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Chapter 219 - Blood Connection, Dream Slaying!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 219: Blood Connection, Dream Slaying!

    Su Tao was horrified when he saw that. A bad feeling arose inside him.

    At that moment, he heard Ye Chen scream, “Blood Connection!”

    As soon as he said that, Ye Chen roughly grabbed Su Tao who was on the ground with his vacant hand. Red bloody threads shot out of Su Tao’s body. Those bloody threads integrated with the formation in the air.

    Su Tao stared with his eyes wide open and his body began to shrivel up. As if he was shrinking, his body was so dry that he looked like a mummy. Although that was the case, he was still breathing.

    Since the bloody threads integrated with the formation in the air that looked like a mirror, countless red light spheres appeared faintly in the formation.

    The light spheres came in various sizes. They were dense like red blood cells that medical science spoke of.

    “Blood Connection…Bridge Formation…Dream Slaying!”

    Ye Chen stretched his arm out and pointed at the space between his brows. Then, he pulled a spiritual consciousness out of his mudball palace by force. The spiritual consciousness turned into a mini Ye Chen and flew into the formation in the air.

    “Lin Tai, Patriarch, I’m going into the dream to kill. You guys stay here to protect me. Don’t let anyone touch my body,” Ye Chen ordered and subsequently sat in a lotus position. He closed his eyes and focused. Then, he flew directly into a bigger red sphere after entering the formation with the spiritual consciousness he had extracted earlier.

    He had yet to get to the God Transformation Stage, so he did not have a primordial spirit yet. Therefore, he could not perform a primordial spiritual escape and could only extract his spiritual consciousness.

    Meanwhile, the Dream Slaying method came from a cultivation world sect called the Internal Demon Sword Sect. As long as the bloodline was used to perform this method, anyone who was related to the bloodline would fall asleep at the same time.

    The patriarch of the sect was the Internal Demon Old Man. He was a genius who had created the Holy Internal Demon Scripture. People were terrified of the internal demon, but he cultivated and made himself an internal demon.

    Nobody could kill him entirely because as long as there was a demon in people’s hearts, he would be revived every time he was killed. Apart from that, his ability would be even more powerful than before.


    As Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness entered the formation, he went into dreamland. There was a modern room in the dream.

    There was an old gray-haired man sitting in the room at the moment. The high-spirited old man looked like he was 60 years old.

    The old man was currently reading a book. When Ye Chen walked over, the man lifted his head and looked at him by instinct. Without losing his temper, he looked majestic. He said, “Who are you? How did you get in?”

    A person would not realize that he was dreaming when he was in a dream. Meanwhile, the old man was in such a state at the moment.

    “I’m the man who is going to kill you!” A white saber appeared in Ye Chen’s hand. When the saber flashed by, the old man’s head fell directly onto the ground.

    Meanwhile, in reality, a middle-aged man who looked like a secretary walked into the room with a cup of tea. He said to the old man who was sitting on the couch, “Old Master Su, I got you some tea.”

    The old man remained still, appearing not to hear him.

    The middle-aged man placed the tea before him, but just when he was going to speak, he realized that the old man had fallen asleep while sitting down. He could not help but stretch his arms out to try and lay the old man down on the couch.

    However, his expression changed as soon as his hands touched the old man. He checked the old man’s breathing immediately and found out that he was no longer breathing.

    He ran out in a panic instantly. He shouted while running, “Oh, no! Old Master Su is dead!”


    “That’s the first. 35 more!”

    After Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness returned to the formation, he penetrated another bloody sphere without resting.

    The image before him changed again. There was a European-style villa in his field of vision that looked sophisticated. Meanwhile, there was a water bed before Ye Chen. There was a lady of approximately 35 years old lying on the bed at the moment.

    The lady had a facial mask on her face while she seemed to be talking to someone on her phone in her hand. She had a drastic change in expression. “Second Brother, did you say that someone destroyed our family? Who is it? Who is so daring? Don’t worry, Second Brother. I’ll bring people back to China to avenge the family!”

    She turned her head around suddenly as she spoke. When she realized that Ye Chen, a stranger, had appeared in her house, she demanded, “Who are you?”

    “I’m the man who destroyed your family!” Ye Chen grinned as a white gleam flashed by. A head rolled from the water bed to the ground.

    Over an hour later, in reality, a handsome half-naked blonde who was in his 40s with a scarf got into the water bed. He hugged the lady on the water bed and kissed her lips. “Hey, Tina. Time to wake up.”

    He instantly found out that something was wrong as the lady’s body was cold. He stretched his hand to check her breath by instinct, and his hand was shaking.

    Similar deaths were happening all over the country, even all over the world.

    In the United States, a Su family descendant was having fun with his friends in a bar. He fell asleep out of nowhere but was already dead by the time his friends checked on him.

    In China’s Nanjing, a middle-aged woman was indulging in gambling in a casino. She suddenly fell onto the ground and fell asleep. Soon, she was dead.

    In Jiangnan Province, a young man was thrusting on top of a lady. Just when he was getting there, he suddenly fell on the lady and snored.

    The lady beneath him was dumbstruck. ‘What the hell? What happened? How can he fall asleep when we’re halfway there? I’ve just gotten into the mood.’

    When she stretched her arm out and tried to wake him up, she found out that he was dead. When the forensics team came, they announced that he had suffered acute shock from hyperemia…

    Each and every one of them died an unexplainable death. It was very mysterious. Nobody could figure what was happening at all.

    “The 20th!”

    “The 21st!”

    “The 22nd!”

    “The 34th!”

    When Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness returned to the formation, there were only one huge and two tiny bloody spheres left. He could not help but smile. “The Su family’s second Martial Dao Master, Su Chongming, I’d like to see you run!”

    He entered the bloody sphere. Meanwhile, the two tiny bloody spheres were the sisters, Su Yuhan and Su Youwei.


    On the Beijing-Shanghai highway 200 kilometers away, a middle-aged man was driving on the highway in a Highlander.

    The middle-aged man looked beaten, and there was dense anger between his brows. “Mad Southern Ye, you’re the man who caused this to happen to our family. Wait for me. When I find Young Master Bai, I’ll slice your parents’ flesh before you, then I’ll feed their flesh to you.”

    He yawned at that moment when sleepiness overwhelmed him. He was a Martial Dao master, after all, so it was only natural that he had a more powerful will compared to regular people.

    His state was getting worse as time passed by as he grew more and more absent-minded. The Highlander was rampaging on the highway. In the end, it crashed into a concrete barrier.

    He passed out instantly.