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Chapter 222 - You Call Yourself A Sword God When You Haven’t Even Comprehended Sword Dao?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 222: You Call Yourself A Sword God When You Haven’t Even Comprehended Sword Dao?

    “Oh no! I can’t believe that this man’s comprehension of the Death Sound Method is so high that he can materialize the music!” Master Jiesha exclaimed. After taking a deep breath, he removed the prayer beads before his chest and formed a 卍 seal with both hands to greet the sharp sabers that had materialized.

    The five of them shouted at the same time as energy exploded out of their body before consolidating into a green protective qi barrier before them.

    It was the protective qi barrier that belonged to Martial Dao masters. Neither did it fear sabers and axes nor did it fear small and medium caliber rifles.

    Bang, bang, bang!

    As a series of loud thuds came, seven sharp sabers hit the five of them accurately. The prayer beads in Master Jiesha’s hands that had formed the 卍 seal were crushed by a saber. He shrieked when he was thrown out hard.

    All of the protective qi barriers before their chests were crushed from the thuds. Fortunately, the sharp music sabers earlier were smashed too.

    At that moment, the five of them had low spirits as if they had just recovered from a critical illness. Fear filled their eyes when they looked at Ye Chen again, especially the Ku Rong Old Men. Both of them were Martial Alliance members, and they had seen everything that went on with the fight with the three masters earlier. The Martial Alliance had yet to figure out that Ye Chen’s ability was this terrifying.

    ‘Can this man’s cultivation base have improved since then?’ The Ku Rong Old Men looked at each other as they thought to this point. They saw fear and a sense of retreat in each other’s eyes.

    Unquestionable Jian and Wei Wuya were horrified too. It was just that their pride hindered them from yielding.

    Master Jiesha got up from the ground, there was blood at the corner of his lips. He spoke while pressing down the shock in him, “Guys, we must kill Mad Southern Ye today. If he takes revenge in the future, we can only imagine the consequences.”

    They had a slight change in expression hearing that. What Master Jiesha said was right. If the five of them were not Mad Southern Ye’s match, it would be even worse if they had to fight him alone.

    Since this was how events had developed, there was no turning back, so why should they not give their all to kill Mad Southern Ye now?

    “Five masters? One is No. 9 on the Heaven Leaderboard, another is No. 10, one is a monk from the Dharma Zen Temple, and two of you are Martial Alliance elders!” Ye Chen chuckled softly, “You guys can’t even defend against my music. How dare you say that you’re going to kill me? You guys are just con artists.”

    He nodded slightly as he spoke to this point, seeming to sympathize with them. “Today, five Martial Dao masters will die in my hands!”

    “Mad Southern Ye, get over yourself!” Unquestionable Jian wiped the blood at the corner of his lips and lifted his eyes to glare extremely coldly at Ye Chen. Subsequently, a chill was released slowly from his right hand that he placed behind his back.

    The chill was getting intense and soon turned into frost. A layer of frost consolidated into a huge white sword quickly. At approximately three meters long, majestic sword intent came whistling in the air.

    At that moment, the aura on Unquestionable Jian’s body changed. If he was a blunt sword that had yet to be sharpened earlier, then he was a sharp sword that had just been whetted now.

    His aura caused the five of them to have a slight change in expression. They felt like Unquestionable Jian had transformed into someone else.

    “I’ll show you my Sword Qi Thread!” Unquestionable Jian held the white sword that was over three meters long and charged at Ye Chen after it turned into a sword gleam. The gleam was glaring as if it was going to tear heaven and earth apart.

    Meanwhile, there were green, thin threads splitting at the tip of the sword. The threads were like tentacles whereby they stretched out in a maniacal manner. They were growing with the wind as if they were going to wrap Ye Chen within them.


    Ye Chen’s hands pressed the strings. At that moment, seven daggers shot out of the seven strings.

    The first one broke the green threads on Unquestionable Jian’s white sword directly. The dagger then faded while the second one followed and the third one caught up.

    Unquestionable Jian felt his arm shake as the white sword almost fell out of his hand.

    “Cut them!” Facing the sound daggers that were coming at him, he shouted and swung his sword at the remaining six daggers with a majestic sweep.

    Ding, ding, ding!

    Five daggers crashed into the white sword. The sword could no longer take it eventually and faded with the five daggers.

    The last dagger pierced deep into Unquestionable Jian’s throat immediately as it charged out with a whistle.

    Unquestionable Jian’s body froze. If one were to look closer, they would realize that the dagger was lodged more than five centimeters in his neck.

    A bloody trail flowed slowly from his neck. The light in Unquestionable Jian’s eyes faded, and his body eventually slammed hard to the ground.

    The Sword God of the generation, Unquestionable Jian, had just been killed by Ye Chen. He did not even survive until the ultimate battle with the Unparalleled Sword.

    From now on, there was no more Eastern Superior, Western Overlord, Mad Southern, Northern Devil, or Unquestionable Sword. Mad Southern Ye was the only one left.

    He proved to the world with his ability that nobody could be equal with him, Mad Southern Ye!

    There was dead silence at the scene. Wei Wuya, Master Jiesha, and the Ku Rong Old Men watched in shock.

    Was the No. 10 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Unquestionable Jian, killed just like that?

    “You call yourself a Sword God when you haven’t even comprehended Sword Dao? Piece of trash!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly and looked at the remaining four of them without even glancing at the corpse. His voice was extremely cold as he declared, “Unquestionable Jian is dead now. It’s all of your turns now!”

    “Oh, no! Retreat!” Wei Wuya could no longer suppress the fear within him. He lost his rationality and screamed as he took the lead to leap toward the entrance of the Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    Master Jiesha and the Ku Rong Old Men were secretly screaming inside themselves. ‘Damn it! How did this happen?! We always misjudge Mad Southern Ye’s ability. This man is crazy to have improved so quickly!’

    “Since you guys are here, leave your lives behind. Nobody who wants to kill me, Ye Chen, will live!” Ye Chen smirked in disdain before he performed hand seals with both his hands instantly. Subsequently, he lifted his arms and charged in the direction of the Imperial Wind Pavilion’s artificial lake. A golden seal shot out and integrated with the artificial lake.

    At that moment, the entire Imperial Wind Pavilion shook. Golden light pillars shot up from the nine corners of the Imperial Wind Pavilion. Meanwhile, the last pillar came out of the artificial lake.

    Within the span of a few breaths, the light pillars in every corner of the Imperial Wind Pavilion connected and formed a golden shield, covering the entire Imperial Wind Pavilion within.

    Wei Wuya, who ran in front, was over the moon to see the entrance was just before him. He activated his energy to accelerate.

    However, he felt as if he had slammed into an invisible metal door when he got to the door. A powerful impact reflected against him, throwing him out like a torn burlap bag.

    Master Jiesha and the Ku Rong Old Men were also thrown back by the Great Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Formation’s restrictive shield.

    At that moment, the four of them were horrified!

    What exactly was that?!