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Chapter 221 - A General’s Mandate is More Powerful than Having A Million Soldiers!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 221: A General’s Mandate is More Powerful than Having A Million Soldiers!

    “Send me off? Interesting!” Ye Chen squinted and asked fiercely, “Was it the Martial Alliance who sent you guys to kill me?”

    “That’s right!” Old Man Rong of the Ku Rong Old Men nodded and said, “Mad Southern Ye, you killed the innocent just because you possess a little bit of cultivation base. Let’s use Yuan Bupo as an example. If you didn’t kill his disciples, would he have come after you? And Northern Devil Jiang…if you hadn’t destroyed the Song family, would he have resented you?

    “As the alliance for ancient martial artists, we the Martial Alliance naturally have rules of our own. How are we going to maintain our reputation if we don’t kill you?”

    Ye Chen was amused now. “So. are you saying that I should accept my death just because I killed Yuan Bupo’s disciples? Then, do you know why I killed Yuan Bupo’s disciples? And why I destroyed the Song family?”

    “An eye for an eye. What’s wrong with that?” Old Man Ku said.

    “Sure!” Ye Chen smirked coldly. “From what you guys have said today, it seems like I need to spare some time to drop by your Martial Alliance headquarters since there’s no need for the Martial Alliance to exist!”

    “Get over yourself!” Old Man Rong scoffed.

    “Why do you guys bother talking to him?!” Unquestionable Jian interrupted Old Men Ku Rong and stared directly at Ye Chen. “Mad Southern Ye, we’re asking you this today. Have you ever regretted what you’ve done?”

    “Regret?” Ye Chen’s laughter shook the entire Imperial Wind Pavilion. “If I must think about something that I’ve regretted, it’d be wasting so much time to talk to a few old dogs like you guys. You five old dogs, get over here to accept your death!”

    The five of them were furious to hear his challenge. Energy exploded from their bodies at the same time.


    Five beams of energies shot through the air, causing the buildings in the Imperial Wind Pavilion to tremble faintly.

    Wei Wuya scowled. “Mad Southern Ye, you sure are arrogant. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll get yourself killed for saying that?”

    The Patriarch of Hell lay where he was quietly. He rolled his eyes, looking harmless. ‘Kill him, kill him!’

    Unquestionable Jian looked grim and scoffed too. Subsequently, he gave the other four of them around him an utterly cold stare. They then secretly nodded.

    In the next second, five majestic energy waves came sweeping. The extraordinarily powerful energy charged out like a waterfall. At that moment, the five of them attacked at the same time. They were attacking Ye Chen in an extremely tricky and brutal manner.

    Ye Chen stood in the air and watched their overbearing attacks. Disdain flashed through his eyes as he then grabbed onto the guqin before the Patriarch of Hell. The guqin flew to him, and a gravely cold voice came at the same time, “Let me show you how to play a guqin!”

    Ye Chen sat with one leg crossed over the other in the air as soon as he was done speaking. He placed the guqin on his thigh and lay ten fingers on top of the strings softly. As the strings were plucked, music that sounded like ancient battle drums were heard.

    The rhythm was very slow, and there was only a tone almost every second.

    Strum, strum, strum…

    Ye Chen spoke softly, “The wind blows at the city wall as the melancholic flute plays.”

    The five of them still charged at him despite hearing that. Wei Wuya laughed instinctively. “I can’t believe that you still have the mood to play an instrument and make up poems on the brink of your death. You should change your name to Pretentious King Ye!”

    “Is that the General’s Mandate?” Unquestionable Jian, on the other hand, had a slight change in expression. He heard the irregular rhythm of General’s Mandate in the melody Ye Chen played. It sounded like the three drum beats before war began in ancient times.

    “Kill him!” the Ku Rong Old Men shouted at the same time and took the lead to leap at Ye Chen.

    Strum, strum, strum…

    At that moment, Ye Chen’s strumming was one fold faster than before. The rhythm of the battle drum coming from the guqin accelerated.

    Then, the air around the guqin began to move.

    The Ku Rong Old Men had just taken a few leaps when they felt a jolt in their hearts which came out of nowhere. Their hearts seemed to be squeezed as though they were being smothered.

    The closer they got to Ye Chen, the more frequent the jolts got. They could not help but stop moving as they were secretly horrified.

    “Something is wrong with his instrument!” Old Man Ku’s expression changed and he looked shocked as if he just realized something.

    Master Jiasha said immediately, “This man is an expert in the Death Sound Method. We can’t let him play any further. Let’s attack him together to get it over with!

    “Although music can soothe one’s mood and pick one up, it can be used to kill too. Especially with a cultivator who can pour his mind and cultivation into the strings, the power that comes from the strumming will be immensely powerful.

    “I’ve met a strange lady who would carry a guqin no matter where she went. At that time, a gangster was in love with her beauty. He wanted to conquer her, thus enraging her.

    “She carried the guqin and walked to the roof of the gangster’s headquarters to play a song directly. By the time the music ended, there were tens of bodies on the ground. All of them were bleeding from their noses, eyes, and mouths while their eardrums were pierced. It was devastating.”

    What Master Jiesha shared stunned the people. The five of them no longer held back as they released all of the energy in their bodies. The wind beneath their feet attacked Ye Chen from five different directions.

    At that same time, Ye Chen’s cold voice was heard again, “Sunset in the desert, a crescent moon in the sky!”

    At that moment, his hands that were plucking the strings accelerated again. His ten fingers were dancing, and powerful energy exploded out of the strings each time he plucked them. They were like invisible daggers charging in all directions.

    “Listening to the music of camel bells, coming home in my dreams.”

    The Patriarch of Hell was dumbstruck to witness that. His eyes were almost blinded by that. ‘Damn it! Nobody in this world can fight this devil for being pretentious. Even I admit that I’m no match for him. I surrender. It’s no wonder that this devil attracts beauties whenever he goes!’

    The five of them sensed an invisible energy charging at them when they were less than ten steps away from Ye Chen.

    Their expressions changed. They could not help but shout and activate the protective qi barrier.

    In the next second, invisible energy hit them. They felt majestic power hitting them to the extent that they could only stand still after retreating many steps back.

    “A meter-long sword in my hand, six letters by my bed!”

    The rhythm accelerated again as Ye Chen spoke, and his aura changed with it. If he had been copying the three drum beats before a war, then it sounded like he was blowing a horn now.

    Meanwhile, his hands that were plucking the strings were so fast that they were untraceable. One could only see the shadows of his fingers.

    The sound of a massacre at a war echoed as if there were millions of soldiers fighting a battle of life or death. It was pumped, excited, passionate, and cold all at the same time. It altered the rate of their heartbeats without them even knowing it.


    Wei Wuya spat a mouthful of blood out, looking terribly horrified. “Oh no, his music can alter a person’s mind!”

    “Guys, calm yourselves down!” Master Jiesha said by instinct.

    However, in the next second, Ye Chen’s hands that were plucking the strings were lifted and they subsequently returned to the strings. As if he had slammed the strings, the entire guqin shook lightly. A golden halo lingered around the guqin.

    Seven sharp sabers suddenly shot out of the seven strings on the guqin. A bright metallic gleam shone from the sabers. They were going after the five of them at an extremely swift speed while whistling in the wind.