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Chapter 224 - Su Yuhan’s Affection!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 224: Su Yuhan’s Affection!

    “Douchebag Ye?” Ye Chen was slightly stunned. “Wait, since when did I get that nickname?”

    “You abandoned your wife and daughter while you disappeared for five years. Tell me how are you not a douchebag?” Su Yuhan scoffed as she was filled with resentment. Nobody knew if she was really mad or just pretending.

    Upon hearing that, Ye Chen secretly sighed and held her hand by instinct. “It’s my fault. I owe it to you and Mengmeng, but I guarantee that I’ll never leave you guys behind.”

    Indeed, he was at fault. He was not going to push the blame away anyway. Since it had already happened, it was futile no matter how much guilt he was feeling. Moreover, he had already destroyed the culprit which was the Su family.

    Su Yuhan withdrew her hand and pretended not to hear him. However, the smile at the corner of her lips betrayed her.

    Ye Chen scratched his nose and smiled. “Moreover, who else would you marry if not me?”

    He had been a straightforward man five years ago and was terrible at flirting. All of the lovey-dovey things that he used to say to Su Yuhan were copied somewhere online. After his journey in the cultivation world and killing for 3,000 years, he was now a man of steel.

    “It’s hard to say.” Su Yuhan smirked slyly. “Why don’t I go to the streets and get Mengmeng a deadbeat daddy?”

    “You wouldn’t dare!” Ye Chen objected almost immediately, “I’ll kill one if you find one. I’ll kill a pair if you find two. Nobody can lay their fingers on my wife!”

    “Lower your voice. Don’t wake the little girl!” Su Yuhan jolted and peeped at the little girl on the bed. She was relieved that she did not wake up.

    “Yuhan, can you forgive me?” Ye Chen begged.

    “That’ll depend on my mood. I’m going to shower.” She got up proudly and walked into the bathroom. Soon, there was the sound of the shower running in there.

    “Cough, cough, cough!”

    At that moment, someone coughed outside the door.

    Ye Chen scanned with his Divine Consciousness and saw Lin Tai standing at the door. He seemed to be looking for him. He got up and walked to the door. “What’s up?”

    “Cough, cough!”

    Lin Tai peeped into the room and shoved something into Ye Chen’s hand while looking rather stiff. “Err, my lord, I’ll bring the people out. We’ll be sleeping somewhere else tonight, including that dog and the snake.”

    He turned around and left quickly after saying that without even waiting for Ye Chen’s response.

    ‘What does that mean?’ Ye Chen frowned at what Lin Tai gave him by instinct.

    It was a blue box.

    There were Chinese and English words written on it: “Durex Extra Safe…”

    The corner of Ye Chen’s lips twitched slightly. He wanted to go after that guy to ask what he meant by that. However, he stopped himself. He hesitated to throw that box away. Instead, he looked into the room and paced occasionally.

    What he had no idea was that it was the Patriarch of Hell who had gotten Lin Tai to buy that.

    Su Yuhan’s confused voice came from the room. “Ye Chen, why are you pacing outside?”

    “Nothing, nothing!” Ye Chen shook his head immediately. He looked at the box in his hand. With a deep breath, he put it away into the storage ring.


    A fragrance came sweeping when Ye Chen walked into the room. His eyes lit up when he looked again.

    Su Yuhan wore a beige nightgown at the moment. She was holding a hairdryer and blow-drying her wet hair with her back facing Ye Chen while bending over slightly.

    It was not that he had never seen that sight before. Even after so many years, he fell in love all over again after seeing that.

    Su Yuhan turned around and saw him staring at her after drying her hair. She could not help but raise her brows. “What are you looking at?”

    After Ye Chen snapped back to his senses, he said shamelessly, “Wifey, why are you so beautiful?”

    “Oh, stop it!” Su Yuhan blushed and rolled her eyes at him angrily. She walked to the bed, seeming to try to move the little girl to the middle of the bed.

    “Let me…let me do it!”

    Ye Chen walked over immediately and carried his daughter to sleep right in the middle of the big bed. He could not help but kiss her cheek when he looked at her sleeping soundly.

    Seizing the time when Su Yuhan was hanging the clothes, he took a shower and lay on the bed quietly.

    She saw him lying on the bed when she returned and was slightly stunned. “Why are you in my bed?”

    “Isn’t your bed my bed too?” Ye Chen said without even thinking.

    Su Yuhan flashed a mesmerizing smile at that moment. “My bed is your bed too?”

    Just when Ye Chen was going to nod, she chuckled. “Sleep in the next room. Only my daughter will sleep with me in my bed.”

    He knew that she was still mad at him, so he snickered and refused to get up. He laid still on the bed.

    A while later, Su Yuhan finally gave up. She knew that not only had this dummy became powerful throughout the five years that he disappeared, but his skin was also thicker now. She turned off the lights and went to bed. However, Mengmeng lay in between them.

    At that moment, the room was dark and quiet. She said nothing while Ye Chen had no idea what to say. They could only remain in that silence.

    Approximately half an hour later, Ye Chen turned the lights on and changed positions with his daughter while Su Yuhan was dumbstruck.

    “W-what are you doing?”

    Ye Chen said nothing as he flipped over to look at her. After taking a deep breath, he could not help but bury his head into her shoulder. “Are you still mad at me?”

    “Move your arm. Who told you that I’m mad at you?” She slapped his arm softly.

    Ye Chen refused to do that and smiled instead. “If you’re not mad at me, why are you asking me to sleep in the next room? We’ve been together for so long. Don’t tell me that you’re still shy.”

    He could not help but inch closer to her as he spoke. He was almost whispering, “Don’t be mad, Yuhan. Let me explain to you now…”

    Subsequently, Ye Chen summarized his story of being tossed into the river by Su Tao and his journey in the cultivation world that came out of nowhere. Although that was the case, the story went on for almost an hour.

    Su Yuhan only snapped back to her senses after being stunned for a few minutes upon hearing his story. She turned around to face Ye Chen and said softly, “Y-you mean you got your ability from the cultivation world?”

    This dummy cultivated for 3,000 years in the cultivation world?

    The Heavenly Emperor?

    She would definitely not have believed that if someone else were to tell her that. However, although she believed what Ye Chen said, she could not accept it right away.

    “Yes.” Ye Chen nodded. “I’ve been looking for Earth’s dimensional coordinates since I cultivated on the immortal stage. I couldn’t find them at all. There are up to 100 million tiny worlds such as Earth. Even if I did find them, Earth would be destroyed if I had landed because it can’t take my force. If I hadn’t fallen into the spatial tear, I might not have been able to see you guys now.”

    “You idiot, so you’ve been through so much throughout the five years!” Su Yuhan stretched her hands out and caressed his face. Her voice was choking. “It seems like I’ve misunderstood you. I-I’m sorry!”

    She hugged Ye Chen and began sobbing.

    Ye Chen patted her shoulders and comforted, “It’s alright. Aren’t I here now?”

    Sensing her beautiful fragrance, Ye Chen could not help but feel thirsty. He went in for a kiss.

    “Hmm!” Su Yuhan exclaimed.

    She only pushed him away a minute later. She was panting hard while holding his hands by instinct.