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Chapter 228 - Bai Zhanyuan Has Arrived

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 228: Bai Zhanyuan Has Arrived

    After retrieving information about Bai Zhanyuan from Su Tao’s head by performing the Soul Searching Tactic, Ye Chen looked at Su Tao who lay on the ground like a retard. He shook his head lightly. “It’s useless to keep you around now.”

    As soon as he was done speaking, flames appeared on Su Tao’s body. He turned into ashes in the ground within the span of a few breaths.


    It was midnight, and the moonlight illuminated the sky.

    At the China Great Wall Beacon Towers at the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei intersection, a young man in white flew with his arms behind his back. Perhaps because he was flying too fast, the strong wind made his clothes fluttered loudly.

    At that moment, the young man in white stopped. He looked at a rectangular monument that was a meter tall on the beacon towers in a condescending manner.

    Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei were written on each side of the monument.

    “So, is this the three-border monument? I’m close to Beijing now.” The young man grinned. “Mad Southern Ye, you’ve ruined my plans. I traveled 1,600 kilometers for you. I hope that you don’t disappoint.”

    He then released the ultimate killing intent as he spoke. As he charged toward Beijing, the aura on him spread on the ground like water.


    When his aura exploded and the impact hit the ground, a portion of people in the city lifted their heads to look into the sky. Shock flashed through their eyes.

    They sensed something running 800 meters in the sky at the same time. The aura pressed down on them like a mountain whereby they had goosebumps all over their bodies.

    In a temple, an old Taoist priest, who was meditating in the lotus position, suddenly stood up. He leaped onto the roof of the temple and looked directly into the sky. Bewilderment filled his face. “T-that aura…Is that a Martial Dao Venerable?!”

    In martial arts, there were the acquired stage and innate stage. People who achieved the innate stage would be called a Martial Dao master. Meanwhile, anyone above Martial Dao master would be considered to be on the venerable stage—a Martial Dao venerable!

    A Martial Dao master could release true energy and attack with leaves from the trees, killing with energy. Meanwhile, legend had it that a Martial Dao Venerable could comprehend rules and activate heaven and earth energy, and a single thought was all it took it to move mountains and oceans.

    However, there were just too few venerables in the world. To be exact, there had been none in a hundred years. Even the old priest had never seen one when he was already 80.

    The aura that had been released earlier was just too great and stunning, so the old priest was shocked.

    “In China, there are only two people who are close to the venerable stage.” The old priest frowned. “One is the No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Yang Junling. This man was ranked No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard more than 20 years before this. Nobody could fight him.

    “The second one would be the current No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Mad Southern Ye. He can control lighting and is an expert in spells. He’s also a Martial Dao master. He might just be at the brink of stepping into the venerable stage.”

    The old priest’s expression could not stop changing as he spoke to himself, “Yang Jungling has always been low-profile. Nobody would have moved in such a high profile like that man earlier. Could he be that destruction overlord, Mad Southern Ye?”

    What Ye Chen had no idea about was that the people in the ancient martial world called him the destruction overlord for his infamy of killing the Song family and then the Su family since he appeared in the world.

    “That man seems to be heading to Beijing. Given how ferocious his aura felt, I’m afraid he’s moving with ill intentions.”

    The old priest looked into the sky and hesitated. “Maybe I should see where he’s going. I’ve been stuck below the venerable stage for 30 years. My due date is close. If I don’t break through soon, it’s hard for me to escape death.”

    Determination flashed through the old priest’s face as he thought to this point. He leaped and flew toward Beijing directly.

    Not only him, powerhouses who sensed the young man in white’s aura would follow behind him no matter where he passed. They wanted to know if he was the legendary venerable.


    Meanwhile, there were three people sitting on the couch in the living room in a luxurious house in Beijing. Among them were a middle-aged man with a mustache, a young man, and a young lady sitting across him.

    If someone who was familiar with the Beijing upper-class society were there, he would have definitely recognized the middle-aged man as someone from Beijing’s wealthy family. He was the Pang family master, the No. 4 on Heaven Leaderboard, Pang Yuanqing.

    Pang Yuanqing had been working in the military, so he was hardly home. He was worried due to what happened to the Su family as he was concerned that his family would be stirred, so he stayed home during the holidays.

    “Dad, was it Mad Southern Ye who destroyed the Su family?” The pretty lady in a ponytail and black martial arts attire sitting next to him looked curious as she blinked her bright eyes.

    Even the young man next to the lady could not help but look at Pang Yuanqing.

    Pang Yuanqing’s expression changed slightly and said in his deep voice, “That’s right. The Su family is different from our family. Throughout the years, they’ve offended many people on the surface and underground. Mad Southern Ye is one of the people that they’ve offended.”

    In reality, there was something that he did not say. Even if Mad Southern Ye did not destroy the Su family, the government would do something about them because the Su family had been crossing the line in politics and military.

    With a gulp, the young man could not help but ask in shock, “Dad, I heard that Mad Southern Ye killed Xue Xiao of the Xue family too. Is he really that powerful?”

    Pang Yuanqing exclaimed, “Not only is he powerful, but even I’m also not his match.”

    The young man’s expression changed as soon as he heard that.

    “Dad, you’re boosting him and diminishing your majesty,” the pretty lady on the other end scoffed, “It’s not that you’ve never killed Martial Dao masters. It’s just that you haven’t killed as many as Mad Southern Ye has. If you were given an opportunity, how would you be less powerful than him?”

    She looked ignorant. “Moreover, you’ve never sparred with Mad Southern Ye. How would you know that he’s more powerful than you?”

    One must know that her father had been her idol since she was young.

    Pang Yuanqing’s expression turned grim. He said, “Feiyan, Pang Hao, don’t spread this around. Just keep this between you guys. Don’t offend Mad Southern Ye. The Su family is a great example of that.”

    He paused before proceeding to speak, “Also, in reality, Mad Southern Ye is our benefactor. Your Fourth Uncle was killed by the Dark Night Butcher back then to our family’s humiliation. Since Mad Southern Ye killed the Dark Night Butcher, he’s considered to have avenged our family.”

    Pang Feiyan and Pang Hao nodded. They knew what had happened to Xue Lei and Su Jian.

    Pang Yuanqing was relieved to see their response. Just when he was going to get them to go to bed, his phone rang. He picked it up as soon as he saw the phone number that was shown on the phone.

    “Sure, Commander Han. I’ll be right there!” Pang Yuanqing’s expression changed slightly.

    Pang Feiyan, who was sitting aside, could not help but ask after he hung up, “Dad, who called? What happened?”

    “Commander Han called. He said that a powerhouse has flown into Beijing. He’s currently at Shijingshan. That man didn’t hide his aura at all and he seems to have ill intentions,” Pang Yuanqing said and then looked at the both of them. “You guys stay home. Don’t go out.”

    He changed and left the villa after saying that. He then drove toward Shijingshan’s direction.

    Pang Feiyan mumbled to Pang Hao who was next to her after he left, “Brother, should we check it out?”

    “Forget it. Dad already said that we shouldn’t go.” Pang Hao shook his head, but there was curiosity in his eyes too, “Moreover, Dad will find out as soon as we drive out.”

    “You idiot. We don’t have to drive. We can take a cab there.” Pang Feiyan rolled her eyes at him.