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Chapter 227 - The Two Threats Upon Mad Southern Ye’s

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 227: The Two Threats Upon Mad Southern Ye’s

    At the same time at the Martial Alliance headquarters, Martial Dao master, Feng Kuohai, who was the alliance elder, was kneeling on the ground at the moment. He was shaking as he faced the stone door before him. “Chief, the Ku Rong Old Men’s deaths are my fault. I’m willing to accept any punishment.”

    He thought Ye Chen would definitely be defeated after the Ku Rong Old Men, Unquestionable Jian, Master Jiesha, and Wei Wuya gathered to fight him. However, he went crazy when a Martial Alliance spy came back with the intel.

    Silence filled the space behind the stone door before compelling energy shot out of the wall. It broke Feng Kuohai’s left arm directly.

    He suppressed the pain and dared not shriek out loud because the person who punished him was the Martial Alliance Chief. He was the legend of the Martial Alliance, a man who was forgotten by the world but still terrifying and powerful, Sikong Ao!

    “It’s your fault that my Martial Alliance has lost two masters. I hereby break your arm as punishment!” An extremely cold voice came behind the stone door.

    Feng Kuohai stuck his face on the ground immediately. “Chief, Mad Southern Ye must hate our Martial Alliance now. What do we do?”

    “Mad Southern Ye…” A mumble came behind the stone door. He seemed to be thinking and only spoke a couple of seconds later, “This person is compelling. I admired him and wanted to take him as my disciple. However, the ship has sailed now…”

    “Why don’t we get all the Martial Alliance elders to fight him?”

    A ferocious gleam flashed through Feng Kuohai’s eyes. He knew that he had offended Ye Chen, so there was no way to ease their relationship now. Instead of waiting for Ye Chen to come, he thought of attacking first.

    “No!” The voice behind the stone door was cold. “Sending everyone from the Martial Alliance to fight him? Do you think the government won’t do anything about that?”

    “Chief, although the Martial Alliance belongs to the military, we’ve grown so much more powerful during the recent years. Our ability is more powerful than the military, I think…” Feng Kuohai’s eyes lit up.

    “You idiot!”

    As a scoff came, Feng Kuohai released a low groan. Blood flowed out of the corner of his lips, and he was extremely horrified.

    “The government isn’t as simple as you think. Otherwise, why would I have been in closed-door cultivation for 20 years?” the man said coldly, “To fight Mad Southern, we have two candidates at the moment. There’s no need for us to do it ourselves.”

    “Bai Zhanyuan?” Feng Kuohai asked by instinct.

    “That’s right!” The man behind the stone door chuckled softly. “Currently, there are three men in China that I can’t see through. One is Mad Southern, the second one is Bai Zhanyuan while the third one is the Unparalleled Sword, especially Bai Zhanyuan who appeared out of nowhere.

    “I’m suspecting that he came from Shang Santian. People who come from Shang Santian are powerful enough to suppress outsiders. Therefore, let him fight Mad Southern Ye.”

    Feng Kuohai asked, “Then, who else can threaten Mad Southern Ye?”

    “The Unparalleled Sword!”

    The voice behind the stone door was rather heavy. “This person’s potential is even higher than Mad Southern Ye’s. I attacked him with my palm the last time, but an old priest saved him. I thought he would definitely die, but never did I think he would have recovered within a short period. Besides that, he went into Mount Wangwu while carrying a coffin!”

    Feng Kuohai’s pupils shrunk a little. He knew the chief’s ability. A regular Martial Dao master would die from his single palm attack alone. However, the Unparalleled Sword, an 18-year-old man received his attack and merely suffered severe injury.

    He could not help but ask as he thought to this point, “But it’s been almost three months since we last heard about the Unparalleled Sword. Maybe he’s dead!”

    “He can’t be!” the man behind the stone door said, “I heard about the news from Mount Wangwu yesterday. Earlier, a man carrying a sword and a coffin killed the four ancient martial families on Mount Wangwu. The patriarchs of the four families attempted to kill him together, but that man killed them in an overbearing manner!

    “This morning, someone saw a young man in white walk out from the foot of Mount Wangwu. They figured that he must be the Unparalleled Sword. He must be on his way to fulfill the three-month agreement that he had with Unquestionable Jian.”


    Feng Kuohai inhaled sharply.

    Mount Wangwu!

    It had been ranked the No. 1 of the Ten Grottos since the beginning of time. It was the sacred land that countless people wanted to visit for cultivation.

    Although there were no immortals there, there were four ancient martial families in Mount Wangwu throughout the millions of years. Each of the family would have a Martial Dao master guarding the family.

    Meanwhile, the Unparalleled Sword had killed four masters on his own. His battle result was comparable with Mad Southern Ye’s.

    It was no wonder that the chief assumed that the Unparalleled Sword could threaten Mad Southern Ye. Apart from just threatening, their ability might even be on par.

    “Chief, do you mean we’ll use the Unparalleled Sword to fight Mad Southern Ye? But will he listen to us?” Feng Kuohai was half-happy and half-worried.

    “We won’t have to worry about that for now.” The man behind the stone door paused and proceeded to say, “Mad Southern Ye will have to face Bai Zhanyuan now. If Bai Zhanyuan kills him, then the Unparalleled Sword won’t have to do it, but if Bai Zhanyuan dies, then we’ll get the Unparalleled Sword to fight.

    “Didn’t the Unparalleled Sword have a three-month agreement with Unquestionable Jian? Now that Mad Southern Ye has killed Unquestionable Jian while Mad Southern Ye is well-versed in swordsmanship, I’m sure the Unparalleled Sword will challenge Mad Southern Ye since he’s a Sword Lunatic!”

    Feng Kuohai was over the moon at that moment. He was in awe. “Chief, you are wise. A person such as the Unparalleled Sword looks up to nobody. He has disdain toward the world and is confident in himself. He’s just like Mad Southern Ye. One of them will definitely die if they were to fight!”

    He was secretly elated.


    Night had fallen. After Su Yuhan and Mengmeng fell asleep, Ye Chen got up and walked to the room where Su Tao was captured.

    Su Tao was miserable. Ye Chen had broken both of his legs earlier and extracted blood from him. He was like a mummy now, but he was still alive.

    “Tell me everything about Bai Zhanyuan, then I’ll consider killing you once and for all!” Ye Chen looked at him in a condescending manner.

    Su Tao moved his lips while resentment filled his face. “Are you scared now?”

    Ye Chen frowned and said nothing. He extended his arm and pressed his hand on his head directly to perform the Soul Searching Tactic forcefully. Su Tao felt like his head was going to explode under the powerful impact coming from Ye Chen’s Divine Consciousness. He was in pain.

    Soon, Ye Chen recalled his arm and peered at Su Tao who was on the ground. He was drooling and giggling as he had become retarded now.

    That was the consequence of the Soul Searching Tactic.

    “Bai Zhanyuan, the Ghost Rider Sect…”

    Ye Chen looked cold, finally understanding Bai Zhanyuan now.

    This person’s identity was mysterious as he had only appeared in the world a year ago. He found the Ghost Rider Sect ruins and seal remnant, so he wanted to use Su Yuhan’s pure yin blood to open the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate in order to retrieve the sect’s inheritance.

    That was the reason why Su Tao, Wei Wuya, Unquestionable Jian, and the rest were willing to be his dogs. They wanted to get some of the Ghost Rider Sect’s inheritance.

    “Bai Zhanyuan, so is this your true goal? It’s unfortunate that you’ve encountered me. Everything will come to an end now!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly.

    There was majestic killing intent in his tone that seemed calm!