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Chapter 220 - Five Masters Arrive at the Imperial Wind Pavilion in the Moonlight!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 220: Five Masters Arrive at the Imperial Wind Pavilion in the Moonlight!

    In a blur, Su Chongming dreamed of himself being at the ruins of the Su residence. He looked at the mess all over the place furiously. His expression was ferocious. “Mad Southern Ye, I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you!”

    “Really? Well, I’m here!”

    A cold voice came from behind him. Su Chongming turned his head to see a skinny young man walking over slowly with his arms behind his back.

    “Mad Southern Ye!” Su Chongming threw a punch at Ye Chen in his rage. However, Ye Chen gripped his fist instantly.

    As the cracking of joints was heard, Su Chongming’s hand crumpled. He shrieked in devastation and could not help but kneel onto the ground.

    “You’re not my match in real life, let alone in a dream!” Ye Chen crushed his head with a slam.

    Meanwhile, in reality, a traffic policeman was passing by. The police car pulled over upon seeing the crashed Highlander.

    Two traffic policemen walked over. They called the department with their phone after finding Su Chongming dead. They then realized that the man in the vehicle was a wanted criminal. The two police were then promoted and transferred to the Criminal Investigation Team.


    After Su Chongming’s death, Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness returned to his mudball palace. Meanwhile, sitting still in a lotus position, he opened his eyes slowly. A grin widened across his face. “The Su family has been destroyed!”

    Ignoring the countries and distance, he had killed the remaining 35 Su family members in the dream within an hour.

    Naturally, the 35 of them were the three generations of Sus. The bloodline further than three generations was diluted. Since Ye Chen’s cultivation base was lacking, he could not kill all of them.

    However, that was enough. The bloodline that went further than three generations might not be considered the Su family’s descendants after all.

    What puzzled him was that according to Su Tao, he had a brother named Su Qilin. Theoretically, the Bloodline Dream Manipulation should have included him. However, Ye Chen did not see any bloody sphere that belonged to Su Qilin.

    ‘If that’s the case, there are only two explanations. The first possibility is that this person must be too far away. Maybe he’s not even in this world, such as somewhere in the earthly paradise. The second possibility is that this man’s cultivation base currently surpasses mine. That’s why I can’t locate him.’

    Ye Chen frowned. No matter which explanation it was, it was upsetting to him. Su Qilin’s existence would be like a disease if he did not kill him.

    Nonetheless, he shook his head and tamped down his uneasiness. He got Lin Tai to lock up Su Tao while he returned to the Imperial Wind Pavilion garden.

    The Patriarch of Hell ran into the house and brought out a guqin that was twice his size. He sat on the floor and plucked the strings with two claws. He began playing a song from “The Smiling Proud Wanderer”.

    Ye Chen could not help but glance at him in utter surprise. ‘This old thing learns pretty quickly. I had no idea that he has a passion for other things.’

    At that moment, the music stopped. The Patriarch of Hell and Ye Chen looked at the entrance of the Imperial Wind Pavilion at the same time. A strong wind blew, whipping up gravel.

    The patriarch smirked. “Master, four Martial Dao masters are here for you. They sure look upon you highly.”

    “No, there are five of them!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    His cultivation base, as well as his Divine Consciousness, were higher than the patriarch. Therefore, he could see farther than the patriarch did.

    As soon as they spoke, five silhouettes flashed by the Imperial Wind Pavilion door like specters.

    Upon seeing the five men, the Patriarch of Hell began wagging his tail like a regular dog. However, he was secretly gloating. ‘These five guys have powerful abilities. Xiao Yezi will suffer this time. It’d be best if they killed him. Then, my life will turn around and I’ll live a happy life.’

    The five of them stopped when they arrived less than 50 steps away from Ye Chen. Clearly, they did not expect him to be out instead of sleeping since it was the middle of the night. They assumed that he was waiting for them.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly after scanning them with Divine Consciousness because he realized that the five men’s faces were rather unfamiliar to him.

    One of them wore a monk’s robes and looked kind. One had a square face that looked majestic without having to be furious. One had a cold charisma, and he looked like a sharp sword that was going to be pulled out of its scabbard. Meanwhile, the remaining two men were over 60 years old.

    The five of them were Martial Dao masters with majestic energy surrounding them. They were no weaker than people like Xue Xiao.

    “Are you Mad Southern Ye?” The middle-aged man with a square face among the five took a step forward and looked straight into Ye Chen’s eyes.

    Ye Chen smiled coldly and considered admitting his identity. “Since you guys are invading my territory, theoretically, shouldn’t you guys be introducing yourselves?”

    The five of them understood his underlying meaning.

    The square-faced middle-aged man smiled proudly with his arms behind his back. “I’m Wei Wuya of the Wei family.”

    “The No. 9 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Wei Yuya?” Ye Chen asked.

    Wei Yuya nodded coldly.

    “You merely rank No. 9 and you dare to come to my Imperial Wind Pavilion. Wei Yuya, are you courting death?” Ye Chen smirked in disdain.

    Wei Yuya was enraged. “You—”

    “What are you trying to say? If I were you, I would’ve found a place to hide. After all, it’s too embarrassing to be ranked No. 9 on the Heaven Leaderboard,” Ye Chen interrupted.

    Wei Yuya was pissed and almost passed out from fury.

    “Brother Wei, why be mad at a man who is going to die soon?” The middle-aged with the cold charisma smiled cruelly. He then looked at Ye Chen. “Mad Southern Ye, I’m Unquestionable Jian!”

    “The Unquestionable Jian of the Five Aces?” Ye Chen asked.

    “That’s right.” Unquestionable Jian nodded lightly.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “I’ve killed the Eastern Superior, the Western Overlord, the Southern Killer, and the Northern Devil of the Five Aces. Do you want to meet them in hell?”

    Unquestionable Jian’s face twitched hard before he said while smiling, “You live up to your name, Mad Southern Ye. Just like your name, you’re extremely mad!”

    “I’m Jiesha!” said the old kind-looking monk while pressing his palms together.

    “Jiesha?” Ye Chen chuckled softly. “I’ve never heard of that name. You should be named Jiese instead. My underlings don’t kill people that are insignificant. I’m giving you a chance to scram as far as you can!”

    Jiesha’s blood was boiling. “Mad Southern Ye, you killed my friend, Venerable Master Jinguang. I’m here to claim justice for him today.”

    “The sword in my hand is justice. There’s no rush to die. I’ll definitely fulfill your wish.” Ye Chen waved and looked at the last two old men. “The three of them informed their names before they died. How about you guys?”

    Before they died?

    The rest could no longer suppress the rage within them hearing that.

    The five of them came prepared today. It was more than enough for five masters to fight a single Mad Southern Ye. However, Ye Chen was so arrogant, so how could they not be mad?

    One of the two old men said emotionlessly, “We’re the brothers named the Ku Rong Old Men. We’re from the Martial Alliance and we’re here to send you off today!”