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Chapter 218 - Martial Alliance’s Scheme

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 218: Martial Alliance’s Scheme

    Night had fallen when Ye Chen took Su Yuhan into the Imperial Wind Pavilion garden. He then arranged Lin Tai and the Star Pavilion members to stay somewhere else.

    Wang Meng walked in from outside after finally dealing with everything. He peeped at Mengmeng, who was playing with Su Yuhan aside, by instinct and said softly, “My lord, Old Chen is here.”

    “Yuhan, I’ll be out for a little while!” Ye Chen was secretly surprised, but he got up and walked to the garden after informing Su Yuhan.

    He saw Old Chen standing at the entrance of the garden subtly. Meanwhile, Qin Xiaotian remained close to him.

    Ye Chen sniffed the heavy stench of blood before he got closer. He could not help but secretly frown.

    “You’re really something!” Old Chen turned around to look at him. His eyes were terrifying as he spoke softly, “You say you were going to destroy the Su family, and you really did. You didn’t even spare a dog’s life.”

    “I’ve always been a man of my word.” Ye Chen smiled lightly.

    Upon hearing that, the faces of Old Chen and Qin Xiaotian, who was standing aside, twitched at the same time.

    “Su Chongming rebelled within the force half an hour ago,” Old Chen could not help but spill. He then looked coldly at Ye Chen who just gave him an ignorant response.

    Old Chen inhaled sharply. “Aren’t you going to ask how did it go? If you were my underling, I would’ve shot you dead since the beginning.”

    “Is it necessary to ask that?” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “Judging by the fact that you can come to me after the rebellion and from the smell of the blood on you, it means that the rebellion has been suppressed,” he said like he knew everything.

    Old Chen was stunned. He sighed and said after snapping back to his senses, “The rebellion has been suppressed, but Su Chongming escaped. He ran with a hostage, and we failed to retain him. So, we came to you to remind you to beware. Su Chongming is a Martial Dao master after all, and now he’s a dog who has lost his home. He might go berserk on you.”

    Ye Chen smiled and shifted the subject. “How about the man who is sitting above everybody in the Su family?”

    “He’s been arrested. The superior will decide whether he’ll face a life sentence or life imprisonment,” Old Chen revealed.

    Then, he paused as he spoke to this point before proceeding, “Now, you’re facing revenge from the man behind the Su family. I heard that his ability is pretty powerful. The No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Yang Junlin, has sparred with him before.”

    “How did it go?” Ye Chen asked curiously.

    Fear flashed through Old Chen’s face. “Yang Junlin was defeated after three attacks. You must know that before you showed up, Yang Junlin was China’s No. 1. He was the person who was closest to being above the innate stage.”

    Three attacks?

    Ye Chen squinted.

    “Alright, there are still things that I have to handle.” Old Chen left after saying that.

    As Ye Chen watched both of them leave, a mocking smirk appeared at the corner of his lips.

    ‘Su Tao, oh, Su Tao, you’re too naive. Do you really think that I can’t kill the remaining members of the Su family just because I can’t get to them?’


    At the same time, 3,200 kilometers to the west, Bai Zhanyuan, who was resting his eyes, suddenly felt a jolt. His eyes flew open and he said in shock, “This Mad Southern Ye is really something. I can’t believe that he killed Bai Li!”

    The three people around him were shocked as soon as they heard that.

    Wei Wuya inhaled sharply and said, “Does that mean Su Tao’s life is at risk?”

    “I’m guessing Mad Southern Ye has already killed him.” Bai Zhanyuan smiled in an ignorant manner, then he subsequently said while looking at them, “It’s unfortunate that I can’t leave right now. Otherwise, I’ll definitely kill that man myself.”


    At that moment, a hysterical peal of laughter cackled. A silhouette came walking in the air in the darkness. He introduced himself as soon as he landed, “Greetings to Young Master Bai and all Masters. Your humble one is Feng Kuohai, and I’m currently the Martial Alliance Elder.”

    “The Martial Alliance? I don’t think we have anything to do with that. Why are you visiting in the middle of the night, Elder Feng?” Wei Wuya frowned and said coldly.

    Feng Kuohai did not care that he was not welcomed. Instead, he said while smiling, “I came because of Mad Southern Ye. I just heard that he has destroyed the Su family. He has killed at least 4,000 people.”

    The people had a drastic change in expression after hearing that.

    “I know that all of you hold grudges against Mad Southern Ye. It’s a coincidence that Mad Southern Ye killed my senior brother, Yuan Bupo!” Resentment flashed across Feng Kuohai’s face. “Therefore, the Martial Alliance would like to help.”

    “How are you going to help? Can it be that you’re getting the mysterious Chief Sikong Ao to show himself in order to fight Mad Southern Ye?” Master Jiesha said while snickering.

    Feng Kuohai looked serious and said while shaking his head, “My Martial Alliance is willing to get two master-innate stage Martial Dao masters to join the three of you. The five of you will fight Mad Southern Ye together. I believe he’ll definitely die with you five masters fighting him together!”


    It was a breezy night.

    Ye Chen was watching the TV on the couch. He got up and walked to the artificial mountain at the back of the garden after sensing through his Divine Consciousness that Su Yuhan and Mengmeng were in a deep sleep.

    Lin Tai had dragged Su Tao over there earlier while the Patriarch of Hell was lying on the ground in low spirits. The patriarch had picked up the music instrument guqin lately and had been losing weight ever since.

    Su Tao looked at Ye Chen with utter resentment as soon as he saw him. He was dying to tear him apart.

    Ye Chen did not mind that. Instead, he grinned. “Here’s good news for you. Your father, Su Chongming, rebelled in the force and he’s been suppressed. As a Martial Dao master, in order to save his own life, he ran by holding a regular man hostage.”

    “People who do big things don’t bother about the trivial things.” Su Tao grinned coldly.

    Ye Chen said again, “That deputy national boss in your family is going down too. He might face life imprisonment now.”

    “So what?” Su Tao was shocked at first, but he then said stubbornly, “Although my Second Elder Master has fallen, his power remains and he still has his team. Given that my father has escaped, in reality, the people of my family are doing great. Ye, our family hasn’t lost this game.”

    “You’re right. There’s hope as long you’re alive.” Ye Chen nodded in agreement and said coldly, “Therefore, nobody in your family should live.”

    “What else can you do about it?” Su Tao scoffed.

    Ye Chen said nothing. After standing still, he performed hand seals. He moved his hands in the air quickly, and golden streams connected as he moved.

    Eventually, the golden streams consolidated a formation. It was extremely complicated with countless images carved on it. It looked deep and mysterious.

    The formation materialized while Ye Chen was looking more and more serious. Nevertheless, he was not as serious as he had been when he was setting up the Great Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Formation and the Great Thunder Absolute Kill Formation.

    “Void Bridge!”

    Over ten breaths later, Ye Chen lifted his brows. His right hand maintained the faint formation that had been formed while he moved his left hand in the air at a high speed. Another magical formation appeared.

    The one on the right was connected to the one on the left. Soon, two formations were integrated. When one looked again, the formation in the sky was like a mirror. Meanwhile, the mirror looked like it was deep in the universe as it seemed so vast and unknown.