Ye, the duo above are ancient martial artists. I don’t know the man in white, but the man in the military uniform is General Yan Nanfei of the Yan family. He’s a general from the navy.”

    As Ye Chen squinted, he saw more than Pang Hao and Pang Feiyan did. He had his eyes on the young man in white who looked pale. Although he was young, he had gray hair on both sides of his sideburns.

    He knew who that was without even thinking about it.

    Bai Zhanyuan!

    Pang Hao was secretly watching Ye Chen when he was checking out the duo. He was quietly shocked to notice how calm the man looked.

    Given the fact that ancient martial artists were entities far from regular people, would the two silhouettes currently standing in the air not be enough to shock regular people?

    Pang Feiyan secretly pouted. This dummy sure was pretentious!

    At that moment, an utterly surprised voice was heard. “Feiyan, why are you guys here?”

    The three of them turned around immediately. The saw a lady standing at a restaurant a hundred steps away at the moment. She wore a purple skirt and she had a quiet charisma.

    “Sister Wenqian, you’re here too!” Elated, Pang Feiyan walked over immediately.

    Pang Hao was slightly stunned, then he subsequently said to Ye Chen, “Brother Ye, let’s go in. It’s not safe out here.”

    Ye Chen nodded and followed him into Jingyang Restaurant. The fragrance of wine came sweeping over. There were many tables in the restaurant as he looked inside. On a stove for boiling wine on the table, a sweet fragrance wafted.

    Were they boiling wine?

    Surprised, Ye Chen followed Pang Hao and they took their seats at a table. The design of the restaurant was fashionable. There was no roof, so it was al-fresco dining. They could see the duo in the sky as they lifted their heads.

    At that moment, the quiet lady noticed Ye Chen. She was rather surprised to notice how ordinarily he was dressed despite possessing an extraordinary aura. “Feiyan, who is this?”

    “A passerby that we bumped into in the cab. He said he wanted to check it out with us,” Pang Feiyan ridiculed.

    The quiet lady gave a short response and stopped asking about him.

    Pang Hao waved the owner over. “Boss, give us a bottle of good wine. I’d like to try the mulled wine.”

    “What kind of wine would you guys like? We have Shao Daozi, Erguotou…” The owner was a middle-aged man with a birthmark on his face and he was over the moon at the moment.

    Initially, his restaurant that served mulled wine made little profit. However, the powerhouses who were fighting above had attracted many people. The profit he had made in the past hour was the same as his one-month revenue.

    Pang Hao asked, “Do you have Maotai or Wuliangye?”

    “No, those are too expensive and wasteful. People usually keep Maotai for a long time. Who would boil it?” The owner was between tears and laughter.

    “Sure, I’ll get a bottle of Shao Daozi then.” Pang Hao nodded.

    Just when they were talking, a cold voice came from the sky. “Yan Nanfei, you’re merely No. 8 on the Heaven Leaderboard. You’re not my match. Scram and get Mad Southern Ye here.”

    It was Bai Zhanyuan who had spoken.

    Pang Feiyan could not help but say angrily, “Who is that guy? He’s so arrogant! How dare he look down on Uncle Yan?”

    Ye Chen was sure of his speculation after hearing Bai Zhanyuan mention his name. He could not help but secretly nod when he sensed the duo’s aura slightly.

    Bai Zhanyuan was very powerful. In fact, he was the most powerful man that Ye Chen had ever met.

    Pang Feiyan, who was sitting aside, saw him nodding and questioned, “What are you nodding about? Are you agreeing that my Uncle Yan isn’t that douchebag’s match?”

    Her voice was at a normal volume, but it spread to all corners of the restaurant. At that moment, many people looked at Ye Chen in an unfriendly manner. Even the quiet lady and Pang Hao were looking at him.

    “That’s right.” Ye Chen nodded directly. Although Yan Nanfei was powerful, compared to Bai Zhanyuan, he was much weaker.

    Everyone could not help but glare angrily at him as soon as he said that.