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Chapter 223 - In A Battle of Six, I’m the Only One Safe!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 223: In A Battle of Six, I’m the Only One Safe!

    The Great Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Formation was a soul-assimilation formation as well as a protective formation.

    Not only could this formation turn the dragon vein beneath the Imperial Wind Pavilion into spiritual energy for cultivation, but it also served as a protective shield for the Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    As soon as the formation was activated, the entire Imperial Wind Pavilion would be covered within as if it was an invisible steel wok that had been turned over.

    Therefore, Wei Wuya, Master Jiesha, and the Ku Rong Old Men, who were in shock after witnessing Ye Chen killing Unquestionable Jian, slammed into the formation shield when they were attempting to run by instinct. The four of them were thrown back one after another.

    Horrified, they thought they had encountered something supernatural.

    “I-Is this a formation?!” Master Jiesha’s lips quivered. His face was filled with disbelief after seemingly recalling something.

    To regular people, the concept of formations remained in Three Kingdoms, such as Zhuge Liang’s Eight Trigrams Formation.

    However, he had witnessed a formation’s power in real life. 20 years ago, he had followed his master to perform an alms-begging ritual and saw a family on a hillside by accident.

    Surprised, the master and disciple wanted to go over to ask for a bowl of water. However, a white mist appeared from the ground when they were passing through the woods. The trees around them were moving which trapped them throughout the night. Eventually, it was that family’s master who released them and sent them off the hill.

    Since then, Master Jiesha learned about the existence of formations.

    What shocked him the most was that the formation that he saw 20 years ago could only use trees to trap someone. However, Ye Chen’s formation seemed to appear out of thin air.

    Would that not mean that his formation was even more powerful than the man he met 20 years ago?

    Master Jiesha did something out of nowhere as he thought about this point. He knelt before Ye Chen directly and begged, “I surrender. Please spare my life, Mr. Ye!”

    He was regretful at that moment. If he had known that Ye Chen had the ability to kill five masters, he would not have come no matter what. Now, the five of them could do nothing to Ye Chen. Instead, Ye Chen had killed Unquestionable Jian while they were stuck in the formation.

    He could only live by surrendering!

    As soon as he said that, Wei Wuya and the Ku Rong Old Men turned their heads to look at him in disbelief. ‘You’re a monk from the Dharma Zen Temple, yet now you’re kneeling and begging just to get your life spared?’

    Ye Chen walked to him one step after another. As he looked at him in a condescending manner, a grin appeared at the corner of his lips. “Do you want me to let you go?”

    “That’s right, Mr. Ye. As long as you spare my life, I’m willing to yield to you!”

    Master Jiesha was horrified. He kowtowed as if he was crushing garlic with his head. “Although I’m not ranked on the Heaven Leaderboard, I’d like to think that my ability could be ranked top ten on the leaderboard. It’ll be more beneficial to keep me alive than killing me!”

    He was secretly hopeful after saying that. To him, although Ye Chen might not agree instantly, he could at least consider that for a couple of seconds.

    “You want to be my dog? You’re not worthy. Moreover, I’ve said that all of you must die today!” Ye Chen grinned and slammed his palm directly on Master Jiesha’s head.

    Sensing the killing intent coming from the top of his head, Master Jiesha stretched his arm out to block the attack by instinct. At the same time, he shouted in denial, “No!”


    His arm was crushed by Ye Chen’s palm. In the next second, the palm landed on his head directly, and a terrifying force penetrated his skull.


    Master Jiesha’s head exploded into a ball of bloody mist instantly.

    There was dead silence at the scene.

    Another master had died!

    Wei Wuya and the Ku Rong Old Men gulped hard as intense fear filled their eyes. After Unquestionable Jian’s death, Master Jiesha was killed too. They were the only three people left.

    “Kill him!” the three of them shouted and released powerful energy from their bodies. They charged at Ye Chen at the same time while insanity sparkled in their eyes.

    ‘Let’s just try our best since we’re going to die no matter what!’

    “Die, you three pieces of trash!” Ye Chen threw a punch at Wei Wuya ferociously as explosions were heard. The punch was as fast as lightning, and it came in a condescending manner.

    Wei Wuya had a drastic change of expression. He could not help but activate his protective qi barrier by instinct upon seeing Ye Chen’s punch about to land on him.


    A fist landed on him. As a crisp sound was heard, his protective qi barrier was crushed by the punch. Nevertheless, the punch was still going strong. Eventually, it crushed his chest hard.

    Wei Wuya’s chest sunk deep at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye!

    Ye Chen’s fist plunged through his chest directly. Fresh blood dripped onto the ground and dyed the ground red. It was a horrifying scene.

    “You…” Wei Weya held his head down strenuously to look at his chest. He gaped at Ye Chen, his lips quivering. Subsequently, he fell backward and died.

    The Martial Dao master who ranked No. 9 on the Heaven Leaderboard was killed!

    Ye Chen actually killed him by punching a hole through his chest!

    After witnessing that, the Ku Rong Old Men’s bodies shook terribly while their faces were pale.

    “Are you guys going to kill yourselves or do you want me to do it?” Ye Chen’s eyes locked onto the duo, his grin was cold.

    The Ku Rong Old Men looked at each other before running into the house. They seemed to be attempting to take someone in the house hostage.

    “Haha!” A ferocious gleam flashed through Ye Chen’s face.

    What he loathed the most was people attacking his family! It completely triggered him!

    The Almighty Killer Sword appeared in his hand. Just when the Ku Rong Old Men leaped a few steps out, Ye Chen swung the sword which unleashed sword qi. The Ku Rong Old Men felt a bone-piercing chill coming behind them, so they turned their heads to look by instinct as indestructible sword qi came toward them.

    They shrieked in devastation. Before they managed to dodge, two heads landed on the ground and rolled a few meters away.

    A swing of a sword!

    It was merely a swing of a sword!

    The Ku Rong Old Men, the two mastery innate-stage Martial Dao masters died by Ye Chen’s hands completely.

    Including the Unquestionable Sword, Wei Wuya, and Master Jiesha, he killed all the five masters that came today!

    Nobody’s lives were spared!

    The Patriarch of Hell, who thought he was going to watch a show, jolted by instinct. ‘Damn it! This devil has grown more powerful again. When will my life ever turn around?’

    Although he was having those thoughts, the patriarch walked to Ye Chen while wagging his tail. He said to butter him up, “Congratulations for killing five Martial Dao masters, Master. My respect for you is as great as a—”

    “Get lost!” Ye Chen waved and interrupted him. He grinned while looking at the five bodies on the ground. “Bai Zhanyuan and the Martial Alliance, you guys must be courting death!”

    Lin Tai appeared out of thin air. He said respectfully, “My lord, what are we going to do with these bodies?”

    “Sever their heads and bury the remains!”

    Ye Chen shook his head slightly and returned to the house after saying that. He saw Su Yuhan sitting on the bed while watching her daughter who was fast asleep as love filled her face. Her lashes were slightly curled, and her exquisite, pretty face was mixed with guilt and sympathy.

    It had been two years since she last saw her daughter who had grown taller and chubbier.

    Ye Chen walked over, he no longer had the killer aura on him. He said while chuckling softly, “Wifey, why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

    Su Yuhan’s cheeks blushed to hear the word ‘wifey’. She peered outside by instinct and rolled her eyes at him. “Are you seeking death? Why did you call me that? You startled me.”

    “How did I startle you? You’re the mother of our child. Shouldn’t I call you wifey?” Ye Chen said, looking innocent.

    “Oh, please!” Su Yuhan interrupted him and said angrily, “You didn’t marry me. Don’t you dare take advantage of me.”

    “That’s simple. I’ll marry you when I’m done handling something. I’ll send eight sedan chairs to marry you!” Ye Chen was in between laughter and tears hearing that.

    The man, who was so overbearing to outsiders and would kill without blinking, would only show his true feelings before Su Yuhan and his daughter.

    Su Yuhan squinted and looked at him in a teasing manner. “You wish! Douchebag Ye, when did I ever agree to marry you?”