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Chapter 226 - Your Husband is Very Powerful Now

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 226: Your Husband is Very Powerful Now

    Su Yuhan jolted when she sensed the killing intent coming from Ye Chen. “You dummy, y-you’re going to kill again?”

    She immediately guessed that Ye Chen was going to kill Bai Zhanyuan.

    “I can’t stand anyone coveting my woman. I even despise that.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly with a bitter expression.

    Although he had no idea who Bai Zhanyuan was and why he desired Su Yuhan, none of those were important. The important thing was that he was already a dead man to Ye Chen.

    Su Yuhan looked mesmerized in her eyes after hearing the overbearing manner in which he was speaking. She hugged him by instinct. “I heard from Su Tao that this Bai comes from a mysterious place and is very powerful. Dummy, I-I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

    Ye Chen caressed her beautiful face softly as he said calmly with a smile, “You must believe in your husband. Not only am I great in bed, but I’m also invincible in battles!”


    Su Yuhan’s pretty face blushed and she teased him fiercely, “If you don’t stop your nonsense, I-I’ll ignore you.”

    They had spent two hours in bed the last time. Being the princess she was, she could not bear Ye Chen’s spanking. She still felt sore until now.

    She blushed so hard that even her ears were red as she thought about it.

    Ye Chen laughed out loud and kissed her lips. “Don’t worry. Your husband is very powerful now. I’m the No. 1 master, No. 1 in China, and No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard. Nobody can harm me. I’ll bring you to meet my parents after I’m done with Bai.”

    “Alright.” Su Yuhan nodded softly and pleaded again, “You must be careful no matter what. We’ve finally reunited as a family. I don’t want much. All I want is to spend the rest of my life happy.”

    She could not help but roll her eyes at Ye Chen as she spoke, “Also, Mengmeng is still so young. You’re her dad. You can’t let violence get into her head or kill in front of her.”

    Apart from surprise, she was overwhelmed with shock when Ye Chen had picked her up. She would never forget the cold bodies scattered all over the ground at the entrance of the Dharma Zen Temple yesterday.

    She had been so shocked as an adult, let alone a kid.

    Ye Chen nodded while smiling, but he did not take that to heart. The reason being as Ye Chen’s daughter, Mengmeng, was destined to be different from regular people who were scared of gore and weapons.

    After all, she would have to experience that sooner or later. He thought it made sense for her to experience it now so that she would be mentally prepared instead of being close-minded after her character was shaped.

    When she saw his face, Su Yuhan knew that he did not take her seriously. Just when she was going to say something, the little girl knocked on the door outside.

    “Daddy, Mommy, open the door,” the little girl was complaining as she thumped on the door.

    Shocked, Su Yuhan walked over to open the door after putting her clothes on immediately. She staggered and almost fell onto the floor after taking a few steps out.

    “What’s wrong?” Ye Chen got over to help her up instantly.

    Su Yuhan inhaled softly and glared at him before blaming him, “It’s all your fault. You wanted to do it so many times last night that I’m still in pain.”

    “Do you want me to give you a massage?” Ye Chen rubbed his nose nonchalantly and smiled.

    “Go away!” she yelled in a playful manner.


    At that moment, the door was pushed onto the ground as a loud thud came. Both of them were shocked and they looked over by instinct.

    They saw the little girl standing at the door, still sleepy. She looked at her hands then at the door on the ground. Terrified, she had no idea what to do as she looked like a guilty criminal.

    “Daddy, I-I didn’t mean to do that.”

    All she did was push it a few times softly and it had collapsed.

    Ye Chen realized what happened and walked over to pick her up. “It’s alright, it’s alright. Daddy isn’t blaming you.”

    The little girl had eaten too many medicinal pills. Although she did not refine them, the pills changed her body as time passed by.

    “Yes, it’s not your fault.” Su Yuhan picked her up and asked in a loving manner. “Mengmeng, are you hungry? Mommy will make breakfast for you now.”

    “I’m hungry, Mommy. I want eggs.” The little girl’s stomach was growling.

    “Alright, Mommy will make breakfast for my little darling after I’ve washed up.” Su Yuhan smiled and walked out while carrying the little girl. However, she walked in a funny way whereby she was limping.

    Ye Chen walked out after he changed. He saw a pretty silhouette standing at the living room doorway. It was Su Youwei.

    “W-why are you here?” Su Youwei was stunned when she saw him. Subsequently, she looked around in a blur. “Also, w-where am I?”

    She had just woken up. All she could recall was the day when the Su family held the wedding. Su Tao had gotten his men to lock her up in the back courtyard. When she had sobbed as she thought of her sister, an earthquake occurred. A big wok had fallen and covered her within, then she had passed out.

    Ye Chen was rather distant. He was not exactly nice to this sister-in-law of his. Just when he was going to speak, he saw Su Yuhan walk out with a serving of egg.

    “Sister?” Su Youwei stared with her eyes wide open.

    Su Yuhan smiled. “Weiwei, you’re awake. Come have breakfast. I was just going to wake you.”

    Dumbstruck, Su Youwei ran over to hug Su Yuhan. She said emotionally, “Sister, why are you here? Didn’t Cousin lock you up?”

    “It was your brother-in-law who saved me.” Su Yuhan placed the breakfast on the table and told her what happened while smiling.

    While being overcome by shock, Su Youwei had a complicated expression after hearing what happened. “Ye Chen, did you really destroy my family?”

    Although she heard from Su Tao that Ye Chen had come back to save her sister, she assumed it was just a threat. She did not have much hope for him but never had she thought that Ye Chen would have really made it.

    Ye Chen nodded coldly.

    Su Yuhan, who was standing aside, noticed that there seemed to be some conflict between them. She said while smiling, “Forget it. Let’s not talk about that. Let’s eat.”

    She returned to the kitchen and brought out four bowls of noodles. Then, she carried Mengmeng in her arms. “How’s Mommy’s cooking?”

    The little girl’s face sank after taking a bite. “It’s a little salty.”

    Su Yuhan tasted the food and found out that what Mengmeng said was true. She turned pink in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. It’s been a long time since I last cooked, so I used a little too much salt.”

    Ye Chen smiled and got up to get a glass of water for them.

    “Thank you, Daddy.” The little girl smiled at Ye Chen courteously in a sweet manner while Su Yuhan said nothing.

    The little girl was upset now, so she pouted and said, “Mommy, Daddy got you a glass of water. Why didn’t you say thank you? My teacher taught me that we must be courteous.”

    Su Yuhan was slightly stunned to hear that.

    Ye Chen almost laughed out loud. This silly girl was so cute when she was serious. Did she not know that they were a family whereby they did not have to be so courteous to each other?

    Su Yuhan was embarrassed, and the expression on her face was interesting. She hesitated and looked at Ye Chen in an accusing manner and said, “Thank you. Thank you for teaching our daughter so well that she’s teaching me, her mother, now.”

    Ye Chen coughed and said nothing.

    Su Yuhan rolled her eyes at the little girl annoyedly. “Are you happy that Mommy said that?”

    Never did she expect the little girl to shake her head and answer in all seriousness, “No, Mommy, you said it wrong. You should say, ‘thank you, Hubby’.”

    Su Yuhan’s cheeks were blushing as soon as Mengmeng said that. Even the tips of her ears were red. She said angrily, “You’re just a kid. Don’t talk nonsense about the adults.”

    ‘Is she asking me to call that dummy ‘Hubby’ in front of outsiders? It’s impossible for me to do that! Is she really my daughter? Could that nurse have gotten the wrong baby from the nursery when I gave birth to her at the hospital?’

    “Cough, cough!”

    Ye Chen kept coughing and signaled the little girl. ‘You did great. Your Mommy needs a little devil like you to teach her a lesson.’