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Chapter 225 - Give Mengmeng A Brother?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 225: Give Mengmeng A Brother?

    Su Yuhan’s heart was pounding hard.

    Especially after feeling Ye Chen’s naughty hands, her soft body went weak. She let go of her hands that were grabbing onto his by instinct as she had her guard down.

    Ye Chen held her hard upon sensing her fighting him. He was so close to her ear that both of them were stuck together. They could feel the burning desire and heartbeats in each others’ bodies.

    “Let all be in the past. I swear that I’ll only love you in this world throughout my whole life. I’ll no longer let anyone harm you, more so let anyone take you away from me. Yuhan, without you guys, what’s the meaning of me being indestructible and immortal?”

    That was almost the sweetest thing that Ye Chen had ever said.

    At the beginning of traveling to the cultivation world, it was his parents and the beauty next to him that had given him the strength to live. They provided him with an invisible support throughout the 3,000 years of misery.

    Throughout the 3,000 years, he had never fallen in love with any other woman. He ignored the so-called virgins and goddesses in the cultivation world.

    Ever since he became a Heavenly Emperor, hundreds of tribes brought outstanding women to him, but he dismissed all of them.

    At that moment, a buzz was echoing in Su Yuhan’s head as if there were countless mosquitoes flying around her ears after hearing such a moving promise.

    ‘Dummy, you’re such a dummy!’ Her eyes were mesmerized as she was in love.

    ‘We’re both 30 now, but you still look like how you were five years ago when you were 25 or 26 while I look older now. You dummy, I’m scared that you’ll leave me for my looks!’

    Her eyes were rather wet while her body temperature was rising quickly from Ye Chen’s breath on her face when he spoke. She was feeling hot.

    Ye Chen held his head low and seized the moment to kiss her red lips.

    Su Yuhan giggled when a soft voice whispered into her ear, “Why don’t we give Mengmeng a brother?”

    Give Mengmeng a brother?

    Su Yuhan was stunned.

    “Hmm…” She regained her senses a little bit as she was in a blur. “N-no, Mengmeng is right next to us…”

    “Alright, I’ll carry her to the next room now.” Ye Chen shook his head in between tears and laughter. He got up and carried their daughter to the room next door where Su Youwei was sleeping soundly at that moment.

    He placed their daughter next to Su Youwei. After tucking her in, he returned to his room quietly and cuddled Su Yuhan again.

    Su Yuhan took a deep breath as her cheeks were blushing. “You naughty thing, must you rush into this?”

    Although she was experienced and had already given birth to Mengmeng, she was not mentally prepared since it came out of nowhere.

    “What do you think?” Ye Chen panted and went in for another kiss.

    Although Su Yuhan did not mention it, he could feel that apart from excitement, there was a little resistance from her since they met again. There was an unfamiliar feeling since they had parted for five years.

    ‘I must get some action going tonight no matter what!’ What Ye Chen wanted was simple. He was only a man after all, so how could he just stay next to the beauty and watch her sleep?

    Su Yuhan’s body was burning from his flirting. Her eyes were mesmerized and she was hooked.

    “You dummy…”

    A suppressive voice was heard while lightning and thunder rumbled as if a storm was coming.

    Spring was in the room.


    Two hours later, Ye Chen lay his head on the bed head and lit a cigarette. He took a puff slowly. Then, he held his head low to look at Su Yuhan who was like a kitten in his embrace.

    She had fallen asleep, but her pretty face was flushing. There was a trace of tears on her face. Whipping did not seem to be her thing.

    Ye Chen extended his hand to comb her messy hair on her forehead. He looked at the face that he had been waiting for for 3,000 years with an extremely gentle gaze.

    ‘Yuhan! You’ve been waiting for me for five years! Haven’t I been missing you for 3,000 years? Throughout the 3,000 years, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t miss you. Without you and me, what’s the meaning of being immortal and indestructible?’

    He found out that Su Yuhan had a rare pure yin body, thus she would accelerate his cultivation speed after sexual intercourse.

    Such a body would only be destined to become the cultivation tool of all sorts of almighty and disgusting monsters in the cultivation world.

    He hesitated and pounded his chest so that a drop of golden blood was expelled out of his mouth. The golden blood was boiling as it contained majestic energy.

    It was one of his three drops of Heart Blood. To be exact, he only had two drops left. He had given the first one to his daughter, Mengmeng, to suppress the toxins in her body.

    Ye Chen flicked his fingers between Su Yuhan’s brows. The drop of golden blood penetrated her body. At the same time, a maniacal force imploded in her body.

    Su Yuhan’s face turned pale while she showed signs of exploding. Ye Chen stretched his hand and pressed the drop of Heart Blood into her body to prevent it from exploding and spreading.

    No regular person could refine his Heart Blood. One would die of an explosion if they were to take it in by force. That was the reason why Ye Chen sealed the drop of Heart Blood in Mengmeng after it penetrated her body.

    It would take a long time to absorb the Heart Blood slowly. Meanwhile, Su Yuhan’s body would grow stronger from the absorption.

    Su Yuhan only regained color on her face after the Heart Blood was suppressed. Ye Chen held her hand softly and laid down with her. Then, he fell asleep.

    He would usually spend his night in cultivation. However, he did not cultivate that night. Instead, with his body tangled with Su Yuhan’s, he had a good night’s sleep.

    It was the calmest night he ever had since returning to Earth.

    He slept all the way to 9 a.m. the next day when he was tricked to wake up.

    When Ye Chen opened his eyes, he realized that Su Yuhan lay on his body and tickled his nose with her hair. She was smirking.

    Noticing that he had woken up, she panicked and wanted to get up by instinct.

    In the next second, a hand grasped onto her, so she fell back onto Ye Chen’s body.

    Ye Chen’s eyes were gentle. “Why did you wake up so early? Let’s sleep in a little bit more.”

    “The sun is burning your butt and you’re still sleeping. Moreover, I need to make Mengmeng breakfast.” Su Yuhan kissed his lips and retreated quickly. She looked at him while blinking her beautiful eyes and smiled slyly. “My Heavenly Emperor, when will you marry your humble one?”

    Since what happened last night, there was no longer a gap between them.

    “I’ll marry you soon!” Ye Chen combed his hand through her messy, long hair and said gently, “I’ll give you a grand, majestic wedding and I’ll make you the happiest bride in the whole world.”

    The smile on his face faded as he spoke to this point. As he squinted, his eyes were cold. “But before that, there’s someone that I need to kill!”