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Chapter 229 - Please Warm the Wine for Me!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 229: Please Warm the Wine for Me!

    At night above Shijingshan in Beijing, a young man in white flew by. He did not conceal his majestic aura. He was like an arrogant dominating king.

    Bai Zhanyuan squinted and looked all over Beijing from the top. He seemed to be looking for something. However, many powerhouses sensed his presence as soon as he flew into the Beijing air.

    Since Beijing was brightly lit even at night, given that there was a full moon in the sky, countless regular people, who were still up, saw Bai Zhanyuan in the sky. At that moment, those in the Shijingshan area were stirred.

    “Holy moly, there’s someone flying in the sky!”

    “There’s really a man up there. Is he an immortal?”

    “I’m kneeling to you, immortal. Please give me a wife. I want one with a great body, big boobs, and a perky butt. She must be someone who isn’t picky. She can’t be asking for a car and house from me.”

    “What immortal? Don’t spew nonsense out of ignorance. That’s an ancient martial artist, and he’s a supreme powerhouse among the ancient martial artists.”

    “How would you know that?”

    “My cousin’s wife’s cousin is an ancient martial artist. I heard that a major family worships him now…”

    Everyone lifted their heads and looked at the white silhouette in the sky in disbelief with their eyes wide open. There were even people kneeling.

    At that moment, an old man leaped from the ground to the sky and yelled, “Who is that? Stop moving!”

    Bai Zhanyuan glanced at him in utter disdain. “I’m here tonight only for Mad Southern Ye. Scram, you unrelated useless people!”

    “How dare you?!” The old man was enraged. “This is Beijing, the capital of China. Whoever allows you to release your aura in such a high profile? You can look for the person you’re looking for, but you’ll have to come down!”

    Normally, ancient martial artists would be more low-profile whereby they would not simply reveal their identity and power before regular people. More so, they would not release all of their aurae as if they wanted to scare people just like what Bai Zhanyuan was doing.

    Facing the old man’s condemnation, Bai Zhanyuan did not even look at him. He moved and flew deeper into Beijing, his disregard obvious.

    “B*stard!” The old man’s expression turned grim from rage. He stretched his big hand out to grab Bai Zhanyuan.”Get the hell down!”

    He was a Martial Dao master who was responsible for guarding the Shijingshan area. Now that someone was challenging the country, how could he not be furious?

    Green energy exploded as soon as he stretched his arm. It looked like a glowing hand from far.

    The people on the ground were stunned to witness that. They felt like their view of the world had been crushed completely.

    “You’re seeking death!” Disdain flashed through Bai Zhanyuan’s eyes. When he lifted his arm and waved, the old man felt the air around him distort before he got closer. Subsequently, he was squeezed into a ball of bloody mist.

    Dead silence. The place was filled with dead silence!

    Everyone looked horrified as they watched with their eyes opened wide. How could such a powerful person like the old man be killed by that young man instantly? Could he really be an immortal?

    Even the people who were following behind Bai Zhanyuan were horrified. Did he kill a master just like that?

    The pupils of the old Taoist priest shrank. “Rules, rules…I can’t believe that this man masters a portion of rules. Can he really be the legendary Martial Dao venerable?”

    He faintly saw Bai Zhanyuan squeezing the space when the old man attacked him. Was that not a rule?


    A few silhouettes leaped into the air.

    “I’ve said that I’m here today only for Mad Southern Ye. Scram, all you unrelated useless people, or I’ll kill those who block my way!” Bai Zhanyuan glanced at the people blocking before him at ease.

    “Quickly inform Commander Han!” The military on the ground reacted instantly.


    At the Imperial Wind Pavilion over 30 kilometers from Shijingshan, Ye Chen had fallen asleep while cuddling with Su Yuhan. Meanwhile, the little Mengmeng was squeezed to the side of the bed.

    Suddenly, Ye Chen opened his eyes. Using his Divine Consciousness, he scanned outside and saw Lin Tai pacing outside the door at the moment. He looked anxious and seemed to be hesitating to wake Ye Chen up.

    “What’s wrong? At that moment, a voice entered Lin Tai’s head which was ridiculous.

    Lin Tai was stunned at first and he looked around in shock. He revealed an expression as if he saw a ghost after realizing that there was nobody around.

    “It’s me. Say whatever you’re trying to say!” Ye Chen’s voice came again.

    Lin Tai gulped and suppressed his shock. “My lord, bad news. A powerhouse flew to Shijingshan earlier. He says he’s looking for you. He showed his power by killing a Martial Dao master in a dispute.”

    Ye Chen’s expression turned serious. He secretly suspected to himself, ‘Can it be Bai Zhanyuan?’

    He looked at Su Yuhan who was sleeping soundly in his embrace as he thought to this point. He moved her thigh that was on his softly before he walked out after putting on some clothes. “What exactly happened?”

    “My man reported that it’s a young man in white who has a terrifying ability. Because he was flying above Beijing, he caused a stir…” Lin Tai told him everything that he knew quickly.

    “Bai Zhanyuan, it seems to be really you!” Ye Chen frowned and smiled lightly. “I wanted to go for you, but I can’t believe that you came here yourself. That’s great. You’ve saved my effort to go to you!”

    “My lord, shall I go with you?” Lin Tai said.

    “No need. Stay here to prevent any accidents. Oh yeah, send that dog and the snake over.” Ye Chen walked out of the Imperial Wind Pavilion after saying that. He would be at ease with the patriarch here.

    After heading out, Ye Chen wanted to use the flying sword to fly over to Bai Zhanyuan. However, figuring that there was already a commotion over there, the entire Beijing would be stirred if he did that.

    He thought about it and walked to the street to hail a cab. He got the driver to drive to Shijingshan.

    Within five kilometers the car had just moved, there was a man and lady hailing the cab by the street.

    After the driver pulled over, the pretty lady in black martial arts attire walked over. She spoke with an almost perfect Beijing accent, “Sir, are you going to Jingyang Restaurant in Shijingshan?”

    The driver nodded.

    The lady was over the moon as she dragged the young man next to her and sat beside Ye Chen. Ye Chen glanced at them calmly and looked away before he shut his eyes to rest.

    Perhaps because Pang Feiyan was too excited about sneaking out from home, she looked at Pang Hao next to her who appeared bitter. “Brother, do you think Dad has started the fight?”

    “How would I know?” Pang Hao shook his head in between tears and laughter. He was helpless when it came to this courageous sister of his.

    Ye Chen opened his eyes upon hearing the word ‘fight’. He looked at them again and suddenly noticed that they were dressed sophisticatedly. Their charisma did not seem like that of regular people.

    ‘Could they be the descendants of one of the wealthy families in Beijing?’ Ye Chen thought to himself.

    Noticing that Ye Chen could not stop looking at them, Pang Feiyan said angrily, “What are you looking at? Have you never seen a beauty before? I’ll dig your eyeballs out if you stare again.”

    “Do you think you’re that pretty?” Ye Chen smiled in an awkward manner.

    Pang Feiyan scoffed and said with full confidence, “Of course. In the entire Beijing, nobody dares to admit that they’re No. 2 if I say I’m No. 1.”

    “Oh.” Ye Chen gave a short response and stopped talking to her.

    Never did he knew that his ignorance made Pang Feiyan feel even more annoyed. She said instantly, “Hey, what do you mean by that? Do you not believe what I said?”

    Ye Chen frowned.

    At that moment, Pang Hao, who was next to her, shook Pang Feiyan’s arm and gave Ye Chen an apologetic smile. “Brother, I’m sorry. My sister has a hot temper. Please don’t take her seriously.”

    Ye Chen shook his head and asked, “I heard you guys were saying that there are people fighting at Shijingshan, was it?”

    Just when Pang Hao wanted to deny that, Pang Feiyan took over the conversation. “It’s not fighting. It’s sparring, sparring between ancient martial artists. Forget it. You won’t understand even if I told you about it.”

    To her, Ye Chen was just a regular man.

    “Stop talking!” Pang Hao looked at her helplessly and said to Ye Chen, “There are ancient martial artists sparring at Shijingshan, so we’re going over to check it out.”

    It was not that he wanted to explain it to Ye Chen. After all, the commotion that happened today had spread, so it was meaningless for him to hide it.

    “Then, I’ll go check it out too,” Ye Chen gave a short response.

    “What did you say? You want to check it out too?” Pang Feiyan opened her eyes wide and looked at him in slight disdain. “A regular man like you wants to watch the sparring between ancient martial artists? Are you seeking death?”

    Ye Chen chuckled and said nothing.